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10 Best Sink Strainer in 2021 for You – The Ultimate Guide

In order to keep your sink free from clogged drains, you need a sink strainer. It should be able to catch all the little pieces of food from the dirty dishes and allow the water to flow free too at the same time.


Suggestion of Best Sink Strainer

If you are looking for a sink strainer, below are the best sink strainers that are reliable and prevent your drain from clogging.

Product Image

Product Name



Everflow 7513 sink strainer

Drain Assembly

Moen 22036 sink strainer

Drain assembly compatible with Moen composite sinks

Coflex Deep Cup Fit All Sink Basket Strainer

Drain Assembly

Kohler K-8799-SN Duostrainer Sink Strainer

Removable basket strainer with open/close stopper that seals tightly

KRAUS VersiDrain sink Strainer

Concealed waste fittings for a clean look

KONE Garbage G231 Kitchen Sink Strainer

Sink drain

Oakland Kitchen Sink Strainer

Removable Separate Deep Basket

KES Kitchen Sink Strainer

Removable stainless steel basket strainer

Westbrass R214-12 Post Basket Strainer

Turn post and push to restrict draining

Gzila Kitchen Sink Strainer

Lid cover

Everflow 7513 Heavy Duty Kitchen Sink Drain Assembly With Strainer Basket

It is a high quality sink strainer and worth the money. We're a bit reluctant to try this product, but after reading its features, we put it in our list. The premium feature of Everflow 7513 is the solid brass body. It ensures that it is a durable product and will be a lifelong friend. In addition, the heavy duty stainless steel makes it dishwasher safe.

Its brass lock nut securely attached the drain to the sink. It has a KOHLER style strainer basket that also looks well designed.

Moen 22036 3-1/2 Inch Composite Kitchen Sink Drain Assembly

Due to its appearance, we expected something heavier, but this isn't the case. And, it doesn't mean it is not sturdy either. It is a quality product from the professional manufacturers of Moen that offers stainless steel finish that complements contemporary kitchen decor.

It is also backed by limited lifetime warranty against leaks and drips. Nevertheless, the price of this strainer is pretty cheap. Therefore, your investment is safe in the long run.

Coflex Deep Cup Fit All Sink Basket Strainer

I've personally installed this unit in my own kitchen too. It is one of the best sink strainer which I've ever installed as a homeowner. It is all metal with top-notch quality. You can install it on your own. All you need is an adjustable wrench.

Bear in mind, you don't require plumber's putty to install it. It has foam gaskets that make the entire installation process easy. Therefore, I will say it as one of the best sink strainer.

Kohler K-8799-SN Duostrainer Sink Strainer

Best Double Cup Sink Strainer

If there is one product that deserves the best-seller ranking in the list, it is Kohler K-8799-SN Duostrainer Sink Strainer. We agree, there aren't too many reviews for this masterpiece, but we have seen how it operates. It has an easy-to-use open/close stopper that makes your life easier. It is tough to find this feature in other products. Also, the stopper assists in sealing the strainer tightly. You don't have to worry regarding its looseness.

KRAUS VersiDrain Assembly With Strainer Basket

Want a perfect compliment for your sink? Get Kraus Kitchen Sink Strainer. It is one of those models that define elegance in the most suitable manner. But, there is one thing you need to remember, which most consumers don't notice before opting for this sink strainer. Its white base is visible through the drain hole. For that reason, make sure it is complimenting the sink or the overall design of your kitchen.

Houzer 190-9264 Sink Strainer for 3.5-Inch Drain Openings

Best Level Sink Strainer

It is a professional-level product that won't get scratches even after years of use. If you are tired of changing strainers again and again due to scratches or damage, this is something you definitely need. Don't question its quality because of plastic material. It is exceptional and looks great. Other than that, it comes in oil rubbed bronze which gives your sink a lavish and modern look.

KONE Garbage G231 3-1/2-inch Kitchen Sink Basket/Strainer

If you want a sink strainer with removable separate deep basket, K.ONE Company has a gift for you - KONE Kitchen Sink Strainer. Its removable separate deep basket not only prevents the debris, but also allows you to clean it without any trouble. You don't have to deal with clogging issue time and time again. Even if there is some stuff in the basket, the water will still flow easily.

Oakland 3-1/2 inch Kitchen Sink Strainer

This is also almost similar like the KONE Sink Strainer. The only difference is it is from the Oakland Company. It is a perfect fit for almost all standard kitchens. No need to worry regarding its installation too. You just need a screwdriver to install it.

However, before buying this product, you must keep its dimensions in mind, which are 4 x 4 X 4 inches.

KES Kitchen Sink Drain, Stopper with Basket Strainer

Best Sink Stopper Strainer

When we compare KES Kitchen Sink Drain Stopper with other products in the market, it challenges them on a big scale and in so many aspects. For example, its basket can hold far more stuff than an ordinary sink strainer.

If you deal with a lot of dirty dishes, or if you are planning to buying something for your restaurant kitchen sink, this will definitely exceed your expectations.

Westbrass R214-12 3-1/2-Inch Post Basket Strainer

Wish to have both convenience and style? Westbrass developers have something amazing for you - Westbrass R214-12 Post Basket Strainer. Because of its movement, you can decide how you can want the drain to work. For example, just lift it a little bit to drain the water quickly. On the other hand, if you would drop it, the draining process will be slower.

Gzila Kitchen Sink Strainer With Removable Deep Waste

Its classical design is perfect and suitable for most American families. The best thing is its material protects it against corrosion and rust, which is a big issue when it comes to strainer.

It doesn't matter how great a strainer is, if its material can't handle the rust or protects it against corrosion, it is good for nothing. Therefore, the Gzila Company focused immensely on this aspect to ensure longevity of their strainer.

Everflow 7516 Kitchen Sink Drain Assembly With Strainer Basket

As the name suggests, it is a stainless steel product. Though, there are many other strainers in our list which have stainless steel body, the thing which make Everflow 7516 different is it comes with a extra thick 8mm rubber locknut.

The manufacturers introduced this feature specifically in order to make it a lifelong product. Furthermore, they tried their best to give a contemporary look to match even the most modern kitchens.

Kitchen sink strainer types

Back Nut Sink Strainer

The back nut sink strainer is a strainer that has a back nut to hold it in place. This type of strainer is placed at the bottom of the sink. Its basket piece the sink together to the plumbing system. The back nut of this strainer holds the unit together. To check the drainage of water, there is a rubber gasket that retains it securely.

Double Cup Sink Strainer

This type of strainer has two cups. The second one, along with a nut, secures this strainer into its position. The other cup is removable. One can insert it in the strainer as necessary to fill and drain the sink with water.

Flange Sink Strainer

A flange is a rim/collar that serves to strengthen the bottom of the strainer to its position.

Sink Stopper Strainer

It's a strainer combined with a sink drain. Usually, the strainer sits on the sink drain. However, if it is turned, it prevents any water drainage. If it is not turned, it prevents any larger objects from going into the plumbing strait.

Level Strainer

A level strainer has a plastic circle stopper that sits over the sink. It is used to prevent drainage when the sink is full. Besides this, the plastic circle stopper exercises suction to keep the water in the sink.

Drain Strainer

A drain strainer is securely placed in the drainage. A cup-shaped stopper is preferably inlaid and dispelled in order to fill or drain the sink of water.

Features That You Should Look At When Buying Best Sink Strainer

The sink is the heart of the kitchen, if you don't know how to buy the best strainer for it, you will destroy it soon. Since, the strainer handles most of the daily chores. It should be something which allows to flow the water easily and quickly, and catch the small debris and particles easily too.

Apart from the strainer's own quality, the first thing you must consider is the size of the sink. Can you easily place or fix it inside the sink? Since, if you don't know the dimensions you need, it can be a lot of trouble for you. Almost all companies define the dimensions of their strainer on the product page.

If it matches with what you need, get it.

Second, must check how does it operate. Does it have a basket for containing the debris? And, if it has a basket, can you fit it inside your sink? Furthermore, do you need to clean the basket on a daily basis or you can do that after a few days, because the capacity of the basket matters a lot too.

If you just focus on these two aspects, we are quite confident you will able to get the best sink strainer for your kitchen.

Tips To Save Money When Buying Sink Strainer

In order to save money, it is imperative to focus on the material of the strainer.

If the quality of the material isn't good enough, it means it can compel you to invest in it more and more and time and time again. Mostly, the stainless steel is in demand, but its properties also matter.

For example, all the stainless steel materials don't guarantee long-term survival. You must opt for that product which is scratch resistant and prevent corrosion and rust too. It is because these things are your strainers real challenge. If your strainer can't deal with them with efficacy, it is good for nothing.

Concluding Thoughts

Sink strainer looks simple and small to the eye, but it is an important component of your kitchen. If you have the best sink strainer in your home, it can save you from a lot of trouble. You don't have to replace sink strainer or spend extra money on the plumbing issues.

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