Best Shower Valve in 2018- The Ultimate Guide by Expert Shelly Rhoades

Here’s how to find the best shower valve for your bathroom. You’ll then be able to control the water pressure and temperature, along with other functions.

Trying to find the best shower valve for your bathroom can be a real pain. That’s because there are so many of them to choose from. It would have been nice if there’s a standard shower valve for everyone, but then again at least you’ll have lots of options.

The plain truth of the matter is that not all manufacturers offer the same kind of quality with their shower valves. Some are simply shoddy, while others work well for a long time. These shower valves may also have different features that make them stand out. There are even different types of shower valves, and one may suit your needs better than the others.

So to help you find the best shower valve, we’ve taken the effort to start you off with the top 10 shower valves you can buy for your money. We’ve taken, the most important factors into account, and that includes price. We didn’t limit ourselves to just the cheap choices, but we made sure you’d get a lot of bang for your buck.






Moen 2570 Shower Valve

Rough in


KOHLER K-302-K-NA Valve System

Two-Handle Valve System


Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX Universal Tub and Shower Valve

Valve body


Moen 8373HD Commercial PEX Posi-Temp Valve

posi-temp valve


SR SUN RISE SRSH-5043-K Square Manual Valve

Bathroom Shower Mixer Valve Control


Pfister 0X8310A OX8 Series

Tub/Shower Rough Valve


Symmons S-46-1-BODY

Pressure Balancing Shower Valve


Kohler K-304-PX-NA Rite-Temp Valve

Pressure-balancing Valve


Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe Universal

Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve


Proflo PF3001CLS

Pressure Balancing Tub and Shower Valve


Moen 2570 Rough-In PosiTemp Pressure Balancing Cycling Shower Valve

Moen is well-known for the exceptional quality and durability of their shower valves. It’s not uncommon for owners to replace a Moen valve after more than 2 decades of use with another Moen.

This is made of brass, and it’s easy to install. Its 1222 cartridge also accommodates back to back installations.

This also has the PosiTemp pressure-balancing control valve that helps maintain both water pressure and water temperature in the shower. That’s due to the adjustable temperature limit stop for the valve so you can control the maximum hot water temperature of the shower.

As this is a Moen, it’s designed to last for a very long time. In fact, it even comes with a limited lifetime warranty. So you won’t have to immediately buy another one if you have a problem with it dripping, leaking, or having defects in the finish.

KOHLER K-302-K-NA Ceramic Wall-Mount Two-Handle Valve System

This is a valve that’s installed behind the scenes. Many like it as the best shower faucet valve that’s especially made for a Kohler faucet. This is extremely durable because it’s made of brass, and you can expect it to last for many years to come. Unlike other valves with too much plastic, this is all brass and ceramic.

You won’t have to repair it all that often either. You won’t have to worry about debris buildup with this valve. That’s very reassuring, as it can handle hard water issues with no fuss.

This also features 1-piece ceramic valves. The handles are ergonomically shaped so they’re more comfortable to turn. In addition, you can turn the water on and off with just a quarter turn of the valve. When you’ve turned the valve, it stays where you set it.

Just make sure you’re buying from the right seller. You may end up getting used valves instead.

Delta Faucet R10000-UNBX MultiChoice Universal Tub and Shower Valve Body

It’s not snobbish when you prefer things made in the good ol’ US of A. That’s because you can trust the quality control standards here. That’s not always the case in some countries, especially the ones where the labor rate is so low. With this Delta shower valve, you get a product that’s made right here in the USA.

But it’s not just its manufacturing origin that makes this a high-value shower accessory. It’s because it’s a truly innovative system that lets you make fixture changes to the shower head or tub faucet without changing the plumbing system in the walls. That saves you a lot of trouble, time, and effort. So now you can change the functions of the valves and handles, or make changes to the look of the shower, without any fuss.

The versatility allows for single, dual, or dual thermostatic cartridges. Along with the appropriate cartridge you also get the screws and sponges you need for easy installation (at least for a plumber). It’s also capable of back-to-back installation. It’s made of brass, so durability isn’t an issue at all.

Just so you know, the installation process is explained quite well in the instructions that come with the valve. However, it may require soldering and that’s not easy for everyone. So get a plumber, who’ll find this easy to install.

Moen 8373HD Commercial 1/2-Inch PEX Posi-Temp Valve

This is made from brass and not plastic, so it’s much more reliable and more durable too. Yet it only costs a few dollars more than a plastic valve, and that means it offers a lot for your money.

This Posi-Temp valve is all about maintaining the pressure of the water constant. That’s so you’re not blasted with a harsh jet or suffer a weak drip when other people in the house use the toilet or the laundry machine.

It can also help with the temperature as well. It allows you to adjust a temperature limit stop, so that you don’t inadvertently turn the temperature too hot for your liking. Shower burns aren’t all that fun.

This is quite durable, despite the 5-year warranty for material or manufacturing details. Basically, if it doesn’t break down in the next 5 years, it means it’ll last for a good long while even after the warranty period.

SR SUN RISE Square Manual Bathroom Shower Mixer Valve Control SRSH-5043-K

This is a dual function shower valve with a wall-mounted design so that you can have a nice modern-looking bathroom. While the shower body is made of brass for total reliability and long-lasting durability, the outside box is plastic. The box protects the valve body to extend its lifespan.

That makes it much better in withstanding the moisture as there’s no corrosion issue. You won’t worry about rust with the brass material either. The bass also doesn’t pollute the water, so you don’t pollute the environment. It’s good news for your skin as well.

The dual function of the valve lets you supply and mix hot and cold water to your shower head, whether it’s fixed or handheld. The valve is also made from high quality ceramic, which makes it highly resistant to high temperatures and to regular wear.

This also comes with a shower cartridge that contains a pressure balancer. This will help keep the water from getting hot enough to scald you.

You’ll find that the valve operates very easily and smoothly. Turning the valve is no problem, and even those with arthritis issues won’t find it difficult. This may surprise you, considering how solid and seemingly heavy the valve may feel when you hold it.

Pfister 0X8310A OX8 Series Tub/Shower Rough Valve

Pfister claims this model as their best in-wall valve so far, and it’s truly impressive. It comes with a Plaster Guard cap that you attach before the installation. This cap will make sure that you’ll have a big enough opening after the installation.

It features a new brass that’s more durable. The install depth is much more flexible, as now you can do a shallow wall installation instead. It also has a high precision spool balancing unit. There’s a plug for shower only too.

As for the durability, it’s not a concern. It comes with a lifetime “Pforever” warranty for both the function and the finish of the valve.

Symmons S-46-1-BODY Temptrol Pressure Balancing Shower Valve Body with Volume Control

This valve comes with a cast brass body, so that should assure you of its quality and durability. Actually, its construction uses brass, bronze, and stainless steel. Its design allows it to be prefabricated without the need to disassemble the valve, so there’s less room for error.

If that’s not enough, then it should be reassuring to know that it’s made in the USA, right here in Braintree, Massachusetts. That should convince you that’s it’s made to high standards. If even that’s insufficient to assure you of the quality, there’s also the limited lifetime warranty for residential use.

This is safe to use for water-conserving shower heads, so those who want to limit their shower water use will like it. It also prevents the dangerous change in temperature that can happen to your shower water when someone flushes a toilet. The temperature limit stop can be fine-tuned to fractions of a temperature degree.

However, this is just the valve. It doesn’t have the outside trim. You’d have to buy that separately.

Kohler K-304-PX-NA Rite-Temp Valve with Pex-Crimp

This is a Kohler valve with the matching trim for all Kohler faucet lines. So if you have a Kohler faucet line, then when it comes to fit this will be the best shower valve for you.

This is a temperature control valve, and it works in several ways. This allows you to set an optimal comfort zone, so you can have it working constantly to maintain the water temperature you like. Also, you have a hard high-temp limit stop that makes sure you never get scalded in the shower.

The diaphragm design on this valve also keeps freeze-ups from ever happening, which can result from water debris and contamination.

The plumber will thank you for choosing this, as the fittings on the valve inlets let you crimp the tubing directly on to the valve with no need to install separate fittings. The universal connections also won’t require additional parts to install this valve.

Grohe 35015000 Grohsafe Universal Pressure Balance Rough-In Valve

The Germans sure know all about engineering and manufacturing don’t they? The quality of this valve is undeniable, as it showcases Teutonic attention to perfection. This valve comes with the unique “SilkMove” design that ensures smooth valve operations for a lifetime of use.

What this is, is a way to guarantee that you won’t ever have to get the shock of your life when the water temperature changes while you’re taking a shower. Now you can’t be punked by someone flushing the toilet when you’re in the shower. This gives you a wide comfort zone that lets you to regulate the water temperature gradually and precisely. No more sudden water temperature changes, in other words.

Proflo PF3001CLS Pressure Balancing Tub and Shower Valve with Stops

This is a cast bronze valve that lets you adjust the water pressure as well as the temperature. It meets (or exceeds) the anti-scalding ASSE 1016-P standards so you know for a fact that the water won’t ever get too hot for you.

Plumbers will also love the fact that it comes with a plaster guard that can be removed quickly, while the brackets are easy to mount. The 1-piece cartridge design also makes it easy to maintain. With its brass and ceramic construction, this will last you for a very long time.

So what’s the catch? Well, it does seem like ProFlo made the mistake of making too few of these and the demand for it was too great. That’s why it’s not easy to find, even online. It’s often unavailable.

What Shower Valves Do?

Shower valves haves several different functions, depending on the type of valve you get. Its main function is to regulate the amount of water that comes out of the shower head. You can then open the valve at a level to dictate how much water flows out. Some valves can even make sure the water pressure is constant no matter what.

Some valves have the added function of also regulating the temperature of the water that comes out. This valve mixes the hot and cold water, and the mix will determine how hot or cold the water will be when you shower.

Of course, you can’t ignore the aesthetic value of these valves. If you get a nice-looking valve, then your bathroom looks much nicer.

Best Shower Valve Buying Guide

What is a Shower Valve?

A shower valve is the part of the shower system that controls the water flow. But it can also control the temperature and diver the water from one faucet to another.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Shower Valve

For such a simple function, however, there are several factors for you to consider, so you get the right one. Perhaps the most important factor is to get it in the right size, because it’s useless if it won’t fit.

The brand is important, so you’re more likely to get a high quality valve. You should read reviews to find out the best shower valves that can last a long while. But the price is important too.

What types of the Shower Valve you need-

You also have to remember that there are several types of shower valves:

  • Thermostatic Shower Valves

You know how the water temperature from your shower head can change when somebody else in the house flushes the toilet? It’s a very unpleasant experience when it happens to you. But that won’t happen at all when you have a thermostatic shower valve.

This vale’s main function is to keep your shower water temperature constant even if somebody else flushes the toilet in the house.

  • Pressure-Balancing Valve

It’s also frustrating when you’re showering with a full blast of water from the shower head and then it slows down to a trickle. Sometimes the reverse happens, when you have a gentle stream from the shower head and then it turns into an angry jet of water.

If you put in a pressure-balancing valve, however, the water pressure from the shower head will remain constant so there aren’t any nasty surprises. This also works as your best kitchen faucet valve.

  • Diverter Valve

If you have a tub with a faucet, you can use a diverter valve to have a shower instead of a bath. The valve diverts the water from the faucet towards the shower head. This keeps you from having to have extra pipes installed for a separate shower stall.

Guide to Shower Valves & Diverters-

  • Twin thermostatic shower valve

This gives you 2 handles for a single shower head. One handle controls the water flow, while the other maintains the water temperature.

  • Triple thermostatic shower valve

This is for 2 shower heads, and it can work for these showers when they’re on at the same time. You have 3 handles, and one of them maintains the same temperature for both shower heads. The other 2 handles offer water flow control for each shower head.

  • Twin thermostatic shower valve & diverter

This has one handle that lets you control the water temperature. The other handle lets you divert the water from an overhead shower to a slider rail kit.

  • Triple shower valve & diverter

This is like the twin, with one handle as the diverter and the other as the control for the water temperature. However, there’s a 3rd handle which controls the water pressure from full off to full on.

How to fix or replace a shower valve?

Your best bet is to have a professional plumber do the honors. This is especially true if you have an old house or you have galvanized steel pipes. In these cases you probably won’t have the needed tools to do the job.

In fact, it’s actually best if you just leave everything to the pros. It’s considered a rather advanced procedure, and it’s more likely that you’ll get it wrong if you’re not a pro yourself.


Here’s what you should do to avoid any problems. Have our list with you when you discuss the shower valve replacement with your plumber. The plumber will help identify which ones will suit your bathroom. You can then pick among them for the best shower valve that offers the features and looks you like. After that, you’ll get the sower experience you want and deserve! 

Top 10 Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

If you are a homemaker love preparing food for your family, then you know the importance of having a great kitchen faucet.

Unlike the old days where a kitchen faucet was described as a simple pipe that has a tap on end, the latest innovations have made it possible to get something that is more functional. Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen or replace the old faucets, then selecting the best pull out kitchen faucet is a wise decision.

This article will give you all the relevant information about the pull out kitchen faucets enabling you to come up with a sound decision.

Difference between pull down and pull out kitchen faucet

Pull out faucet usually, have a spray head that pulls out towards you. Unlike the pull-down faucets, the spray head is usually attached to a longer hose.

Another difference between the pull-down and pull out faucets is that they are ideal for small kitchen and allows you to fill pots and vessels on top of a kitchen counter.

Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet- Top 10 list

Product Image

Product Name

Finish Type


Delta 4140-AR-DST



Brushed Nickel

Avola Modern Single Lever

Oil Rubbed Bronz


Brushed Nickel

GICASA Semi-pro Modern and commmercial

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Kablle KF1705B05 Commercial

Brushed Nickel

Ruvati RVF1215ST


Ufaucet Modern Commercial Lead-free Faucet

Brushed Nickel


Brushed Nickel

Kitchen Faucet with Pull Down Sprayer

Oil rubbed bronze

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen faucet, then allow us to show you the best way you can do it. After doing in-depth research, we have come up with tips to assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best pullout faucet for your kitchen.

We also understand that very few of us to have the luxury of going through multiple faucets available on the market for them to select the model that suits their needs.

For this reason, we have committed our energy and other resources to bring you an all-inclusive guide that enables you to narrow down your choice. Here are our top 10 best pull out kitchen faucets.

Delta Faucet 4140-AR-DST Collins Single Handle Pull-Out Faucet

Considering all the features that come with this model, this is a perfect pull out faucet for any kitchen. First, we love the Diamond seal technology that makes this unit super easy to install.

The technology also ensures reliable performance as it reduces leak points and lasts longer than most of the other faucets on the market. We also love the soft rubber spray while that enables you to wipe away all the lime and calcium buildup with a touch a finger.

Besides the magnetite docking system make use of a powerful integrated magnet that snaps the faucet wand into place.


  • plus-square
    Well designed
  • plus-square
    Sturdy construction
  • plus-square
    Easy to install


  • minus-square
    No pause function

VCCUCINE Brushed Nickel Stainless Pull-Out Sprayer

This faucet is a solid brass construction that ensures long-term service. The faucet has a brushed nickel finish that resists scratches and corrosion. This makes the faucet to remain in top working condition for long.

Another feature that makes this unit durable is the ceramic disc valve. The pull out design also offers the user with more flexibility to deal with a variety of sink activities.

Moreover, you will love the dual function that enables you to do the dishes quickly with the aerated stream as well as powerful cleaning rinse.


  • plus-square
    High performance
  • plus-square
    Scratch resistant finish
  • plus-square
    Beautiful design
    Beautiful design


  • minus-square
    The spout is relatively high
    The spout is relatively high

Avila Lead-Free Kitchen Sink Faucet

Avila kitchen faucet is a functional and a simple way to complement any modern kitchen. This is a well-designed kitchen faucet that features a stylish pullout spray wand that enables you to clean and fill your pots with ease.

This unit is also constructed using high-quality materials that are free from lead and other harmful material. We also love the dual function pullout sprayer that comes with a powerful cleansing rinse as well as aerated stream.

Some of the other features that make this unit to stand out include the leak-free ceramic disc valve that offers you with a smooth operation as well as a simple installation.


  • plus-square
    Pull out sprayer
  • plus-square
    Smooth operation
  • plus-square
    Comparatively Inexpensive
    Beautiful design


  • minus-square
    Single hole installation
    Single hole installation

KINGO HOME Brushed Nickel Stainless Steel Pull Out Sprayer

If you are looking for the cheapest pull out faucet that does not compromise on quality, then this might be the best model for you.

The unit features a new design making it a perfect addition to any kitchen. Some of the other features that make this unit to stand out include the swivel spout, durable pull out sprayer as well as quick connector hose we also love the sturdy construction that includes ceramic disc valves; brushed nickel finishes as well as a solid brass nozzle.

To make it easy for installation you are provided with all the needed mounting tools and a detailed guide on how to go about the installation.


  • plus-square
    Swivel Spout
  • plus-square
    Beautiful finish
  • plus-square
    Easy installation
    Beautiful design
  • plus-square
    Beautiful design


  • minus-square
    Sometimes the spray does not give a smooth jet of water.
    Single hole installation

Cook delicious sauteed food


Best Saute Pan

GICASA Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

This is one of the most attractive kitchen faucets that we have on the market. Besides its beautiful appearance, this unit offers you with advanced features that make your life in the kitchen easier.

The body is constructed using one hundred percent bass making it safe to use. The user also appreciates the coiled spring neck that makes it not only beautiful but also to function flawlessly.

Some of the other features that you will love about this unit are the oil rubbed brushed finish that gives you a dark brown finish that has striking lights as well as dark accents.


  • plus-square
    Sturdy yet safe construction materials
  • plus-square
    Beautiful finish
  • plus-square
    Commercial style for durability
    Beautiful design


  • minus-square
    The handle gets loose after some years of use
    Single hole installation

Kablle Commercial Single Handle Pull out Kitchen Sink faucet

If you would want to purchase a kitchen faucet that brings you a modern touch in your kitchen, then this is it. The unit features three sprays setting including spray for rinsing, stream for filling gas well as pause to avoid splashing.

The unit is super easy to operate and provides you with precise temperature as well as volume control. Another great feature about this model is that it has a superior rust and corrosion resistant finish that makes it a great choice for everyday use.


  • plus-square
    Easy to operate
  • plus-square
    Multi-function water flow
  • plus-square
    Reliable safety control
    Beautiful design


  • minus-square

    A bit expensive

    Single hole installation

Refin Elegant Oil Rubbed Bronze Pull Out Pre-rinse Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

This is a popular choice for individuals who would like to upgrade their kitchen to the 21st century standards. One of the reasons we consider this unit as one of the best pull out kitchen faucet is the elegant design as well as compatibility with various kitchen sinks.

This faucet is easier to maintain and has a solid brass body, which is not only healthier but also durable. Additionally the high arc spout as well as 360 degrees pivoting makes it easier to use.


  • plus-square
    Elegant design
  • plus-square
    Easy to install
  • plus-square
    Compatible with most kitchen sinks
    Beautiful design


  • minus-square

    No pull out spray wand

    Single hole installation

Ufaucet Modern Commercial Lead-free Kitchen Faucet

Besides the obvious sleek look, many other features make this faucet a best seller. Unlike other models from the market, this unit has a highly flexible unit that is convenient to use.

For added flexibility, the spout has a 360 degrees swivel that offers you with more room enabling you to fill the pots with ease.

Some of the other feature that makes this unit unique includes the long hose that provides you with 20 Inc reach as well as cold and hot water control


  • plus-square
    Well designed
    Well designed
  • plus-square
    The spout is longer than others
  • plus-square
    Super easy to install
    Beautiful design


  • minus-square

    The sprayer is not smooth to pull out

    Single hole installation

VAPSINT Well Recommended Stainless Steel Pull Out Kitchen Sink Faucet

VAPSINT is not only affordable but comes with a 360 swiveling range making it a great choice for individuals with a double blow a single bowl kitchen sink.

We also love the dual function pull-out sprayer that enables you to change from a steady stream to a powerful high volume spray with a single touch of a button.

Besides, the durable construction will let you enjoy a service that you can depend on for many years to come.


  • plus-square
    Dual Function Pullout Sprayer
    Well designed
  • plus-square
  • plus-square
    Easy Installation
    Beautiful design


  • minus-square

    The design could be improved

    Single hole installation

Ruvati RVF1215ST Commercial Style Pullout Spray Kitchen Faucet

It would be unfair not to mention the Ruvati RVF1215ST C Faucet in our top ten best pull out kitchen faucet. This faucet is constructed using high-quality material, which are resistant to corrosion, scratches, and water stains.

The solid brass construction also gives it a long-lasting performance. You will also love the ceramic disc cartilages that prevent leaks and drips as well as the flexible coil spout that offers you with the ability to switch from stream to spray.

Additionally, this unit comes with a beautiful finish that will add a modern style to any kitchen. It is also easy to maintain, easy to use and durable.


  • plus-square
    Features a simple yet functional design
    Well designed
  • plus-square
    Offers with long-lasting durability
  • plus-square
    Stainless Steel finish resists rust and corrosion
    Beautiful design


  • minus-square

    A bit expensive

    Single hole installation

Best way to buy best the pull out kitchen faucet

Finding the best pullout kitchen faucets will depend on the functionality you need and personal preference.

However, keeping all things constant, the following tips may assist you in finding a model that fits your needs perfectly.

  • Functionality and design

Ensure that you have picked a model that offers you with proper functionality and an impressive design that matches your kitchen.

  • Number of holes

If you would want to replace the faucet you are using, you should make sure that you have selected a model that can properly fit into the existing sinkhole. For a multi-hole faucet, it requires more than two holes while a single hole needs one hole for installation.

  • Hose length

The best pullout kitchen faucet should have a long hose to give you with the flexibility you need in the kitchen. Selecting a model with a longer hose will also make it easy to use especially if you have double bowl sink.

  • Brand

For you to select the best kitchen faucet, you need to go for a brand that is reputable. Well-recognized brands tend to offer you with a faucet that performs well ad last for long.

  • Number of handles

The number of handles should entirely depend on your needs and preferences.

Why should you buy best pull out kitchen faucet?

The best pullout kitchen faucets are more useful when you want to fill vessels or pots that are kept on the countertops.

They are also great to rinse off the counter as they feature a spray want. There are many reasons why you should consider having these faucets.

  • Hands-free pot filling

This is probably the main benefit that you will get from this faucet. Since they feature, a wand that extends it will be easy for you to fill a pot or any other vessel on top of the counter.

  • Reduced splashing of water

Comparing them to pull down faucets, these faucets offer less water splashing. This is very beneficial since it will make cleaning the kitchen easy.

  • Flexible the control features

The best pullout kitchen faucets have better control features including sliders, buttons, and toggle switches that enable you to control water easily.

  • Low profile design

If you have limited space or have a double sink, then this is the best choice. These faucets have a low profile design that occupies a small space.

  • Better water pressure

When compared to pull down faucets, the pull out faucets will offer you with better water pressure making them a perfect choice for rinsing the dishes and filling pots

Final Word

The best pullout kitchen faucet will not only give your kitchen an impressive look but will also simplify the tasks involved. We hope that our detailed guide has given you a good starting base that will enable you to pick the most appropriate choice. Go through the tips and products listed, look at their strengths and weaknesses, and pick the model that suits you best.

Top 10 Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucet- Listed by Expert Shelly Rhoades

If you think of it unless you are that family that likes ordering Pizzas all the time, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen trying to make something that is healthy and delicious.

I believe that most good things come from a nice place. It is very rare to get a healthy and delicious meal from a kitchen that looks tired and untidy.

However, if a kitchen utilizes the best technology and decent appliance, it is possible to prepare food that is healthy and delicious.

Installing the best pull-down kitchen faucet will allow your kitchen to have a classy look and still allow you to prepare your meals quickly.

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or replacing your old faucet, the following information may help you in finding something that suits you best.

Looking For

Best Kitchen Faucets

Top Ten best Pull down kitchen faucet

Product Image

Product Name

Finish Type


Moen (7594ESRS)

Spot Resist Stainless

Delta Faucet 9113T-AR-DST

Arctic Stainless

Kraus KPF-1640SS

Stainless Steel

VCCUCINE Best Modern Commercial

Brushed Nickel



Sarissa Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

Brushed Nickel-03

Pacific Bay Rainier Coil

Brushed Nickel

Shaco Modern Single Lever

Solid Brass Bronze

Hotis Modern Spring 360 degree Swivel

Brushed Nickel

pH7 Single Handle


After doing in-depth analysis by comparing the various pull down faucets available on the market and considering the customer feedback, we came up with an all-inclusive list of the best pull down faucets on the market. Go through each product and pick the one that fits your needs best.

Moen (7594ESRS) Arbor Motionsense Touchless Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

This is a high quality touchless kitchen faucet that adds you convenience of cleaning your dishes and food ingredients without deal with faucet levers.

This unit utilizes the motion sense technology that allows it to sense when you need water. The water also stops flowing the moment you remove the item from the sink. The unit is equipped with reflex system that enables smooth operation; secure docking of the spray head as well easy movement.

If you are worried about the installation, you do not have to as this unit has a Duralock quick connect system that allows for easy installation. Additionally this unit is designed to be installed through one or three holes and the escutcheon is included.

Delta Faucet 9113T-AR-DST Essa Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

This is another best pull down kitchen faucet that is engineered to make your kitchen work easier while adding a modern touch of style.

The faucet features Delta touch2O technology that allows you to simply turn it on and touch it to turn it off.

The Tempsense technology will indicate the temperature of water, which is also another great feature that is that, is hard to find.

Another impressive aspect about this sink is the fact that you can adjust the flow rate as well as the temperature above the deck.

Kraus KPF-1640SS Modern Nola Single Lever Flex Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

Commercial grade kitchen faucets are durable and can be used for professional use. This unit is constructed using high quality materials that make it capable of handling repeated use in busy kitchen including those in restaurant.

This is a perfect choice for someone who is looking for durable faucet that last for years. To ensure your safety, this unit is constructed with materials that are lead free.

This means that you will get pure water that is not contaminated with the harmful elements that may leak from the faucet. The faucet also comes with a rust resistant finish.

As you probably know, many are the times you are forced to replace a faucet because you find the skin peeling off. However, this unit last for more than ten years and remains in top condition.

VCCUCINE Best Modern Commercial Small Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

For those who would like a best pull down kitchen faucet that is affordable and last for many years, we would recommend purchasing this unit.

The unit has a brushed Nickel and a solid construction making it a perfect choice for heavy-duty application. The unit is also fitted by a ceramic disk valve and resists both corrosion and scratches for enhanced durability.

This sink also features a pullout design that offer you more room for various sink activities. Some of the other things we love about this best kitchen faucet are the dual function pull out, aerated stream as well as powerful cleaning rinse.

For those who would like a kitchen faucet that is affordable and last for many years, we would recommend purchasing this unit. The unit has a brushed Nickel and a solid construction making it a perfect choice for heavy-duty application. The unit is also fitted by a ceramic disk valve and resists both corrosion and scratches for enhanced durability. This sink also features a pullout design that offer you more room for various sink activities. Some of the other things we love about this best kitchen faucet are the dual function pull out, aerated stream as well as powerful cleaning rinse.

Commercial grade kitchen faucets are durable and can be used for professional use. This unit is constructed using high quality materials that make it capable of handling repeated use in busy kitchen including those in restaurant. This is a perfect choice for someone who is looking for durable faucet that last for years. To ensure your safety, this unit is constructed with materials that are lead free. This means that you will get pure water that is not contaminated with the harmful elements that may leak from the faucet. The faucet also comes with a rust resistant finish. As you probably know, many are the times you are forced to replace a faucet because you find the skin peeling off. However, this unit last for more than ten years and remains in top condition.

This is another best pull down kitchen faucet that is engineered to make your kitchen work easier while adding a modern touch of style. The faucet features Delta touch2O technology that allows you to simply turn it on and touch it to turn it off. The Tempsense technology will indicate the temperature of water, which is also another great feature that is that, is hard to find. Another impressive aspect about this sink is the fact that you can adjust the flow rate as well as the temperature above the deck.

This is a high quality touchless kitchen faucet that adds you convenience of cleaning your dishes and food ingredients without deal with faucet levers. This unit utilizes the motion sense technology that allows it to sense when you need water. The water also stops flowing the moment you remove the item from the sink. The unit is equipped with reflex system that enables smooth operation; secure docking of the spray head as well easy movement. If you are worried about the installation, you do not have to as this unit has a duralock quick connect system that allows for easy installation. Additionally this unit is designed to be installed through one or three holes and the escutcheon is included.

Who should buy pull-down kitchen faucets?

KOHLER K-596-VS Simplice Single-hole Pull-down Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER is a well-recognized brand in kitchen appliances. The brand has been there for more than two decades and has continued to produce product that are reliable.

This product is one of their best pull down kitchen faucet that is constructed by a durable and vibrant stainless steel. The unit has an impressive look and offers you with functionality that is hard to beat.

The unit also has a high arch spout design that has a 360 degrees rotation allowing you to perform various kitchen sink activities easily. The faucet also features a single control one hole that allow for easy operation and less counter clutter.

Besides, this faucet has a MasterClean sprayface that resist mineral buildup making it easy to clean.

Sarissa Brushed Nickel Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

This Sarissa kitchen faucet had a brushed nickel and a PVD processed finish that does not make your kitchen to look fashionable but also makes it easier to maintain.

This model from Sarissa Faucet is finished with scratch and rust resistant meaning that the unit will stay in top condition for longer. You will also love the long reach that lets you to reach all the corners of your sink.

The long reach also lets you to fill the pots without having to put then in the sink.

Additionally you are also provided with a systematic installation manual and all the tools are included. This means that you do not need to seek for expert installation.

Pacific Bay Rainier Coil Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

This unit has a new model for 2017, which will make a beautiful upgrade for any kitchen.

Some of the features you will love about this unit are the spring action wan sprayer that toggles between the spray and stream functions conveniently.

The unit also has a commercial styled design with the high swivel spout that enables complete sink access. This makes a practical choice especially when washing anything from small dishes to large pots.

Another feature that makes this one of the best pull down kitchen faucet is the ceramic disc valve that provides smooth turning action as well as prevention of drips.

Shaco Modern Single Lever Solid Brass Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Sink Faucet

If you are looking for a great value in a pull down faucet, then this might be what you need. The Shaco pull down faucet combines modern aesthetics and efficiency to come up with a kitchen faucet that is great for washing both nonstick cookware as well as stainless steel cookware.

To ensure that your health is safeguarded the manufacturer make use of materials that are free of lead. 

The Solid brass construction ensures durability while the high arch spout as well as the 360-degree rotation allows for practical use in the kitchen.

Additionally the 2-mode pull out sprayer that has touch controls that enables you to switch from steam to spray also makes it an ideal choice for any kitchen.

Hotis Modern Spring 360 degree Swivel Pull out Kitchen Sink Faucet

This is another premium pull down kitchen faucet that has all the features you need in a high-end faucet. The unit has a decent height that allows you to clean your dishes as well as doing other activities with ease.

We also like the high arch spout as well as the 360 degrees rotation that allows more room for pans and pot as well as superior clearance for the sink.

The unit also has a long hose that provides you with a 20-inch reach that also improves your convenience. Additionally the faucet also includes the cold and hot water supply lines.

pH7 Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Kitchen Sink Faucet

Last but not the least we have this decent pull down faucet from PH7 that is constructed with materials that are a hundred percent harmless to your health.

The manufacturer makes use of materials that are FDA certified. The unit also has a high tech docking system placed within the spout that allows for smooth and secure lock of the spray head.

The high arch gooseneck as well as the 360-degree rotation also makes it easy for use in the kitchen. Additionally, this unit spray head has angled nozzles that offer you with a wide and powerful blade of water that sweeps your dishes clean effortlessly.

Who should buy pull-down kitchen faucets?

If you are considering upgrading your kitchen and you are not sure the best faucet to use, it a kitchen faucet with a pull-down feature is worth considering.

The pull-down kitchen faucets will help you in streamlining the work of preparing meals and cleaning up.

This model is an excellent choice especially if you need to fill pots or containers that sit on the cooking surface or counter surface.

It is also possible to fill a pail that is on the floor without the use of additional equipment.

The best pull-down faucet features a detachable spray head that is attached to a hose that runs through the faucet body. The hose has a special bearing that supports the spout making its movement friction-less.

This faucet is an excellent choice for individuals with a deep sink and limited countertop space.

Advantages of pull-down kitchen faucets

The pull out kitchen faucets have become very popular, and it is no wonder. They offer the user with multiple benefits when compared with other models, making them more practical to use.

First, these models offset the user with a greater variety of spraying options when compared with the pull out faucets. This makes them a better choice for filling pots and rinsing the dishes.

These faucets also come with a more ergonomic design than the pullout. With these faucets, you do not require any hose as you just require one simple downward motion.

Another benefit of using this faucet is more durable since the hose is less prone to kinks because you will not be using it in a variety of directions, this faucet can last for a longer period.

Additionally, the latest pull down kitchen faucet comes with a well-designed head, a dock, as well as a balanced counterweight that allows for a snug fit. These features enable you to accomplish the kitchen tasks.

We also have other pull-down faucets that incorporate strong magnets in the spout dock as well as the spray head. This magnet allows you to return the head to its place, minimizing any dangling and sliding.

Moreover, if you would want to have a faucet with a separate sprayer, a faucet that has a pull-down spray is preferred.

The pull-down design does not need an extra hole for installation and is more convenient to use. Additionally, if you have a deep kitchen sink, this is the most appropriate choice.

Choosing the best pull-down kitchen faucets- Buying tips

Using the following tips may mean the difference between something that offers you with a service you can depend on for long and something that breaks down after a few months of use.

  • Construction materials

The best pull down kitchen faucet should be constructed using high-quality materials to ensure that you have a long-term service.

Besides being constructed using high-quality material inters for durability you also need to consider your safety. Make sure that the materials are from harmful chemicals such as lead and other toxic materials.

  • Efficiency

Modern faucets have various features that improve their effectiveness. For instance, the addition of touchless technology makes a faucet easier to use. This feature also enhances the efficiency of water allowing you to reduce the water bills.

  • Price

The price also matter. Although well-recognized brands tend to have a high price, it is still possible to find budget-friendly models from the brands also. Additionally, going for models from less recognized brands may also help you to find a product that will give you the service you need.

  • Countertop space and sink type

You should also think of your kitchen counter and sink type. If you have a deep sink, pull down faucet will be the best choice. Additionally, picking the Pull down faucet will allow you to have multiple spray options, enhancing the way you do things.

  • Finish

Lastly, you also need to ensure that you have selected a finish that goes well with your kitchen décor. The finish should also be rust and scratch resistant for durability.

Final Word

Overall we have considered the faucets listed above as the best pull down kitchen faucet because of the features that each model has as well as great rating they have received from various review sites. We are sure that picking of any model listed here will suit your needs and give you the best value for your money. All the best!

Best kitchen faucets in 2018- Top Selection from Expert Shelly Rhoades

Today there are many faucets for the kitchen on the market. Therefore it’s making it hard for you to pick the right choice. These models come with unique design and finishes that will catch your eye, and you would want to buy them instantly.

After doing a wide research as well as reading the kitchen faucet reviews online, we have come up with a list of the best brands in terms of performance and durability.

Kitchen Faucets Reviews in Short

Any great kitchen should have a high-quality faucet that matches its style and décor.

Although the market is saturated with many faucets, there is a great gap between the levels of performance among the faucets. For this reason, we have prepared a list of the top quality kitchen faucets that will be worth every penny.

Here are our top kitchen faucets that will not only make it easy to wash your utensils but also adds style and aesthetics to your kitchen.

Delta 9178-AR-DST Leland Single Handle Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

This is another kitchen faucet that comes with a breathtaking design and awesome finish to complement any modern kitchen style.

The docking system features an inbuilt magnet that allows you to attach the spray heads for better performance. The diamond seal technology backed valve ensures durability and leak-proof.

Other great features that come with this model include the Touch clean spray holes. It makes it easy to remove the mineral buildup as well as the pull-down spray wand that allows you to direct pressure on dishes for an easier cleanup.

Delta Faucet 9113-AR-DST Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

The model features well though design which allows you to operate it with a simple touch.

The arch is positioned at an ideal height, thus you will not have any problem when washing pots and other big utensils.

The pullout sprout design prevents splashes when washing dishes while the 360-swivel feature makes it convenient to use.

Customers who have already purchased the model are also happy by the fact that it is very easy to clean the surface of the faucet, removing any bacterial accumulation and mineral deposits.

Delta Faucet 9192-AR-DST Addison Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

The 9192-AR-DST is another magnificent faucet from Delta that is constructed with the user needs in mind to ensure durability, ease of use and great performance.

This model features the diamond seal technology that allows it to deliver great performance while still ensuring that it lasts for a long time. The model also comes with the convenience of the multi-flow wand that toggles from high flow to spray.

Additionally, the high arc spout makes it easier to fill containers with water as well as cleaning larger utensils.

Moen 5923SRS Align Pre-Rinse Spring Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

Moen 5923SRS Align Faucet adds a taste of class to your modern kitchen with its eye-catching design. The model features a spiral spring down the pullout handle that offers great flexibility when doing the dishes.

Another reason to opt for this best kitchen faucet is the high end and steady construction that will match well with any kitchen décor. The single handle also makes it easy to control the water.

Additionally, the aerated steam makes it convenient for everyday cleaning as well as suitable for heavy duty cleaning.

Moen 7295C Brantford One-Handle Pullout Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

If you are on the lookout for a premium faucet that guarantees you with maximum performance and aesthetics to your kitchen, this model will not disappoint you.

The model is fitted with a reflex system that makes it easy to move, facilitates secure docking as well as smooth operation. The pullout design delivers customized water jets allowing you to clean your dishes briskly.

You will also love the duralock quick connect that makes it easy to install as well as the one lever handle for one hand operation.

Everflow Supplies KFKT17188-20P Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

Everflow Supplies KFKT17188-20PKitchen Faucet is another model that offers better features than most people tend to think. One of the reasons why we have included it on our list of our best kitchen faucets is the two-handle design that creates an impressive look in your kitchen.

The premium finish also gives your stylish kitchen look. The swivel sprout is quite efficient while the sprayer with a braided hose will get work done quickly.

Additionally, this model features a high arch design that provides you with an easy clearance allowing you to get access to the sink fast.

Everflow 17811-NL Single Handle Chrome Plated Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

If you are thinking of replacing your old faucet with a modern and effective faucet, you can never go wrong with this model. Constructed using solid brass, this faucet will offer you with reliability you can depend on for many years to come.

The product also features a chrome plated finish that makes it corrosion resistant as well as scratch resistant. This means it will remain in top condition for a prolonged period.

You will also love the easy to operate single handle that will suit a simple and elegant kitchen.

Kraus KPF-1650SS Modern Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

Featuring lead-free all metal construction, this faucet offers you with great performance with minimal maintenance. One feature that makes it unique is the high-end commercial style design that ensures long-term durability.

The faucet also utilizes a single lever flow that allows you to operate it easily. For ultimate functionality, this model also includes side pot filler that allows you to round out all the luxurious features.

Additionally, all the mounting items are included, meaning you will not incur additional costs to purchase other mounting supplies.

Avola Solid Brass Single Lever Pull Down Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

This faucet features solid brass construction and ceramic disc valve rendering it not only rust proof but also scratch resistant.

The spout swivels 360 degrees all around allowing more flexibility while cleaning the dishes as well as preparing the food. The product also features a pull-down spray mechanism whereby you can customize the spray pattern so that it can fit your needs.

Some of the other features that make this faucet unique are the one whole installation, fully equipment of accessories, pre-assembled tap body, as well as one key control.

BOHARERS Touchless Kitchen Faucet with React Touch Free Technology

More photos & Price on Amazon

BOHARERS Touchless Kitchen Sink Faucet comes in a stylish design that will complement any kitchen style. The high arch design arch has the ability to swivel 360 degrees for convenience.

The Sprout will offer you with an aerated stream for everyday cleaning as well as a powerful rinse. The motion sense operation also delivers great hand-free convenience that allows you to do your chores efficiently.

Additionally, the waterproof feature plays a major role when it comes to using water efficiently since the water will flow only when needed. Lastly, the metal construction, as well as plated finish, enhances its longevity.

Comllen Best Commercial Single Handle Kitchen Sink Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

This faucet has a very fine finish of brushed nickel and stainless steel making it not only rust resistant but also resistant to scratches.

This adds a sense of style and sophistication to the décor of your kitchen. The one hole installation mechanism makes it super easy to install.

The single handle also facilitates easy control of the cold and hot water while the 360 degrees swivel sprout allows for drip-free and smooth water flow.

Hotis Best Contemporary High Arch Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

Although this is an entry-level faucet from Hotis Home, this model offers you with great features that you will find in other expensive models.

The 360 degrees rotation coupled with high arch spout ensures there is more room for pans and pots as well as ensuring superior clearance for the sink. Another great feature of this model is the extended warranty.

Products with extended warranties tend to last more and offer a reliable service. The brushed nickel finish also gives the faucet a gorgeous look while still making it scratch and corrosion resistant.

LORDEAR SLC16017 Commercial High Arch Kitchen Sink Faucets

More photos & Price on Amazon

This is another entry-level faucet that comes with all the features you may need in a high-quality faucet. The model features high-quality finishes that not only resist corrosion but also is tough enough to withstand repeated use for many years.

The two water mode feature also makes it exceptional. This includes the pullout spray head that allows you to either select either stream or spray mode.

This is also an inexpensive model for anyone who is looking to replace their old and low performing faucets without breaking their banks.

Pfister GT529WH1S Wheaton Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

The list of the best kitchen faucets could not be completed without including the Pfister GT529WH1S Wheaton Faucet. This model has very many positive reviews for its performance and surface finish.

Its impressive design will upgrade the look of any kitchen style. The well-made spout swivels 360 degrees allowing you to do your dishes easily. Additionally, this model features smooth adjustments for the waterpower in a more customized manner.

If you are looking for a model that comes with impressive quality and long-term use, this is a worthwhile consideration.

APEC Water FAUCET-CD-COKE-NP Ceramic Disc Designer Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

This is a safe, lead-free kitchen that comes with an impressive design to give your kitchen a classy and stylish look. The model comes with a single lever mechanism to allow you to regulate the water flow using one hand.

Besides the breathtaking design, this model comes with an impressive finish that makes it stand out.

Additionally, this premium ceramic designer faucet is easy to control to achieve the water jet pressure you prefer to for cleaning dishes. It is also an affordable model that does not compromise.

American Standard 8350235.002 Service Sink Faucet

More photos & Price on Amazon

Available in an elegant design and finish, this faucet is built to ensure that you have an easy time in your kitchen. You will love the cast brass spout. It is not only durable but also ergonomically designed to facilitate water efficiency.

The product is also fitted with ceramic disc valving that ensures drip-free performance. There are also well-designed vandal resistant lever handles that have a cold as well as the hot indicators.

Installing the model is easy as for avid DIYers since all the installation equipment is provided. Additionally, this is one of the most affordable models making it ideal for clients looking for high performing faucets at an affordable price.

Each of the products listed in our best kitchen faucets is tested and proven to offer high quality and long-term service. Choose any of the products listed above, and it will be worth every dime.

However, before making your final decision, go through the features and pick a model that will best suit your needs.

Getting a perfect look in your kitchen can be hard to achieve especially if you do not install quality kitchen faucets to matches the décor of your kitchen.

The kitchen faucets will complement your modern kitchen to give it an impressive look. Having look at our guide to getting all the information will guide you in selecting the quality kitchen faucets.

Top kitchen faucet Brand


This popular company has produced high-quality faucets for more than 50 years. The manufacturer offers well-designed and functional faucets at an affordable price.

The company offers a wide range of electronic and touch faucets that are backed by a five years warranty.


This is another high-end brand that offers faucets that come with stunning looks.

The faucets are well designed and build to last. Additionally, the manufacturer offers their faucets with impressive finishes that are patented. These include LifeShine non-tarnish, Stainless, and SporResist Brushed Nickel.


American standard company has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of year because of offering inexpensive faucets that offer excellent reliability. Their products are also easy to install and use.

The company offers a great customer service. This is always helpful, as it will give you any advice you need concerning their faucets. They mainly use brass to construct their faucets making them very durable.


Kohler is a well-known company that makes use of special trademark feature to gain an edge over the competition. The company usually manufactures high-end pullout faucets.

They are not only highly functional but also comes with an ergonomic sprayer that makes them easy to use.


Although this company is relatively new in this field, it produces high-quality faucets that go head to head with models from the most popular brands.

Another reason why you may consider this brand is that they offer their products at an almost half price of similar faucets from other well-known brands. This makes them a great choice for individuals who are looking for high-quality faucets at an affordable price.


Pfister is also a recognized brand when it comes to the faucet industry. This brand produces models that feature an industrial look and stylish design that will fit perfectly in any modern kitchen.

The company has more than hundred years’ experience in this industry and produce innovative and high-quality products at an affordable price.


Grohe is a US-based company that offers high-quality faucets. The models are not only ergonomic but also come with numerous features, making them easy to use.

The faucets come at different prices with some of them being true bargains. Their products come with a limited time warranty.

How to Buy the Best Bitchen Faucets

Faucets for kitchen usually get a lot of use, so it is crucial for you to find a model that stands up to everyday wear and tear.

Here are some of the considerations that you must take into account for you to get a model that you will suit your needs and still complement your kitchen’s style.

Water Flow

Although most of us are concerned about how much water we use because it leads to more expenses, it is good to realize that water wastage is also bad for our environment.

The best faucets for your kitchen should be water-saving designed for more efficiency. The water should also have enough pressure to clear the dirt quickly.

Installation Style

The modern kitchen faucets are installed in four distinct styles. These include;

1. Centerset Style

The centerset are specially designed for basins that usually have three holes. They also have handles set about four inches apart.

The centerset combines a spout and handle on a single base unit although some of them may feature two handles that are mounted onto a six-inch plate for more stability.

2. Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Single-Hole Deck-Mount may come with either two handles or a single handle. A deck plate is then placed at the base of the faucet so that you can install the faucet in your kitchen sink.

This is the most common mounting mechanism in many kitchens as it makes washing the utensils easier.

3. Wall-Mount

A wall mounted kitchen faucet has no connection with the kitchen sink as they are fixed separately. The design makes it easier to fill large pots and vessels. They are suitable for no hole sinks or under mounts sinks.

4. Wide-spread

In this installation, the handles and the faucets are mounted individually to the countertop or sink without the use of a deck plate. The installation requires multiple holes on the sink or countertop.

They are also referred as non-deck plate faucets.

Sprayer Style

Another consideration to make when selecting the best kitchen faucets is the sprayer style. A faucet with a great sprayer will help you when washing and rinsing your ceramic cookware as well as the stainless steel cookware.

A great sprayer also helps in cleaning and rinsing your cooking ingredients such as vegetables. The sprayer styles include,

1. Pull-down Style

The heads of these faucets usually pull straight down towards the bottom of your sink. This means that you can pull the spray wand to increase its reach. This will give you more flexibility when doing your dishes as well as wash the ingredients to cook.

2. Pull-out Style

This is another style where the head of the faucet is pulled towards you. This will make it easier for you to fill the vessels that you usually keep on the sides of your sink.

3. Kitchen faucets with side spray

These faucets for kitchen usually have an additional spray that is fitted near the faucet. This type of spray will require an extra hole in the sink for installation. It makes washing the dishes easier.


When going through the best kitchen faucet reviews to choose a model that suit your needs perfectly, pay attention to the design of faucet. Ensure that you go for a model that will complement the look of your kitchen.

Most of the modern kitchen faucets come in various design. It makes it easier for you to pick a model that will work perfectly.

Regardless the design you decide to select, ensure that it will be easy for you to use. As much as you would want to select the best-looking design, ensure that it is compatible with your sink or countertop and give you all the functionalities you need.

Faucet Escutcheon

An escutcheon is an optional accessory that acts as a decorative plate that will cover the extra holes in your sink.

If you have one-hole setups this accessory will help you to cover, the remaining holes to give your kitchen sink a better appearance. The best kitchen faucets usually have this feature to make them look professional.

Faucet Cartridges

Faucets cartridges are responsible for regulating the water flow and controlling the temperature by manipulating the lever. The cartridges are the most common pieces that are worn out when your faucet becomes leaky. They are inexpensive and easy to replace.

Check faucet Cartridge repair process

Faucet Earthenware Plate

These are plates have clay circle valve and a single lever over a wide around and hollow body. The construction material is usually solidified clay that is durable, meaning that is will last for a long time.

The fixtures feature a wide lodging cartridge that usually has two artistic circles that slide over each other in order to blend the temperature and control the water stream.

Faucet Aerator

The aerator is one of the one of the overlooked part in a kitchen faucet. This piece has several uses but mainly act as the last line defense that controls the steam of water. This piece also prevents water from splashing as it shapes water to correct steam, especially when using the spray head device.

Additionally, the filter side of the aerator is responsible for increasing the water pressure in areas where the water pressure is low.

Number of Handles

Single handle faucets come with one leaver that you can turn to one side for hot water and another side for cold water. They are easy to install, take less countertop space and simple to operate with one hand.

Two handle faucets feature two handles one for hot water and the other one for cold water. The advantage of these over the single handle is that they offer precise temperature control.


There are wide varieties of finishes for you to choose when it comes to selecting the best kitchen faucets. One of the most popular finishes available is the polished brass as it offers both a high-quality finish and a timeless look.

For a darker look, oil rubbed bronze is a great finish that is great for a traditional style kitchen.

A few last words

If you are trying to decide on the best kitchen faucets for your home, then this guide is detailed enough to help you choose a perfect setup for your kitchen. For those who are planning a self-install, get all the materials ready and read the manual before getting to work.

Ensure you also go through our best kitchen faucet reviews to give you more insights that will help you to make the right decision.

Best Towel Ring – Elegant Home Improvement Tips by Shelly Rhoades

Best Towel Ring

Want to hang your bath towels in the most elegant way? Well, you need a 'Towel Ring'. It acts like a holder that can be mounted by tape or screw. All the lavish hotels and contemporary homes install these rings in order to exhibit they are better and more fashionable than others.

Product Image

Product Name



Hand Towel Ring APLusee SUS304

Matte Black

Gatco 4062 Elevate Towel Ring

Brushed Brass

Kohler K-37057-BN Alteo Towel Ring

Vibrant Brushed Nickel

Moen CSI YB5286BN Towel Ring

Brushed Nickel

Delta Faucet 79646-OB Windemere Towel Ring

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

AmazonBasics Euro Towel Ring

Polished Chrome

Carmen Wall Bathroom Towel Ring Holder

Brass Polished Chrome

Best Towel Ring

Without wasting time, let's delve deeper into the subject and find out what are the best towel rings in the market. We've arranged a complete list for your convenience.

Hand Towel Ring APLusee SUS304

Personally, I loved the overall look of it. It is made of 100% SUS304 stainless steel, it is covered with high grade matte black paint, and it is easy to install it too with supplied mounting hardware.

However, the one thing which raised our concern is the company used the plastic piece to connect two metal pieces. This is perhaps the only con which doesn't make it durable in the long run.

Gatco 4062 Elevate Towel Ring

It is a well-made product and it appears strong too. After assessing this product, we felt that the Gatco manufacturers focused more on the quality, which is indeed a great point. You can feel its sturdiness in your hand.

In addition, they tried their best to give it a modern and lavish touch. We can't call it the top luxury touch, but the four popular finishes definitely make it better than any other towel rings in the market.

Kohler K-37057 -BN Alteo Towel Ring

This towel ring looks great even in the most contemporary bathrooms. From durability to style and finishes, it wins on all aspects. Furthermore, it is quite easy to install it too. You don't require any special hands or skills. You can do it on your own by following the template. If we have to pick one towel ring in this list, we will opt for this one.

Moen CSI YB5286BN Towel Ring

It is sturdy and immensely attractive towel ring. It looks better than many competitors in the market. Apart from this, it has a nice, good weight too that makes it a quality product. Though the Moen is a famous name in the market and they provide limited lifetime warranty too on this towel ring, but many consumers complain that it is not a lifelong friend. It won't last more than 2-years.

Delta Faucet 79646-OB Windemere Towel Ring

We loved the look of this towel ring. It is beautiful and easy to install. If you want a traditional or classy touch in your bathroom, this is for you. The sculpted curves, polished chrome, and stainless steel make it a top-notch piece. Also, there is a mounting template too that takes the guesswork out of the installation. No need to ponder anything, just follow the instructions.

AmazonBasics Euro Towel Ring

It is a handsome towel ring. However, the installation procedure isn't that straightforward. Manufacturers state that you only need a screwdriver to install it. But, you also need a drill for extra holes. Since, without it, it won't be possible for you to get the holes for installation.

Other than that, the best thing is it comes with mounting brackets and drywall anchors. Plus, it is also backed by a limited 1-year warranty.

Carmen Wall Bathroom Towel Ring Holder

It is a royal product, with royal finishes and royal quality. If you want your bathroom to have an expensive look, get this one. It is so decorative with Swarovski crystals inlay. Due to this extra touch, it is even ideal for luxury decoration and Valentine's day gift.

Besides, the installation of Carmen Wall Bathroom Towel Ring Holder is simple also. It only requires drilling.

Significant Difference Between The Best And The Others

Don't know what's the key difference between the best towel rings and others? No issue.

The thing you need to see is the interior of your bathroom. It is because when it comes to towel rings, the color or design of the bathroom matters. You must choose the product according to it.

For example, is it modern or classic? If it is modern, get some contemporary design like Kohler K-37057 -BN Alteo Towel Ring. It is ideal for modern bathrooms. In case you have a classic style and you want to give your bathroom a real traditional touch, Delta Faucet 79646-OB Windemere Towel Ring will do that job. Once you decide what kind of product your bathroom needs, it becomes easy to get a high-quality product.

Apart from this, you should consider the towel density and the quality of the material. Can it hold heavy towels for years? That's what you have to decide. If some towel ring compliments your bathroom in style and it can hold heavy towels too for years, it means it is the best among other products.

Best Towel Ring Buying Tips

Buying the best towel ring isn't a tough task.

When you know what you are exactly looking for, it becomes easy. You can place your hand on that model which meets and exceeds your expectations.

There are a few things you should consider always before buying the towel ring.

  • Can it be installed in your desired location? Since, if you are installing it in the same location, but the model isn't the same like before, its dimensions can create trouble for you. You perhaps also need to drill a couple more holes to install it. Also, don't forget to read the instruction manual too if it is available online - free of charge.
  • Does it match with other bathroom accessories? We know most people aren't that much into the design thing, particularly men. If you are one of them, ensure that it is complimenting and matching with other bathroom accessories, such as faucet, shower, sink, and etc.
  • Know about the company too. Some companies are already famous for producing top-notch products, such as Moen. Therefore, it is good to opt for a reputable company, as you can relish the lifetime warranty. In addition, their products are often durable. You don't have to change them.
  • Lastly, what about the customer service? Do they provide any kind of support? If it's a new company and customer support isn't great either, it is better to avoid it. Furthermore, don't forget to ask some small questions too which most other consumer miss, such as how much weight can it bear or if the ring consists of two separate parts how do they both connect?

Concluding Thoughts

On the whole, adding a tasteful touch of style to your bathroom isn't that difficult. Follow these above guidelines if you want to buy the best towel ring.

Apart from this, make sure you have the right kind of equipment too for installation, like a screwdriver and a drilling machine.

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Best Bathroom Faucet – The Ultimate Guide by Expert Shelly Rhoades

Best Bathroom Faucet Review

Choosing a best bathroom faucet isn't an easy task. Since it isn't only about the style. It is important to look beyond it and assess how it operates in reality. On top of that, faucets come in different kinds and from different brands. You need to pick something which can complement your bathroom and personalize your space.

It doesn't matter whether you are replacing an old faucet or choosing it for a new home, there are some certain things which you need to know about it first.

For example, as we have mentioned earlier, you aren't only setting the tone of your bathroom's personality. You need to know how it conducts when it comes to delivering water. You may think you have limitless options, but in reality, this isn't the case.

When you ponder every aspect of it, such as technology, fishing style, quality, and price point, your options get significantly less. Therefore, it is imperative to focus on the highlights and features if you want to choose the best bathroom faucet for your home.

Product Image

Product Name

Finish Type

Installation Method


BWE Waterfall Spout Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet



Moen Glyde Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet

Brushed Nickel

Deck Mounted

Pfister LF042JDYY Jaida Bathroom Faucet


Deck Mounted

GROHE 20572001 Bathroom Faucet


8" Widespread

KINGO HOME Contemporary Tall Vessel Sink

Brushed Nickel

Deck Mounted

Hotis Widespread Lavatory Bathroom Vanity Faucet

Solid Brass

Deck Mounted

PARLOS Two-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

Brushed Nickel


Yodel Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

Brushed Nickel


BWE Aquafaucet Tall Waterfall Bathroom Sink Vessel Faucet



MYHB 360° Swivel Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet

Brushed Bronze


Comllen Waterfall Spout Bathroom Vessel Sink Faucet

Brushed Nickel

Deck Mounted

PARLOS 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

Brushed Nickel


Delta (567LF-PP) Modern Bathroom Faucet


Surface/Deck Mounted

Electronic Automatic Sensor Touchless Faucet

Chrome Finished


Desfau Bathroom Vessel Faucet

Chrome Finished


Not Available

Faucet Installation Types

All faucets aren't the same.

The first and the most important thing you need to focus on the 'Installation Type'.

It is particularly significant if you are replacing the old model, as you have to bring the same type, otherwise, it won't work.

Wall-Mounted VS Deck-Mounted:

Are you looking for a wall-mounted or deck-mounted faucet? In case you don't comprehend these two terms, deck-mounted models sit on the deck or the counter. It has its own pros and cons.

For instance, compared to the wall-mounted, it is easy to install, repair or replace. Also, it takes quite less space than the wall-mounted model.

On the other hand, as the name suggests, wall-mounted faucets are installed on the wall. This one is more durable and lasts longer than deck-mounts. You should opt for the wall-mounted faucet if you have quite enough space in the bathroom.

Single-Hole VS Center-Set:

This is another kind which requires your attention. If some product is described as a single-hole product, it means it has a single handle controlling system. You can use this handle for both hot and cold water operation.

The center-set model also looks like a bit same, but it has a spout and two-handles for different operations. Instead of handling the water temperature from a single handle, you use both handles for it.

If you have a double-handle set in your bathroom and want to opt for the single-hole option, it is possible. You need to use an extra optional plate to cover the hole.

Spread-Fit Type Faucet:

The spread-fit faucet type is also known as the widespread faucet. The highlight of this product is it comes in different components. It is not packaged as one. You can adjust the width of its components according to your requirement and desire. For example, if you want to be a tad more creative with your faucet system, you can adjust the height and width between its levers on your own. This is particularly helpful if you are planning to install this model in the corner. You have the freedom. It is up to you how widely you want it installed. It also assists you in saving desire space in the bathroom.

Once you decide the installation type, the next step is to consider finishing type.

It is something which you should choose while keeping the style of your bathroom in mind. The finishing comes in four different kinds - Brushed, Bronze, Chrome, and Brass.

The Valve Options

Valve options can be considered as the installation type too.

It controls the passage of the fluid. It facilitates in controlling the water temperature as well. It comes in three types - Ball Faucet, Disc Faucet, and Compression-Valve Faucet.

  • In the ball faucet, there is a rounded ball that sits on the faucet spout. This feature is mostly in the single handle operation and it prevents leak better than the other two options.
  • In the disc faucet, there is a cylindrical system that combines hot and cold water. It is durable and also considered as a new technology compared to ball model.
  • In compression-valve faucet, there are two handles that control the temperature of water. When they compress the water, it shuts off. This is one of the oldest valve systems in the plumbing system that is still in use as a standard in many residence and office buildings.

15 Best Bathroom Faucet Review

The above information is more than enough to choose the best bathroom faucet.

It is important to keep the type and space of your bathroom in mind. This will give you a clear idea regarding the price you should opt for.

In addition, there is one more factor that you should remember - Flow Rate. The average flow rate should stay between 1.5-2.5 gallons per minute. It shouldn't increase more than 3.0 GPM, as it won't only waste water, but the extra pressure can cause leakage issues too.

If you are still confused regarding which faucet to choose for your bathroom. Below are the fifteen models that are top-rated in the market as well.

1 - The BWE Waterfall Spout Bathroom Sink Faucet

It doesn't matter whether you are building a new bathroom or replacing the fixtures, BWE Waterfall Spout Single Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet should definitely on the top of your list.

It offers a terrific value!

It is not only fantastic in its looks, but it is quite easy to install also. The BWE manufacturers present many important features in it. It is durable and long lasting. It has the potential to work 100% perfectly without any trouble.

In addition, the things which we love about BWE waterfall is it gives clear and steady laminar stream. It is an immensely beautiful water presentation that steals the heart and turns your bathroom into a contemporary, lavish place.

Highlights & Features
  • The pressure of water is geared towards water efficiency.
  • It can be installed through 1 or 3 holes.
  • It comes with a cover plate that is 6-inch wide.
  • There are 5 different finishing colors.
  • It is surface-mounted with single-handle placement.

2 - Moen Glyde Two-Handle High Arc Bathroom Faucet

It is a very well-made faucet, with high quality and amazing design.

If you are planning to install it in a contemporary space, you are right. It is much nicer than the expectations when it comes to the novelty. As its name suggests, it has two handles for convenient water adjustment. Though it looks stylish and extraordinary in appearance, you can install it rather comfortably. It is a 4-inch center set design.

In order to make it the king in the industry, the manufacturers of Moen have presented a few more great features in it. For example, it gives 1.2 gallons per minute with the aerated stream. It isn't a lot and it isn't too much less as well. In a way, the company focused on giving the ideal GPM ratio which cannot only save water but also fulfill your everyday task.

Highlights & Features
  • It is equipped with 2 lever handles for easy water temperature.
  • The GPM ratio is ideal for everyday bathroom tasks.
  • It is available in two distinct finishes - chrome finish & brushed nickel finish.
  • It comes equipped with 1224 cartridge for durability.
  • Moen's developers offer a limited lifetime warranty.

3 - Pfister LF042JDYY Jaida Single Control Model

We personally love this Pfister LFO42JDYY Jaida Single Control Model, but there is one issue in it which sometimes compel the consumers to flood it with 4-star ratings instead of 5-star - The Flow Rate.

Though, it looks quite fine to us. It depends on the customers' needs too. But, many consumers feel that it doesn't deliver much water. The manufacturers focused more on conserving water and energy bills, but they decreased down the flow rate a bit more than usual. That's why it isn't usually preferred. if you are a person who desires a full volume of water, you won't find it attractive. Apart from this aspect, it is an awesome product.

It appears that the manufacturers focused more on the design of this product, and they were quite successful in it too. You can notice its elegance defined by the subtle, sleek lines. Also, they tried their best to give it a traditional look.

Highlights & Features
  • It can be mounted with or without the deck plate.
  • It includes the seal drain for ease of use.
  • It has an advanced ceramic disc valve technology.
  • It is CEC water compliant.
  • It is compatible with 1 or 3 hole installation.

4 - GROHE 20572001 Concetto 8 In. Widespread Faucet

We love the finish of this product the most. The chrome finish of GROHE 20572001 Concetto 8 In. Widespread Faucet makes it feel like a polished glass. It appears that the GROHE company's main aim was to attract customers through its innovative look. Therefore, they gave so much attention to its overall appearance. The finish is in fact only one aspect.

They also introduced StarLight for scratch and tarnish-resistant surface. The actual goal was to give it a lifelong expensive look, but we won't recommend scrubbing it with hard cloth or material such as scotch brite pad. Some consumers revealed this kind of pad scrubbing does scratch the surface. For that reason, it is pertinent to use some soft cloth for cleaning.

Apart from this, it has the easiest installation system. You won't find too many components. The GROHE manufacturers made sure there are only a few installation steps. They attempted their best to introduce less complicated parts to reduce installation time. Even if it is your time, you can install it without any trouble and within a few minutes.

Highlights & Features
  • The SilkMove of GROHE gives a lifetime of smooth operation.
  • It offers EcoJoy Technology for less water and perfect flow.
  • The SilkMove also assists in precise handling.
  • It installs with ease and speed due to QuickFix Technology.
  • Its package includes the drain assembly.

5 - KINGO HOME Contemporary Single Handle Tall Vessel Tap

We totally love its design.

It is just the right size with exceptional quality. Unlike many other taps, which look like the cheap plastic imitation, you can notice its great quality straight away. The material is solid and it feels substantial especially when we assess it according to the price point. The KINGO HOME developers gave it LifeShine brushed nickel finish too which also facilitates in giving it an expensive look.

We have personally seen this model; therefore we have a clear idea regarding how it works. The water mode of this single handle tall vessel tap is the stream, which is common, but the thing that makes it special is it is 100% pressure tested. The professional manufacturers of this company tried to prevent leakage issue even in the extra pressure.

If you are a person who deals with the leakage issues in the faucet time and time again, you should definitely opt for this one.

Highlights & Features
  • Water pressure recommendation: 0.5 - 1.0.
  • It requires only one hole for installation.
  • Its package contains the sink faucet, hot & cold water hoses, and mounting hardware.
  • It is 100% pressure tested.
  • The ceramic disc valves ensures durable performance.

6 - Hotis Widespread Single Handle Single Lever Faucet

Everything is super perfect about Hotis Widespread Single Handle Single Lever Faucet except one thing. The word Hotis is written on top of the faucet. The manufacturers should have mentioned it in the description, but there isn't any sign of it. In fact, it isn't shown and mentioned in the picture too. We believe this is a deceptive act. It can facilitate in selling the product and it will damage the company's reputation in the long term.

However, apart from this single flaw, everything is quite right and attractive about this faucet. For example, it has a solid brass body construction with an overall height of 7.09". In addition, this faucet gives single handle operation. You can easily adjust the volume and temperature of the water through it.

Lastly, and most importantly, hot and cold supply lines are included in the package. This is a big bonus for those who don't want to spend an extra amount of money on the supply lines.

However, there is one downside as well. The package doesn't include the pop-up drain.

Highlights & Features
  • The height is 7.09", but the spout height is 4.13".
  • The HOTIS HOME Company gives a 90-day money back guarantee on it.
  • It gives 1.8 GPM water flow rate for daily use.
  • It is a one hole installation.
  • It has a solid brass body construction with a brushed nickel finish.

7 - PARLOS Widespread Two-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

If there is one faucet which is designed for performance, it is PARLOW Two-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet. It has an utterly great wide-spread design that gives you a different user experience. It is indeed tough to find this kind of wide-spread design in the market, as most models are either in enclosed position or focus on the height of the tap.

It is certified to cUPC and NSF 61, Lead-Free. For that reason, it can be considered safe too according to the industries' professional standards.

We have reviewed many other expensive faucets too, but it is a lot better than them. It not only challenges their price point but also looks much better. It is 100% classy.

Highlights & Features
  • It has a brushed nickel finish.
  • It comes with 2 water supply hoses.
  • The package includes pop-up drain assembly too.
  • It requires three number of holes for installation.
  • It is a surface-mounted masterpiece.

8 - Yodel Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet

Don't go on the image of Yodel Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Sink Faucet on the website. It is bigger than it looks on the site, 3-4 times bigger indeed. But, this is something we actually love. The size of this Yodel product makes it look pretty high end.

There is one thing though which you should keep in mind before buying this product. It demands a larger hole size than usual. Unlike other faucets, it won't fit in an average size hole. You need a drill to fit it inside the sink. If you can't do that or if your sink can't afford to have a bigger hole, you should avoid it. In our opinion, it is designed for larger size bathrooms.

Apart from this, the Yodel Faucet Company have tested this product's cartridge system too. It survived 500,000 times open and closed tests. Therefore, you can trust its durability.

Highlights & Features
  • It is for the single hole sink only. Don't try to fit it in the 3-hole sink.
  • High-level engineering offers great control precision.
  • It will be bigger than your expectation and suits the larger size bathrooms.
  • Its special design cancels the noise to the maximum extent.
  • The Yodel Faucet Company gives Lifetime warranty against leaks.

9 - BWE Aquafaucet Tall Waterfall Single Handle Faucet

Do you like tall waterfall like faucets?

BWE Company is offering one of the best tall waterfall single handle faucets. It is an absolutely beautiful and gorgeous model that steals lots of eyes and praises. There are some conflicting reviews regarding its content package too, as some consumers think it comes without the drain stopper. But, in reality, it comes with the drain stopper and many consumers confirm it too. If you have any concern regarding this aspect, you can contact their customer support service.

Before you choose this Aquafaucet Tall Waterfall Single Handle Faucet, you should know a few more things about it.

It is a deck-mounted model with the ceramic disc cartridge system. The BWE Company especially mentions one thing about it which we don't see it often. This model has been tested 500,000 times in opening and closing. This is more than enough to count on its durability.

Highlights & Features
  • Package content: 1 x bathroom faucet and 2 x hot and cold flexible hoses.
  • Water mode: Waterfall.
  • It has a chrome finish.
  • Installation method: Surface-mounted.
  • The length of the hose is 20 inches.

10 - MYHB 360o Swivel Oil Rubbed Bathroom Sink Faucet

It is tough to describe the features of MYHB 360o Swivel Oil Rubbed Bathroom Sink Faucet.

It has everything you need. From its looks to functionality, it exceeds the expectations on a massive scale. The first noticeable think about this product is the height. The faucet height is 12.6" while the spout height is around 9". The extraordinary design, with the brushed bronze finish, gives your bathroom a touch of vintage style too.

The unique thing about MYHB 360o Swivel Oil Rubbed Bathroom Sink Faucet is the 'Adjustable Height'. You can adjust the height rather comfortably by disassembling the middle tube. This is something which we don't often see in the other products. In addition, this feature facilitates those too who need something for a smaller space.

Furthermore, in case you are thinking what exactly is 360o Swivel is, it actually allows you to adjust the position of the spout. It makes it more functional.

Highlights & Features
  • It is a single hole bathroom faucet, and it is easy to install.
  • The swivel function allows you to adjust its position.
  • It has a built-in high standard cartridge system.
  • It is cUPC certified with never leak guarantee.
  • It comes with 2 hot/cold water supply hoses too.

11 - Comllen Waterfall Spout Single Handle Lever Faucet

This product is worth the money.

The installation procedure is so easy. Even a novice can install it within a few minutes. It comes with many features, but we love its no-leakage feature the most. It has a nice tight seal that doesn't leak. It can even survive the extra pressure of water comfortably.

Moreover, it is a heavy duty unit. This thing ensures it will be a lifelong friend too. You don't have to replace it over and over again. Other than that, according to its developers, it is a slightly angled faucet, which means it makes less splash.

If you are tired of water splash in the bathroom sink, this is definitely for you. It is perfect for both deep sink and shallow sink. Furthermore, there is another feature which makes it grab the winner's title in the market. It matches and fits perfectly on different materials of the sink. It doesn't matter whether it is glass, porcelain, stone, or marble.

Highlights & Features
  • It comes with a metal washer and rubber washer.
  • It is a tall faucet with the spout height of 11".
  • The design of this matches different materials of the sink.
  • It gives smooth stream water flow.
  • It resists tarnish and corrosion from daily use.

12 - PARLOS 2-Handle Bathroom Sink Faucet

If you are specifically looking for a 2-handle bathroom sink faucet, you won't get anything better than the PARLOS brand. It offers 2-handle bathroom faucet with seal drain assembly and supply hoses. In a way, they tried their best to offer the complete package to their customers. You don't have to visit the hardware store for buying additional components.

The thing which I loved the most about this product is it is easy to install. You don't need any professional-level plumbing skills.

In case you are pondering regarding its price and feeling reluctant to purchase it, let me tell you it is made of solid material, which means it is a long-term investment. It doesn't look like a cheap model. Even if you are opting for it for a contemporary bathroom, it will compliment it due to its quality, flattering design.

Highlights & Features
  • 2-lever handle for easy water adjustments.
  • It comes with pop up drain.
  • It requires 3 holes. 1 each for the hot and cold valve, and 1 for the center.
  • The faucet looks great and contemporary.
  • It is certified to cUPC and NSF 61.

13 - Delta Modern Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet

The first thing you will notice about Delta Modern Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet is it is quite heavy. But, this feature makes it look like a quality product.

It is not only heavy but also have an impressive look. Due to its shiny finish, it appears quite expensive. We agree, there are some other taps like it in the industry, but they aren't offering the features like this Delta product. For instance, the dimensions of this product make it rise above its competitors. It offers 5-3/8 spout height and 6-1/16 inches spout length, which is industries best. It is hard to find this feature in any other faucet.

There is one more thing which we should mention here must.

Do you know it is WaterSense Labeled? It uses 20% less water than the industry standard. This isn't only great for the government, but it also assists you in saving money without compromising the quality.

Highlights & Features
  • This faucet comes with a pop up drain assembly with a matching finish.
  • It gives different installation options.
  • It saves you money in the long run, because of WaterSense label.
  • The Company offers lifetime limited warranty.
  • It is ADA Compliant.

14 - Electronic Automatic Sensor Touchless Faucet

This faucet deserves attention.

Due to its appearance and description, people think it demands some different kind of sink. But, in reality, it can work with a regular sink. Before we shed light on its specific and special features, first it is imperative to mention one thing here. Most people don't perceive which hose goes to the hot water side. If you are also in this situation and installing this faucet on your own, all you need is to look for the red mark.

The hose with the red mark goes to hot side while the other one towards the cold.

Now, the real question is what makes this faucet great in the market?

Well, it is the 'Automatic Sensor'. And, for that reason, it is expensive too compared to many other faucets in our list. It offers the touch-free use and prevents cross infection as well. Though this concept is already in the market, we have mostly seen it in the shopping malls and etc. But, now it is possible to have electronic automatic sensor touchless faucet in your own home too.

Highlights & Features
  • It is a nickel brushed finish with solid brass construction.
  • The HHOOMMEE Company gives a lifetime warranty.
  • There is a 30-day free replacement guarantee.
  • Detailed instructions with diagram are included for easy installation.
  • It is a one hole installation type.

15 - DESFAU Bathroom Faucets Chrome Single Handle

Desfau Bathroom Faucets Chrome Single Handle 1 Hole, cUPC Approved Brass Body White Basin Vanity Sink Faucet,Curved Lavatory Bathroom Vessel Faucet

Want safe and healthy water with modern design? Place your hands on DESFAU Bathroom Faucets Chrome Single Handle. When it comes to both modernity and functionality, it is tough to beat this one for its competitors. It is the best in both aspects.

Apart from introducing modern curves in it, the DESFAU developers made it according to the LEAD-FREE standard. It was their aim to give no lead releasing product in the market so that the entire family stays safe. Among all these products, it would be correct to say that it facilitates in producing the safest water.

The material of this product is also tip-top. It ensures durability and stability in the long run. It is a high purity BRASS construction.

Highlights & Features
  • It controls hot and cold water flow efficiently.
  • It is a cUPC and Certified Lead-Free standard faucet.
  • It has an excellent quality of plating layers.
  • DESFAU developers introduced Sedal ceramic valve in it.
  • It complies to the strictest water saving standard.

Concluding Thoughts

All of these above faucets have a classy and innovative style and they come with a wealth of options too. Before buying them, you need to decide where they are going.

Do they directly install on the sink deck or on the wall? Pondering about this question only will assist you in choosing the best bathroom faucet in the above list.

How to Replace a Leaking Water Heater Drain Valve | Shelly Rhoades’s Guide

How to Replace A Leaking Water Heater Drain Valve

Water heaters can create issue anytime. It can be an issue with the drain valve, water line, or pressure-relieve valve. Mostly, the trouble is in the valve itself that causes it to leak and sometimes the flange around it make it leak too, because of its old age. Apart from this, mineral deposits can also make it clogged and compel you to replace it.

Before you begin the maintenance or replacement of the valve, first it is imperative to know the actual purpose of the drain valve and the actual cause behind it.

Since, if you won't resolve or comprehend the cause, the issue will persist.

Drain Valve Purpose

Drain Valve is a component to drain off material. It is usually installed from a fluid stream in order to provide efficient draining service.  It has different types too, but the main purpose of all of them is to clean the water storage tank.

Most of the water heater issues can be resolved to replace the drain valve only.  Since it assists you in flushing out periodically to remove sediments.

Problems You Can Face

There are a few problems which you can face with a drain valve.

  • First, check the looseness of it. This is the number one and the most common problem. It is minor though, but make people waste money on a new valve because of lack of knowledge and misunderstanding. Check the looseness of the valve first. If there is any leakage or kind of vibration when the heater turns or off, it means the issue is in the looseness only. All you need is to get the pliers and tighten it a tad more.
  • The material of the valve is the second biggest concern. If it is a from a local company, it won't be durable. Unfortunately, this is something which doesn't get our attention. We see the water heater as a whole system rather than focusing on its individual components and their durability. If the components of the water heaters aren't good, or if they require the same components for the replacement (which aren't durable too), it means you can deal with the same issue time and time again.
  • Sometimes the sealing compounds break down too. You won't notice this in a new water heater. It happens mostly with an old model as the fittings through tape or anything like that get damaged because of heat, moisture, and pressure. If this is the trouble you are facing, it is better to fix the fittings of the valve rather than investing in a completely new model.
  • Do you know excess water can also cause you trouble? Yes, it is true. We fill up the tank but the thing we don't perceive is when water boils, its volume increases. This thing makes it flow and damage the valve or the gauges in the long run. Make sure the water isn't in the excess quantity and not spilling out onto the floor as well. Otherwise, the issue with the valve will continue and push you to replace it again.

Purchasing the Drain Valve

Purchasing the new water heater drain valve looks quite straightforward.

But, you should ponder a few things before spending your money on it. For example, don't go for the plastic valve, which is quite common these days. It creates a lot of troubles, particularly in the water heater system. Instead, it is better to opt for the brass one.

It is more natural and can deal with the pressure of the water heater system.  It will be a tad more expensive than a plastic one, but you can still get it for less than $10.

Steps to Replace A Leaking Water Heater Drain Valve

The drain valve holds the water; therefore, it is important to follow the steps from the beginning.

Step #1:

Shut down the hot water tank. Keep in mind the shutting down procedures of both electric and gas water heaters are different. You can't follow the same procedure with both models. If you have an electric model, ensure that the power is turned off, otherwise, it can harm you. Similarly, with the gas version, make sure the gas supply lines are off. Furthermore, you also need to shut off the pipeline that fills the water heater. Once it is done, you need to wait so that the water in the heater can cool down to a safer temperature. It isn't a quick process, it can take around 24 hours too.

Step #2:

The best way to empty the water heater is to connect the drain valve with a garden hose. After that, start emptying the tank. In case the tank has the pressure relieve valve, you have to flip it into the open position.  After emptying the tank, it is essential to flip it into the off position again. Next, remove the drain valve. Some valves can be removed easily by just rotating them counter clockwise. However, in case it is not possible, locate the screw. It is usually under the valve. Unscrew it with the screwdriver and take it off.

Step #3:

This is the final step. Install the new drain valve by wrapping the threads. Once it is seated well, tighten it with the help of a wrench. In most cases, when the outlet is pointing at the bottom, it means it is closed well. However, if that's not the option, you should observe the old valve first. If the new valve is closed exactly in the same position, it means everything is right. Open the water supply lines, refill the tank, and turn on the heater as well. Make sure the issue is resolved and it isn't leaking now.

Concluding Thoughts

Drain valve in the water heater should always be in good working condition.

Apart from replacing the drain valve, you need to assess a few more things. It is better to check the gauges and sensors of the water tank. Sometimes, they also become the reason for the leakage. In addition, some minor settings can also resolve the leakage issue. You don't have to replace the entire valve. For example, if the leak is so minor, a cap on it can stop it immediately.

How to Replace a Bathtub Spout | Shelly Rhoades’s Guide

Replacing a Bathtub Spout

Bathtub spout is one of the most important components. Due to its consistent use, it can go bad in many ways. Sometimes, it stops working completely, while other times its diverter can block the water flow or its inside threads can corrode which can damage it or cause leakage issues.

Bathtub spout issue is fairly common in homes.

You can face the issue at any time. Don't think they are just the decorative covers for the pipes. They have multi purposes. It delivers waters to the bathtub, and if you have an advanced plumbing system in your home, it also assists in redirecting the water to the shower head.

On the whole, any issue can compel you to fix the bathtub spout, as we have mentioned above, but 90% of the time, it is the age of the spout that demands the replacement.

It becomes damaged and no longer blocks or transfer the water well. Sometimes, it can be cracked from inside the wall and cause damage on a massive scale. Therefore, as you notice any issue in your bathroom spout, it is pertinent to replace it as soon as possible.

Is there any other option?

When it comes to bathtub spout, we won't recommend any other option, as the issue is mainly not in the small components. The main issue is in the spout. And, you can replace it comfortably too. In fact, usually, people with little DIY skills change it time and time again for cosmetic reasons. It is their aim to match it with the new faucet and compliment their bathrooms.

Is It Expensive?

No, it is not. It is indeed quite an economical project. As far as we believe, it shouldn't cost more you more than $20.

In addition, you can wrap up the entire project instantly. It won't demand too much of your time either. The complexity of this project is simple. It doesn't demand pro-level knowledge and skill. Furthermore, the best part about replacing the bathtub spout is it doesn't even require special tools. Common home tools will be more than enough to fix it.

How to Determine the Type

Now, this step is immensely important. Determining the type of spout is indeed everything. Before taking any step, first, you need to grab the flashlight and look closely beneath the tub spout. There will be either a slip-on or threaded design. It is rather easy to recognize both of them.

For example, if the screw is under the spout, which will be of a tiny size, it means you are dealing with a slip-on model. This model usually fits over the top of the water stub-out pipe.

On the other hand, if there isn't any kind of screw on any side of the spout, it means it is a threaded design. In order to remove this kind of spout, you need to twist it counterclockwise. For that reason, if we say, you need only a screwdriver to remove the bathtub spout, it would be correct.

Replacing the Slip-On Bathtub Spout

Yes, replacing methods for both kinds of bathtub spouts are different. First, let's talk about replacing the slip-on bathtub spout.

Step #1:

Remove the caulking around the slip-on spout. It is quite common among the old models. Carefully scrape it away with the knife or some blade. Once it is done, place the towel on the opening of the tub drain. Since you can lose some set sews in it while opening the spout.

Step #2:

Now, locate the screw which will be under the spout (if it is a slip-on model). This screw won't just be underneath of it, it will be closer to the wall as well. It can have hex heads that can require an Allen wrench. In some cases, small Philips head or flathead screwdriver can assist in unscrewing that too. After removing the screw, you can pull the spout out. If it is stubborn, just turn it slightly to remove it.

Step #3:

Don't fix the new spout on the pipe straightaway. First, assess the front condition of the pipe. Is there any buildup or rough spots on its end? If this is the case, clean it first and then replace the new spout on it. Slide it on the pipe until it meets the wall and fix the new set of screws with the help of a screwdriver.

Replacing the Threaded Bathtub Spout

Replacing the threaded version is also as simple as replacing the slip-on spout.

The steps are almost the same, but there are a few things you must check. For example,

  • It is imperative to match the new spout with the old spout. Any size difference, even if it is one-inch, can create an issue for you. It is indeed better to use a measuring tape.
  • After removing the caulking, use the wrench to remove the spout. Next, clean off the threads. It is important to remove them and remember not to install the new model on the same threads. It won't grab the old thread properly.
  • Next, apply 4-5 wraps of thread sealing tape and ensure it is in a clockwise direction. You also need to use some silicone caulking around the edge of the pipe so that it can prevent leaking. Place the new threaded spout model onto the pipe with the help of a wrench. Tighten it carefully so that it can be aligned correctly.

Concluding Thoughts

Congratulations! Your bathtub spout is ready.

Replacing it isn't a big task. You don't need lots of tools either. However, having them beside you while replacing the spout will definitely help. Mostly, you only need a wrench and screwdriver. However, there are a few materials which you should get while buying the new bathtub spout, such as silicone caulk and thread tape. Both of them can be obtained from a hardware store separately too.

Lastly, make sure the issue is in the spout only. If the pipes are leaking behind it, you need to get professional assistance. It would be tough for you to fix pipelines on your own without professional-level plumbing knowledge.

How to Replace a Kitchen or Bathroom Sink P-Trap | Shelly Rhoades’s Guide

How to Replace a Kitchen or Bathroom Sink P-Trap

Under your kitchen or bathroom sink, there is a pipe which consists of U-bend shape, but the other U-arm is bent in a horizontal manner. It is known as P-Trap. It looks like a simple trap in a plumbing system, but it has its own benefits which most of us don't perceive.

Some people think water should drain from the sink straight away.

They don't comprehend the curves like P-trap in it. However, the thing which they should know is it actually keeps their home safe and smelling clean. It has several purposes which other straight pipelines don't offer.

For example,

  • It prevents odor gas in plumbing drains. This is something which you can't have through a straight pipe. Besides, it is especially effective in the bathrooms. It doesn't let the smell rise up through the toilet and keep your bathroom in a fresh state.
  • It also doesn't let the clog form deep inside the plumbing system. Mostly, the issue stays inside the P-Trap. You don't have to worry about the main pipelines. All you need is to replace it or clean it to keep the water flowing freely.
  • It comes in both PVC pipe and steel. However, these days, you will often find it in the steel version. It looks more attractive and it is considered safe too. Besides, in the steel pipes, the issue is slow draining, not the leakage which is possible in the PVC pipes.

In case you are thinking about how this design actually works, it has two 90-degree joints.

Both of them play an immensely important role, because of their shape, to let the water flow back to the sink. The P-trap design pushes it towards the overflow pipe naturally.

Furthermore, the best thing about this design is there is often a small clean tap at bottom of it. In order to remove the clog, you don't have to open the entire pipeline. Just open the tap and clean out the clog it contains. It will make the draining system work properly again.

Should You Change the Material of P-Trap?

This is a very common question.

Especially, people with metal drainage pipes ask it a lot. Since metal P-trap corrodes. It is perhaps not the first time they are replacing it. It can compel them to invest in it time and time again. However, before you plan to change it, there are a few things you must know.

Well, first, if the sink is specifically made for metal pipes, you shouldn't change it. It isn't recommended. And, second, if PVC pipes don't corrode, they can have leakage issue.

So, in a way, the issue is on both sides.

If it is still necessary for you to change the material of your kitchen or bathroom sink P-trap, it is better to consult a professional plumber.

He is the one who can guide you in the right direction. In addition, after assessing the model of your sink, he will reveal whether it is possible or not.

Steps to Replace a Sink P-Trap

Below are a few steps to replace a sink p-trap.

Before we begin, make sure you have a small basket which you can place under the sink. It is because P-traps are filled with dirty water. Removing them can make the floor dirty.

So, place the basket under the P-trap so that it can contain the spills.

Step #1:

Disassemble the P-trap. You can do that comfortably by unthreading the slip nut at both ends of the trap. First, ensure that water valves are off. If there isn't any turn off option under the sink, you need to shut it off through the main pipeline. Otherwise, the water can run inadvertently and make the entire situation difficult for you.

Step #2:

Once it is removed, check whether the other sink plumbing pipes are old. If they are not in good condition, you need to change them as well. Otherwise, replacing the P-trap only won't work. Now, separate the components of it. This will assist in finding and buying the identical components from the hardware store. For example, there can be extensions, nuts, and fitting, that are required for replacing the P-trap.

Step #3:

Test fit the new p-trap to ensure that it is lining up perfectly with the tailpiece and wall pipe. Usually, it is fit and you don't need to touch anything, but sometimes you need to cut the length of the trap arm. It can be an issue if the material is steel. Therefore, always buy the right and exact size from the store. As it lines up perfectly, assemble the whole thing again in a reverse process.

Step #4:

After replacing it, turn on the sink faucet to check the leaks. In case there is any joint leak, tighten the nuts more. This will resolve the leakage issue.

Concluding Thoughts

Replacing a kitchen or bathroom sink P-trap doesn't require special plumbing knowledge.

Just remember to have necessary tools before replacing it, such as a screwdriver, hacksaw, tape measure, and pliers.

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