Plants That Thrive in Bathrooms – Best Plants for the Bathrooms

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Plants are living decor. They breathe energy into rooms, add texture to otherwise plain surfaces, and brighten muted spaces.

Greenery can contribute an especially pleasing feel to bathrooms, providing tranquility, and even improving air quality. However, it’s important to understand which types of plants will thrive in bathrooms and why.

A bathroom is typically a warm and humid space, and many plants love these conditions. Bathroom temperatures tend to change quickly, as the humidity skyrockets during showers and baths.

Many bathrooms have limited levels of sunlight due to small or nonexistent windows. The best plants for bathrooms are those that can tolerate temperature swings and prefer high humidity and low light.

Benefiting You and Your Bathroom

Plants can immediately lend a peaceful, earthy feel to any bathroom. However, they do more than simply add to the decor. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen while removing toxins from the air.

Bathrooms tend to be stuffy, even moldy at times. Plants can help to provide a fresher atmosphere without the need for additional windows or ventilation. Some popular bathroom foliage, such as aloe vera and snake plants, can provide additional health benefits.

The Best Plants for the Bathrooms

A variety of plants can grow in bathrooms, from ferns and evergreens to flowers such as begonias and orchids. The following are just a few of the many options that will enhance a bathroom.


Bamboo is one of the most natural plants to grow. In fact, it can flourish so quickly that it may be difficult to contain. Bamboo doesn’t require the mess associated with potting soil, as it prefers a sandy or stone environment.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese evergreen is another forgiving plant. It thrives in indirect or low light, out of the direct sun. It loves humidity but can survive in dry climates, so it adapts well to the fluctuating humidity and temperature levels of a bathroom.


Many plant lovers assume flowering varieties need too much sun to be placed in a bathroom. Begonias are an exception because they benefit from humid soil and filtered light. However, they need some direct sunlight to develop their vibrant flowers, which can brighten any room.

Snake Plant

Snake plants are known for filtering toxins from the air. This is especially beneficial for bathrooms, as strong chemical cleaners are often used in these spaces.

These plants can grow to be roughly 4 feet tall, making them attractive accessories for large bathrooms. They prefer rooms with some bright sunlight.

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You may be shying away from decorating a bathroom with living plants because of the lack of natural light, but that doesn’t mean foliage can’t flourish there.

A variety of plant types — in addition to those listed above — can succeed in a bathroom environment. They can even provide air-purifying qualities to transform your bathroom into a healthier, more soothing place for all who enter.

Check out the accompanying resource for more information on plants that do well in the bathroom.

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