Best Meat Grinder in 2020- By Chef Shelly Rhoades

On the varied menus of the cooking industry or plainly domestic use, mincing meat or vegetables is an essential process in doing some exquisite delicacies. In this post, we tried to bring the latest and best meat grinder with comparison and short review.

What is a Meat Grinder?

A meat grinder is a kitchen machine that finely minces meat or mixing of cooked or raw meat, vegetables, fish or other similar food.

It can easily do tasks of mincing unlike the conventional chopping board way of mincing with a knife.

Top 10 Best Meat Grinder Comparison & Reviews

  • STX Model STX-4000-TB2-PD Turboforce II Electric Meat Grinder
  • Motor Wattage
    2000 Watts Peak Power
    600 Watts Running Power
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    19” L x 8” W x 14” H
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    175 to 225 lbs
  • Warranty
    3 YEAR
  • KWS ME-8 Commercial 450W 1/2HP Stainless Steel Electric Meat Grinder
  • Motor Wattage
    Electric input 450W
    Electric output 300W
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    19” L x 9.5” W x 14.5” H
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    176 lbs
  • Warranty
  • LEM Products W780A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric Meat Grinder
  • Motor Wattage
    550 watts
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    19.5" L x 9" W x 16" H
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    660 lbs
  • Warranty
    5 YEAR Factory Warranty
  • Homeleader 800W Electric Meat Grinder, Mincer & Sausage Stuff Maker
  • Motor Wattage
    300W rated power
    800W max locked power
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    20.6” L x 10” W x 8.5” H
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    Not Mentioned
  • Warranty
    1 YEAR
  • Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Stainless Steel #8 Electric Meat Grinder
  • Motor Wattage
    600W as rated power
    1000W as maximum power
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    19.7” L x 8.6” W x 10.7” H
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    185 lbs
  • Warranty
    1 YEAR

  • PANASONIC MK-G20NR-W Heavy Duty Meat Grinder
  • Motor Wattage
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    12.8” L x 6.6” W x 15.2” H
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    275 lbs
  • Warranty
    1 YEAR Parts & Labor
  • Avan-Pacific UMG-3010 1 HP ETL #12 Electric Digital Light Touch Meat Grinder
  • Motor Wattage
    1 HP
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    15.1 x 12.3 x 11.2 inches
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    360 lbs
  • Warranty
    1 Year
  • Goplus Electric Meat Grinder 2000 Watt 2.6 Hp Industrial Meat Grinder
  • Motor Wattage
    & 2000W (Max. locked motor approx. Wattage)
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    13” L x 6.6” W x 10” H
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    180 to 240 lbs
  • Warranty
  • Happybuy Meat Grinder 1.14HP 850W Electric Meat Grinder
  • Motor Wattage
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    18 x 17 x 13 in
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    264.5 lbs
  • Warranty
    Not Mentioned
  • Della Commercial-Grade Electric Meat Grinder
  • Motor Wattage
    Ute sit dolor lobortis.
  • Product Dimension
    27 x 11 x 17 in
  • Meat Grinds Per Hour
    396 lbs
  • Warranty
    Not Mentioned

When you want the perfect meat grinder with the most advanced features to help you achieve your unique meat grinding needs, you must be careful when doing your selection.

Finding the best meat grinder might look like a simple task but let me tell you that with so many of them in the market, you need to be a bit more careful with what you purchase.

These meat grinder reviews will guide you into selecting your favorite and most preferable machine so that you get what is best for your kitchen.

STX Turboforce II - Quad Air Cooling - Electric Meat Grinder & Sausage Stuffer

This is one of the most advanced models in the meat grinder industry, with all the features any user can admire to have in their meat grinders. Here are some of its most satisfying features.

Foot Pedal Control

It includes the foot-pedal control for optional use. You can simply plug the grinder into the foot-pedal control option for a hands-free use. Sometimes that is just what we yearn for when we are using other models, but unfortunately, they don’t have it. This grinder has it though.

Three Speeds

This grinder features 2000w of maximum output power with three speeds that include high, low, and reverse so that you can choose how fast you want your meat to be ground.

Patented Quad Air-Cooling System

No matter how much grinding has been going on, this grinder never heats up, thanks to this unique feature. The patented quad air-cooling system virtually doubles its life and makes its life longer than any user would expect.

Safety Circuit Breaker

This is one of the many safety features that protect both you and the machine while you use it for meat grinding. It prevents the machine from blowing up, or from breaking down, or from harming you.

KWS ME-8 Commercial 450W 1/2HP Electric Stainless Steel Meat Grinder

I have used this model for a long time and I must say that not much top quality meat grinder available in the market today can match the performance of this thoughtfully designed piece of technology.

Below are some of its most appreciable features that makes it qualify as the best meat grinder.

Top Quality Material

The KWS Commercial Electric Meat-Grinder is constructed from stainless- steel of the best quality so that it stands out both in appearance and in performance.

Stainless steel is one of the most regarded materials for making this kind of machines, this grinder never disappoints.

Top Performer

It boasts a 300-watt motor power and 1/3 horsepower. This is part of the reason for its powerful meat grinding performance and its high quality grinding results that many users have praised it for a great deal.

Faster Grinding

No one loves a slow grinder. This grinder is ideal for you if you are looking for a new meat grinder that can finish the job within a minimum time frame and still produce perfectly ground meat.

Easy to Clean

This thoughtfully designed meat grinder is fit for everyone. It is both easy to operate and to clean so that it doesn’t become so stressing to you in any way. It provides an easy control that even first-time users can relate excellently too.

LEM Products W780A Stainless Steel Big Bite Electric #12-Meat Grinder (.75-HP)

This meat grinder features a simply designed but I can assure you that it is more effective than it looks. Most of its features are designed to maximize excellence on the meat grinding part of its function.

Fast Grinding

It grinds about 11 pounds of meat per minute. With such high speed grinding ability, you can use it to grind a larger quantity of meat fast when you want to serve a bigger family or when you want to serve a large number of people with food without delay.

Reduced Motor Noise

It has a permanently lubricated motor with enhanced grease formulation to reduce its motor noise.

This makes it one of the few grinders of its kind with a quieter operation. No irritating noise in your kitchen anymore.

Heavy Duty Handle

With such high-quality handle, moving this grinder isn’t a problem at all. It is easy to carry with your hand so that you can transport it across the house without stress.

Extra Accessories

It comes with a variety of extra components including one meat stomper, one stainless steel knife, two stainless steel plates for the course and fine grinding, three stuffing tubes, and one stainless steel stuffing plate.

All this helps you to achieve a better grinding experience and the best ground meat.

Homeleader K18-010 800W Electric Meat Grinder Mincer

This machine can do a lot more than just meat grinding. This is one of the most ingeniously engineered grinders in the market today, which also works as a mincer.

Large Capacity

This amazing grinder is literally associated with bigness. It features a big capacity detachable tray, with a big size stainless-steel wrapped body, big gears, and big buttons, among other big components. This largeness is for extra convenience and for larger capacity grinding.

Non-Slip Rubber Feet

To be able to perform powerfully without unnecessary movements and interference, this meat grinder has non-slip rubber feet that put it steadfastly in place on your kitchen cabinet or any other flat surface.


Don't be a food pusher as it offers various functions including meat grinding, and sausage attachment so that it can satisfy all your varying food processing needs. This saves you the cost of buying machines separately for each task.

Automatic Protection

It is so easy to operate, and your safety and that of the machine is automatically instigated. It features an inside circuit breaker that prevents motor overheat hence allowing it to last longer.

Sunmile SM-G73 ETL Stainless Steel #8 Electric Meat Grinder

With some of the most innovative features in the industry, this grinder is designed for a modern kitchen. It works smoothly and grinds meat with the perfection needed, just the way you’d want to.

Easy to Assemble

You don’t have to be a professional to manage the assembling and dissembling of this meat grinder.

With just a few simple steps, you can put it all together and it will work just fine.

Dissembling it is equally easy, hence making it a good choice for users who don’t want a stressful gadget.

Powerful Motor

It features a powerful motor of 1000 watts which is one of the main reasons for the powerful meat grinding performance achieved with this machine.

That means that you can use it for grinding large volumes of meat without subjecting it to a breakdown.

Easy Controls

It features on/off/reset/reverse switch put conveniently in place to allow for easy and timely control. The grinder can be managed with little stress or confusion, even with armatures who are trying it out for the very first time.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is known to be one of the best materials for making equipment like this.

It features stainless steel blades and 3 sintered stainless steel grinding plates.

PANASONIC MK-G20NR-W Heavy Duty Meat Grinder

Panasonic, being a reputable company that is known to produce some of the best electronic gadgets, they haven’t disappointed users on this machine. It comes with some of the most innovative features you can ever find in a modern meat grinder.

All Metal Parts

It has a heavy-duty design that is necessary for such a powerful meat grinder.

With all-metal parts, this is a strong and sturdy machine that can handle a great amount of meat, and its condition and performance won’t be compromised at all.

Motor Protection

It features a highly reliable circuit breaker that offers maximum protection to the motor so that it isn’t affected when the machine is overloaded.

This is a pretty vital protective feature that ensures your meat grinder is always safe and running. Without it, you’d experience so much inconvenience and would spend too much on repairs.

Three Cutting Plates

You can choose how to grind your meat, thanks to the three cutting plates on this grinder. You get to choose your most preferred meat texture from either fine, medium, or course so that you only get the best ground meat just how you need it. The choice is on you.

Include Recipe Book

Besides all the amazing features and its powerful performance, you get a recipe book to assist you with your cooking.

The book will guide you in making some of the most delicious meals so that every dining moment is made better.

Avan-Pacific UMG-3010 1 HP Electric Digital Light Touch Meat Grinder

This is the type of meat grinder you purchase when you want to do some serious meat grinding for a lengthy period of time. It is not the kind that breaks down easily, and that is why most users regard it as their favorite best meat grinder.

Extra Durable

It boasts longer service life with up to 80 percent longer lifetime of constant meat grinding. That makes it an excellent choice for you if you need something that can withstand the load of constant meat grinding without deteriorating fast.

High Power

With 1 Horsepower heavy duty motor, this machine is both powerful and efficient. This is not the kind of machine to fail you when you need to grind a large chunk of meat.

The best part is that it can grind up to 6 lbs in just a single minute. That is pretty fast so that you don’t have to wait for too long for it to finish grinding.

Safe for Users

Your safety is fundamental, and the creators of this machine have ensured that your safety is maintained while you are using the gadget.

It features a fireproof housing and strictly comply with the U.S. safety standards. There is no way you are exposed to any form of injuries while you do the grinding.

Maximum Protection to the Motor

Since the motors do so much work, this grinder is ingeniously fixed with new motor protection system locked-in to protect the motor so that it doesn’t burn out easily while you switch between grinding and reverse.

Goplus Electric Meat Grinder 2000 Watt 2.6 Hp Industrial Meat Grinder

There are so many things to appreciate in this amazingly designed meat grinder. It is engineered to make your meat grinding experience a breeze while it also gives you what you want to achieve for your special meat grinding needs.

Multipurpose Grater

It provides you with three different cutting accessories so that you can customize the sizes in which you want your meat to be ground. You can set it on course, medium, or fine grinds so that meat comes out just how you want it to and in your most preferred sizes and texture.

Appropriate Speed

With a speed of 3 to 4 pounds per minute, this grinder eliminates any chances of delays. You don’t want to spend too much time waiting for your meat grinder to finish grinding. It is a meat grinder that works well for grinding large amount of meat since it is fast and time-saving.

Stainless-Steel Cutting Blade

The blades are made from top quality stainless-steel, which is a food-friendly material used to make high-quality food processing equipment such as this.

This material contributes to the overall excellent performance, besides being easy to clean. Their stainless steel part alone proves that it is high-quality equipment.

Safety Circuit Breaker

This meat grinder is designed with your safety in mind so that you and the machine are kept safe while doing the grinding. It has a safety circuit breaker, which prevents the motor burn so that your machine can last longer to continue serving you with maximum performance.

Happybuy Meat Grinder 1.14HP 850W Electric Meat Grinder

This might be the last meat grinder on this list but I can assure you it is much better than most of its counterparts on this list. It is a combination of great engineering, design, and power so that it gives perfection in meat grinding.

Manageable Size

The size of this grinder serves as a great advantage for those who don’t want machines that are too big in size. It is smaller than most meat grinders, and that makes it easier to transport or to move around.

Simple Design

I love the way this meat grinder doesn’t require much from you. It is just designed simply to help you grind meat at home without much complication that isn’t necessary. It is easy to operate.

High Quality Grinding

It provides high quality grinding thanks to its high performing motor and steady structure that makes it possible to achieve high quality grinding with it.

Compact and Sturdy

Its structure is intact. This means that it is strong and durable and cannot be brought down by extra meat grinding performance like other grinders of its size would. All in all, this is a great meat grinder if you need a grinder to use at home.

Della Commercial-Grade Electric Meat Grinder

Unlike most meat grinders in the market today, this one can be used in both at home and for professional grinding. It is as sleek and elegant as it is a powerful performer in meat grinding.

Classy Design

This machine is purely made of high-quality stainless steel. It is a grinder that is perfect for any modern kitchen since it will add value and style to it, thanks to its classy design. The experts who engineered it did an excellent job on it that way.

Professional Use

This grinder can be used for professional meat grinding beside being perfect for home use too. This isn’t a common feature among meat grinders, and this is one of those things that keeps it above its competitors since you can use it for both purposes.

Highly Convenient

With 550W and 1H power, this machine can grind any amount of meat without getting exhausted in between. It is powerful enough to serve you right even with professional use.

Extra Components

This meat grinder comes complete with an auger, meat stomper, three stainless steel plates, stainless steel knife, and three stuffing tubes so that you get the most out of it when grinding your meat.

What we use Meat Grinder for?

Best Meat Grinder

Meat grinding is a vital process in varied countries, this helped shape the diet of most citizens in a particular place, for burger-loving people like Americans, sausage-loving individuals like the Germans and much more.

Also in markets, they have been aided in making varied menus in restaurants, adding more flavor to soups among other varieties grounded meat can be added. A staple equipment that majority of meat-lovers appreciate the value.

From the production line of meat shops, it is ideal for making patty burgers or sausages, but if you want to secure a more personal touch to your sausages or burgers, you can do it at home, carefully picking the ingredients to include in your mixture.

Being assured of the contents or ingredients of what you eat is an emerging trend in lifestyle for today’s population, having the science to realize that it is in our diet prior to genetics that greatly affects our health, this aided to that trend.

It can be expected that the production and demand for meat grinders will rise indefinitely in the coming years.

Having a personalized world from what we wear to what car we drive, we too tend to personalize what we eat, adding a sense of uniqueness is being incorporated into our food in doing so.

Types of Meat Grinders

Manual Meat Grinder

Relatively easy to use and the most energy-efficient of the meat grinder variants. Most suited for home use.

Just by merely rotating its handle, you can grind meat and vegetables through its blade, saving energy and costs that an electric meat grinder would use. It is smaller than its industrial and electric counterparts, thus saving some shelf space in your kitchen area.

It is cheaper and easier to maintain as well.

Standalone Meat Grinder

When you are expecting to grind meat on a regular basis, it is advisable to purchase a standalone or electric meat grinder instead.

They may cost more than the manual grinder, but its production capacity is a lot greater than the manually-operated grinder, ideal for sausage and meat shops.

Purchasing one, you need to consider the power output, its energy cost, warranty. Having a reverse operation option is ideal for the cleaning and maintenance of the machine as well.

Asking if it is for home use, restaurant kitchen, or meat shop or massive production would allow you to decide better on the kind of electric meat grinder you are to purchase.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Best Meat Grinder-


In choosing the most suitable meat grinder, you need to identify on what purpose you’re buying one, if it is merely for household use, find a meat grinder that has a smaller energy consumption, this suggests less power it uses and consequently lesser production.

The revolutions per minute suggest as well the output capacity of the motor. There are also manually-operated grinders available.

On safety measures, there are grinder machines that have circuit breakers, on the downside, it may be a little more pricey than the regular grinder.

As with restaurant for commercial use, if you are eyeing for a meat shop store, purchasing a heavy-duty motor would best fit the category. 


Some companies merely assemble meat grinders locally, others do the entire production offshore, to save on production costs. It is advisable to buy meat grinders that are made or assembled locally.

Being sure that construction is adhering to International standards and lessen the possibility of being damaged through shipments.

Also when a safety-net of a more responsive repair if your item would have been damaged within the warranty period or exchange it entirely, it is ideal if the production of assembly is made locally. 

Size and Weight-

Meat grinders are relatively heavy and would hog up considerable shelf space, if it is for industrial use, the more it would be heavy and would require more shelf space as compared to household use, it is relatively small compared to its industrial counterpart. 

Accessories Included

1. Meat grinder accessories include:
  • Lubricants: To lessen friction on the meat grinder motor.
  • Grinder brush: To clean hard-to-reach portions of the meat grinder.
  • Plate and knife extractor: Used to safely remove grinder knife and plate.
2. On the industrial must-have accessories are:
  • Grinder foot switch: Suited for fast-action switching, ideally for meat shops in convenient switching of grinder motor
  • Grounded meat packaging system: Helps in adding ease to the packaging of grounded meat, having easy steps of operation suited for efficient and fast productivity output.
  • Aluminum/stainless stuffing tubes: Funnels the ground meat in a convenient outlet for easy packaging. Ideal for meat shops/stores.

Quantities of Ground Meat

The bigger it’s motor and higher its horse-power, the larger the quantity it can grind in an hour. Again, if you are looking for production, it is best to resort to an industrial-grade meat grinder, they are best it delivering an optimum output of ground meat with such efficiency. 

Stand Mixer-

It is often mounted on the front power drive of the meat grinder. Some models produce stand mixers that are exclusively fitted their model of the grinder. This is ideal for convenient and efficient processes in the kitchen, an accessory opted for the busy sales of restaurant kitchens. 

Ease of Maintenance

Firstly, you need to remove excess meat present on your meat grinder, using sponges might tear and lodge bits of it in the blade and parts of the grinder, it is advisable to use bread to do the work, if it would be lodged, it can be easily rinsed afterward.

After being disassembled, soak them in a warm liquid soap solution and set it aside for a few minutes, then you rinse it, let it dry and assemble it back. 


For a machine that is usually used on a daily basis, having a 1-year warranty is sufficient enough to ensure that it is one of the best meat grinders in the market with the added safety-net of returning it for possible factory defects or uncalled for damages within the term of the warranty.

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Things you should prefer -

Sausage stuffers-

Sausage stuffers add more safety measures in making sausages out of grounded meat, it helps ease the process as well. The meat is directly stuffed to a casing that continuously produces sausages as meat is available. Saves the person time in packing it after the grounding process of the meat. 

Reverse operation-

This feature is helpful in maintenance of the meat grinder, although higher quality grinders can only do this operation, it provides less chance of jams that would occur in your meat grinder. The meat grinder for meat shops ideally has a reverse operation. 


Having a reverse operation eases the cleaning process, disassembling the meat grinder and soaking every piece in a liquid-based solution to allow the hard-to-reach places be rinsed every day in meat shops to secure that your products comply with sanitary standards and lengthen the operational life of the machine. 


Adding a stand mixer to the meat grinder offers more opportunities for the user to be creative in their menu and usage of the meat grinder. It is a relative addition to the grinder that brings a more flexible approach to your meat-making process.

Grinder attachments for food processors:

Grinder foot switch

Ideal when you are in the heat of the production line orders and customers are piling up, an extra moment to save by a foot switch is ample enough time to hasten the store’s production of sausages or meat. 

Grounded meat packaging system

Aides in time-efficient and safe packaging of your grounded products for sophisticated delivery and quality control. 

Aluminum/stainless stuffing tubes

Aids as a funnel to direct the minced meat directly to the packaging process. Saves a massive amount of time as well for the operator, allowing him to focus on feeding meet on the grinder blade and other safety reasons.

Final Verdict-

In reviewing the best meat grinder, we need first to consider our objectives on the matter, if the intention is for personal use, or for a meat or sausage business, or restaurant, there is a wide-array of selection of quality meat grinders in the market with variances of manually operated, standalone meat grinder with various attachments or accessories aided to add efficiency to the production line.

Understanding the warranty procedure and terms and agreements in buying packages that include such accessories will definitely give you the better chance of bagging a good deal.