What’s Better For Weight Loss: Green Tea or Green Coffee?

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Losing weight is something many of us struggle with because it’s much easier to gain it than lose it. There are numerous diets you can try but most of them backfire and bring back double the pounds you’ve lost.

The only way of keeping fit is changing your lifestyle accordingly. These changes involve healthy eating habits and regular exercise, which is easier said than done because constant motivation needs to be present.

And when undergoing such changes, it’s important that your daily caffeine companion is adequate. So, which one will help you lose weight and keep it gone- green tea or green coffee?

Green Tea Benefits

The leaves, buds and stems of Camellia sinensis, or more commonly known as Green tea are most often consumed as a hot beverage which has a lot of health benefits, known to mankind for ages.

What many people don’t know, is that it’s also available as a supplement. This supplement helps your diet greatly and brings all the promised health benefits faster.

Some of these benefits include the prevention of common cancer types, lower blood pressure, and the prevention of premature skin aging.

It’s advisable to have as a part of your diet whether you’re trying to lose weight or not.

Green Coffee Benefits

On the other hand, we have Green coffee which is essentially beans which haven’t been roasted yet.

When roasted, the beans no longer have chlorogenic acid which helps the body’s metabolism as well as helping it handle blood sugars. These beans help lose fat and lower blood pressure, which is why they’re good to have on your team if you’re trying to lose weight.

What’s more, these beans stimulate the absorption of fat in the liver and work as a catalyst in the oxidation of fat.

Our Comments

So, which one would be better for losing weight?

Although Green coffee looks promising and offers many benefits regarding weight loss, research has shown that Green tea was more effective and helpful for those ingesting it regularly while trying to lose weight.

This mostly has to do with the fact that drinking green tea doesn’t involve heavy dietary restrictions and matching workouts. Plus, the results can be seen faster.


Now that you’ve reached the end of the article, all that’s left is to conclude that coffee is a wonderful life companion which should be treated with some form of respect.

A suggestion for the future would be to try as many different coffees as you can, because that will surely enhance your knowledge and love for it!

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