The 10 Best Ball Valve in the Market 2022 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Ball valves have become widely popular, in fact, hard to live without nowadays. We all know how laborious it is to choose the right one from the plethora of options out there. This is why we present to you the best ball valve guide on the internet. So, you, too, can make the right pick according to your preference.

It’s easy for you to get lost while choosing the appropriate ball valve for yourself, especially if you don’t know what to look for in particular. Our guide aims to teach you everything you need to know before making that purchase.

Our Choice of Best Ball Valve

Customers always desire a particular something from their purchased-products. We call it ‘the demand’. Now, all you need to do is stay with us till the end and cross-check each of the handpicked valves with your specific demands. Let us help you find the one that’ll perfectly fit both your pipe and preference! Remember shower valve and ball valve are not the same.

SharkBite Ball Water Valve 22185-0000LFA

If we had to describe this in one word, we’d choose ‘easy’. Why? Because it requires almost little to no effort for both installation and operation.

Be it copper, CPVC, or HDPE pipe; this thing fits it all. The compatibility factor paired with zero leaks will definitely make your life a whole lot easier.

And if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on installation, then this thing is for you. Any plumbing skill level is enough to set up the equipment to the pipes and get rid of leaks. However, don’t purchase this valve if you are looking for something with no wobble.



  • Easy step-by-step installation procedure
  • No soldering required
  • Appropriate for beginner plumbers with little experience
  • Porting cradles and fits the pipe perfectly
  • Relatively expensive than most valves

Homewerks Premium Gas Ball Valve Female VGV1LHB3B

The primary purpose of this valve is to work as an on-off switch for gas lines. However, you can also use this as a flow-regulator.

Don’t mistake this gas ball valve as just another indoor valve only, as it’ll work perfectly fine outdoors. The smooth turning valve makes the operation easy.

With this valve, you can finally say goodbye to filling tanks. Homewerks have designed the valve ergonomically for running gas between your generator/gas drill to your house or fireplace as well. But before you go for the purchase, keep in mind that it doesn’t accept the ½ flare fittings.



  • Well-built fitting
  • Appropriate for both outdoor and indoor use
  • Smooth operation
  • Works as both a switch and flow regulator
  • Porting is not full port (only 9/16 when fully open)

Dixon Brass Ball Valve Female FBVG75

We all know how troublesome it is to deal with rusting valves. Those frequent replacements and trips to the hardware store eventually start to grow on every plumber’s nerves.

But with this valve, you can stop worrying about the corrosion. Moreover, they aren’t heavy on your pockets at all!

Due to being inexpensive and affordable to everyone, they are quite popular in the market. However, they do seem to lack durability and temperature management. So if you’re going to buy this valve, we recommend buying more than one.



  • Very easy to get full flow
  • No rusting problem
  • Doesn’t require a healthy budget
  • Flowing water won’t freeze until it drops to 20 F
  • Structure lacks overall durability

Supply Giant Brass Ball Valve VQCW34

Weighing a little below a pound, this valve is perfect for emergency replacements. Say you’ve got a squirting pipeline with a damaged valve.

All you need to is hold off the flow for the time being and promptly cut and attach this thing. Next, shut the flow off, and you can get back to your business in no time.

The entire procedure is going to take you no more than 20 minutes. Not many products from our list offer similar setup convenience. This makes it one of the most reputed valves in the community. But remember that it has PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) on the side and threaded pipe on the other.



  • Installation doesn’t require a lot of prior experience
  • Follows the ‘cut and attach’ approach for ease of use
  • Convenient and suitable for beginner plumbers
  • Appropriate for both residential and commercial applications
  • Equipped with PEX on one side only

XFITTING Full Port Brass Ball Valve

The best thing about this valve is that they have ½ inch PEX pipe connections on either side.

Even though some people mistake the whole valve to be made out of PEX, that’s really not the case. Despite being so efficient at their work, these will only cost you 1/3rd of the high-end ones.

As for the handles, you sometimes won’t receive the same color as displayed in the photographs. As long as aesthetics isn’t a factor to you, you shall face no problem whatsoever installing and using the thing. Moreover, the sturdy build quality will be your cherry on top as you start using this!



  • ½ inch PEX on either side
  • Inexpensive and affordable
  • Strong build quality
  • Cheaper yet better than big-box valves
  • Thermal management is not up to par

NIGO Industrial Co. 3-Way (L-Port) Forged Brass Ball Valve 180SS Series

The reason why this valve ranks high in the competition is due to its 3-way L port feature. Since it’s made out of brass, therefore, the chances of rusting are fairly low.

In other words, not only is it convenient in terms of use, but it’s easy to maintain also.

And the 3-way feature will allow you to use it as a switch between two services. For instance, if you want a quick switch between hot and cold water, this should be your pick. Just in case you’re facing some problem with the ¾” threaded adapters, a little extra Teflon tape will do the job. Perfect for both light and frequent use.



  • Works best as a switch between two mediums
  • Negligible chances of rusting
  • Eliminates the use of an extra valve
  • Appropriate for both heavy and light use
  • Shallow threading on tapped hole obstructs a good seal

HYDROSEAL Kaplan 1’’ PVC True Union Ball Valve ASTM F1970

Need a good valve fitment for your pool, tank, or pipeline? All you need to get is this Hydroseal valve and some strong glue.

Yes, you read that right. Just a little adhesive gets the job done, making it one of the easiest valve setups in the market.

The only effort you’ll have to put in is when you cut the pipes to the right size. Once that’s done, you can simply follow the instructions on the manual to get yourself a well-fit valve.

Since the valve doesn’t require any soldering, therefore we recommend not putting it to heavy use.



  • Requires only strong adhesive/white cement/rubber glue for installation
  • Well defined instruction manual for ease of understanding
  • Absolutely no instances of leaks
  • Strong build despite being plastic-made
  • Comes with a true union in porting
  • Not suitable for heavy use

Mueller ProLine Heavy Ball Valve 107-824NL

This valve is equipped with a -20 to 300-degree temperature range, making it one of the most appropriate valves for outdoor use.

To top that off, the full port will always provide the best flow rate it has to offer.

Looking for a cutoff for the lawn water line or pool tap? This thing has got your back. Even though it doesn’t weigh a lot, you will still be able to use it for several heavy-duty works.

Both professionals and amateur highly recommend the product because of their hassle-free fitting procedure. Just in case you don’t feel like calling in the plumber, you can take care of the valve’s installation and repair all by yourself.



  • An excellent substitution for regular hose valve
  • Ergonomically designed structure
  • Satisfactory thermal range
  • Full port mechanism for unobstructed flow
  • May crack after a year due to adverse weather conditions

Midwest Control Male And Female Ball Valve MBB-75

This valve is reputed for its well-built body and minimal leakage issue. If you have Teflon tapes and the necessary installation (basic) tools, then the installation should be nothing short of a fun DIY project for you.

Unfortunately, the valve doesn’t come with a washer inside it, so you might have to buy one separately.

However, if you want to connect a ¾” water hose to it, you will need a GHC2 connector. The valve can also be used for low-pressure natural gas. Although that’s doable, it may be detrimental to overall valve health.



  • The installation method is fairly easy for all demographic
  • Offers a great flush flow
  • May be used as a natural gas flow regulator
  • Near perfect fit and function
  • Suitable for vacuum services
  • Doesn’t come with a washer
  • Not suitable for drinking water applications due to the presence of lead

SHEKUSU SKS-MBV-01 Showerhead Mini Ball Valve

No other product from our list controls water flow like this bad boy does, causing it to rank high on our list. To top that off, you also get a completely stainless steel handle that looks and feels premium.

This valve also comes with a large orifice in the ball, so it’s a gushing flow every time you open it.

They are both great flow regulators and shutoff devices. But if you want a valve that completely stops the flow of water, then you should consider other products from our list.



  • Optimal flow regulation
  • Premium body quality
  • Efficient and high pressure
  • Great value for money
  • Slightly expensive compared to other valves

Which Factors to Look at While Buying

It’s quite foolish to go valve shopping without knowing what makes a good one, in the first place. The following section is designed to teach you how to choose the perfect valve for your needs.


What do you want to use it for? Ball valves usually have more than just one use. Carefully scrutinize your task to determine whether the valve is meant to regulate pressure and flow or not. You’ll often find that the valve is for stopping the flow entirely (on command). Next, move on to thinking about the media.

WOG Rating

The second most important thing to take note of is the pressure limitations. How much pressure can it take? And how much does it deliver? All of these are included under the WOG (water, oil, gas) rating, denoted by the unit lbs/inch.

Working Mechanism

To make the perfect selection examine the functioning mechanism of the valve. Some valves are automatic and do not require human presence for triggering. Whereas, some will require you to walk to the garden so that you can make that quarter-turn. Remember that this point exclusively and majorly influences price.

Setup Difficulty

If you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t go for a valve that requires essential welding. But if you have at least a year of experience with pipe installations, then it shouldn’t take you more than 20 minutes to secure those easy-fit pipes. More often than not, pipes that take longer to install are more reliable than those that don’t.

Structure and Build

What’s the ball valve made out of? How closely are they fitted? And whether or not they are stainless will largely affect the valve’s performance. Usually, the valves you’ll be selecting will range from ½ to 2 inches in IPS (international pipe size).


Before you head to the market, make sure you know whether you want a standard port or a full port. Now, ports are the passage where the pipe meets the valve. Half ports offer a little restriction to the media flow, whereas the full ones let the fluid or gas flow freely.

Final Words

Go for the Sharkbite Ball Water Valve or the SHEKUSU SKS-MBV-01 if you have a substantial budget. If your requirements are small and simple, then the Hydroseal Kaplan is perfect for you. However, if you want the best of both worlds, NIGO Industrial Co. 3-Way ought to do you justice.

Our best ball valve guide is designed to act as a yardstick for you before making that purchase. Thanks for sticking with us till the end. We are glad to have been of help to you.

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