9 Best Grab Bars for Seniors to Ensure Safety and Stability

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Installing an efficient piece of grab bar will help you maintain adequate balance while taking a shower. If you are an elder or senior, it's a must to pick this item so you can "grab" the bar firmly for minimizing the possibility of falling off! It will not only damage your shower faucet or commode but also can cause death.

The interesting fact is, a grab bar could be both fixed and movable. So, you can consider any of them according to your demands. To show you some of the best grab bars for seniors, we did plenty of research and hours of analysis.

So, let's dive into the reviews to see which one is ideal for your bathroom or the corner of your bed!

9 Best Grab Bars for Seniors Review

We researched for a couple of hours to pick some of the top-quality grab bars from the market. To know which one suits your taste, make sure to give a read on the below-mentioned reviews.

Able Life 8140 Universal Bathroom Safety Assist Grab Bar

So, your grandpa is having a hard time stepping over the shower, sitting and standing from a chair, or hitting the sack, right? Well, don't worry, as we are here to show you a bar which might be the best bathroom grab bars for elderly.

First off, it equips a convenient handle in the middle of the bar so users can smoothly grab it and maintain adequate amounts of safety. Besides, you can adjust the height of its bar from 7 to 9-feet tall according to your needs.

In order to save your floor and ceiling from damages or accidental scratches, its top and bottom are entirely molded with soft rubber pads, thankfully. It can be installed next to your washroom, or you can adjust it to the corner of your bedroom.

Also, it stands out from the rest when we talk about the quality that it packs. The grab bar is made of zinc-plated steel with a powder-coated finish to ensure maximum durability. With proper maintenance, it could last for years and years, hopefully!



  • Packed with a convenient gripping area
  • Capable of loading 300 pounds of weight very smoothly
  • Sports three height settings to choose from
  • Rubber-molded pads at the top and bottom
  • Made of durable zinc-plated steel
  • Hassle-free installation
  • High in cost!

Stander 1100-W Security Pole and Curve Grab Bar

This one from Stander is very safe to use and offers better support to elders so they can move conveniently from room to room. The curve-shaped gripping area makes it quite unique. And guess what? It ensures a firm grip and a natural hand-over movement as well.

You can adjust the grab bar pretty easily at any location; besides, you can change the height of the bar if you want, measuring from seven to ten feet tall. Even though it creates a firm connection to the ceiling and floor, it won't provide a single scratch on those areas; the credit goes to its molded rubber pad.

Because of its slim design, it will be a piece of cake to install it wherever you want. Despite being compact, the grab bar ensures ultimate durability; it is built with zinc-plated steel, which is sturdy, rust-resistant, and made for long.

There is no additional equipment required since it already packs all necessary ingredients for easy installation. If your weight is not more than 300 pounds, it will be one of the best options that we can say!



  • A unique "curve-shape" handle
  • The slim design makes it ideal for tight areas
  • Changeable heights
  • Zinc-plated steel ensures rigidity
  • Rubber pad reduces the chance of floor damage
  • Tiny pin-holes!

Zelen BD1013 Handicap Rails Bathroom Support For Elderly Bariatric Disabled

It's basically a "T-shaped" grab bar, which is slightly different from our previous picks in terms of the installation process, design, and compatibility. Whether you are an elder, pregnant, or someone who is dealing with mobility issues, Zelen BD1013 could be the best option to choose from.

This ergonomically designed grab bar comes with a height of 30-inch and a length of 24-inch. It can be placed nearer to your toiler or bathtub so you can take adequate support from it while sitting or standing.

When it comes to construction, this one is made of heavy-duty 304 stainless steel, which is non-toxic, anti-corrosive, and tough to rust. What about the weight capacity? Well, it's compatible with those people who are less than 440 pounds.

Due to the compact shape, it can be installed into your toilet, bathroom, nursing homes, hotels, or beside the bathtub. The installation process is another plus when we talk about this little champ.



  • The range of price is affordable
  • Ideal for multiple areas
  • Rigid build quality
  • It's anti-corrosive and non-toxic at the same time
  • Able to bear up to 440 pounds of weight
  • Mounting brackets are way too tiny!

Stander 1150-W Security Pole, Elderly Grab Bar and Bathroom Rail with Padded Handle

This one is a bit different from our previous model Stander 1100-W, when we talk about the gripping area's overall appearance and design.

It comes with a cushioned foam grip for offering better support while transitioning between sitting down and standing up, stepping over the washroom or toilet, or getting into the bed to take a good nap!

According to your requirement, you can change its height from 7-10 feet tall. Besides, the bottom and top are entirely covered up with some rubber pads to protect your floor and ceiling from scratches, damages, or these kinds of issues.

It's a multi-purpose pole designed for keeping in tight areas without facing any issues. We are fond of its thin design, which makes it ideal for those areas where typical models can't be installed pretty easily. And, of course, the zinc-plated steel is designed for ultimate durability. Avoid installing it inside the bathtub or shower.



  • Packs a cushioned foam grip for comfort
  • Offers maximum durability
  • Safer choice and simple to install
  • Highly compatible with tight areas

Signature Life Sure Stand Pole - Deep Bronze

Looking for the best grab bars for the bathroom? Then here is our premium pick from Signature Life, which is recommended for those who have the ability to expend lots of pence. It's versatile, durable, and includes two different gripping areas for user convenience.

This one from Signature Life is perfectly compatible with vaulted and flat ceilings, and thankfully, you can adjust the length of the bar according to your requirements; the range of height could be adjusted between 7-feet to 10-feet tall.

Whether you are an average guy or a bit bulky, this particular bar has the ability to take 300 pounds of weights in a breeze. By using an extension piece, you can use this bar even if the height of your ceiling is around 12-feet.

Its entire body is constructed with rust-proof aluminum with an anodized finish to ensure rigidity, permanency, and beauty at the same time. Plus, you won't have to face any issues keeping it, as it comes with a slim design to fit perfectly with most of the areas.



  • Extremely durable
  • Adjustable bar height with dual gripping area
  • Suitable to fit on both flat and vaulted ceilings
  • Bears nearly 300lbs with ease
  • Compatible with small areas
  • Costs an arm and a leg!

FChome 17.3 inch Bathtub Arm Safe-Grip Bar

Best Bathtub Grip Bar for Seniors

If you can't afford our previous model, then this particular grab bar could meet your needs since it is one of the cheapest ones that we tested. Despite being a dirt chip model, it can support approximately 500 pounds; isn't it a wow factor?

Well, for guaranteeing maximum permanency, the grab bar is manufactured with corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Without a doubt, it can stand first place on your preference list when we talk about its installation process.

The bar allows users to make a firm grip so that they can reduce the possibility of slips or falls. Not only the bathroom but the bar can also be installed in a variety of places, including stairways, side of your bed, or wherever you want.



  • Compatible with multiple places
  • Ensures a firm grip
  • Massive loading capacity, nearly 500lbs
  • Packed with corrosion-resistant steel
  • Requires just a few minutes for installation
  • Seems a bit small!

ZUEXT Anti-Slip Shower Grab Bar - 12-inch

Want to decor your bathroom with the best shower grab bars for seniors? Well, get your hands on this particular item from ZUEXT, which is versatile yet packs a moderate price tag to suit users' requirements.

Despite being a tiny bar, it seems more than enough when we talk about the durability; the item is constructed with heavy-duty stainless steel that is anti-slip, corrosion-resistant, and made for long.

The little bomb has the ability to support nearly 500 pounds of weight; meaning, it's an efficient piece of a bar which is way too safe for obese or those who are a big weighty!

Not only it's a grab bar, but it can also be used as a towel or cloth holder. Its super-efficient mount design makes it very handy and pretty simple to install, thankfully. And good to know, the knurled finish is the only thing to make this tool very stylish and attractive!



  • Cheap yet built with sturdy stainless steel
  • The handle is corrosion-resistant as well as anti-slip
  • Got the ability to bear around 500 pounds
  • Can be utilized as a cloth holder
  • Overall good except for the size!

Moen RA8716D1GBN 16-Inch Angled Grab Bar

Best Angled Grab Bar for Seniors

The Moen RA8716D1GBN is one of the most popular models that you can choose for your grandpa, who requires adequate support to take a bath.

Not only in the bathroom, but you can also install it wherever you want; the place could be inside your kitchen, corner of the bed of your grandfather, or anywhere else.

The "T-Shape" design makes it suitable to install it in tight areas in a hassle-free way. Besides, its brushed nickel finish delivers a warm-grey metallic appearance to fit with most of the decorations perfectly.

The weight that it can hold is nearly 500 pounds, so it doesn't matter whether you are bulky or typically skinny. Its handle is convenient for all types of users to make a firm and better grip.

It's a bit bigger compare to our previous model. So, if you are kind of those people who are hungry for a large-sized bar, this product is what you should consider at first.



  • Boasts a t-shape design with a brushed nickel finish
  • Capable of taking heavy pressures
  • Offers a convenient gripping area
  • Equipped with a size of around 16-inch
  • Reasonable price
  • Constant retightening is required!

Moen R8960FD 30-Inch Flip-Up Screw-In Bathroom Grab Bar

Our last and final pick goes to another model of Moen, which equips a stainless steel finish for offering a mirror-like appearance. And the thing that makes it stand out from the rest is its 30-inch large size. So, if you need a big-sized grab bar in your washroom or toilet, then it is perfect for you.

We are fond of its flip-up design; because of this feature, anyone will be capable of placing it in small areas without much effort. Compared to the typical models, the grip that it packs is way too big in size.

It's made of durable stainless steel material in order to bear the weight of overweight guys, and it can easily take 300 pounds of weight. Speaking of the price range, this ADA compliant bar is a bit high in cost!



  • Provides a mirror-like outlook
  • Equipped with a size of 30-inch bar length
  • The flip-up design makes it space-efficient
  • ADA compliant grab bar with 300 pounds of weight capacity
  • Sturdy build quality
  • A bit pricey!
  • The installation process is not that simple

How to Choose the Best Grab Bars for Seniors?

Choosing a grab bar is not a simple task since there are multiple options around the market. So, to get plenty of information concerning a top-quality bar, make sure to read this buyer's guide from top to bottom.

And hopefully, you will be able to find the best grab bars for seniors after considering the below-mentioned core factors.

Weight Capacity

First off, make sure to pick a grab bar that offers maximum weight capacity. If not, then it could break down in just a few uses. In case your weight is a bit high, a bar with a low weight capacity wouldn't fulfill your requirements.

Try to find a bar that is highly capable of bearing 300 to 500 pounds of weight.

Consider the Age of the User

Yes, you have to consider the age if you are about to buy an efficient piece of bar. All types of bars are not compatible with elders or seniors, to be honest.

Considering the fact, you should go with a portable grab bar instead of others if your grandpa needs extra support in different areas, for example, to step over the shower or get into the bed.

On the other side, if the senior member of your house requires a bar on just a particular place, then it will be a wise decision to move with the one that stays fixed to the wall.

Size of the Bar

Sooth to say, a piece of grab bar comes in a variety of sizes. Before purchasing, the first duty is to find out the area where you want to fix it. If the area seems a bit small, then make sure to go with a compact-sized, around 12-inch bar.

On the other hand, if you require a big-sized grab bar, then, of course, the length should be at least 17.3-inch.


Definitely, the bar that you want to buy should be durable since it has to take lots of pressure and tortures on a daily basis. A person with a bulky structure could provide extra pressure on the bar.

So, there is a strong possibility of an accidental break down. To save you from that situation, make sure to pick the bar that is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. You can also rely on high-quality aluminum if durability is what you are concerned about.

Convenient Handle

Focus on a bar with anti-corrosion, non-slip, and of course, a comfy gripping area. These will help to make a solid grip so users can feel much comfortable and reduce the chance of accidental slipping and falling off.

The Installation Process Should Be As Easy As ABC!

Almost every person wants to have an easy to install grab bar. And you know what? These types of bars take only a few minutes to adjust or install. This is why you should always try to go with the one that packs the "hassle-free installation" process so users can complete the installation task within a snap!

Final Words

From now on, you can purchase the best grab bars for seniors with 100% confidence since we included all the necessary pieces of info concerning this item.

Prevention could protect a user from serious injuries. So, if you are an elder, make sure to maintain adequate safety while steeping over the toilet or getting into a sofa.

Wish you a good and healthy life!

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