The Latest Design Trends for Automatic Soap Dispensers

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Have you seen those appealing and practical automatic soap dispensers in your favorite restaurant or at the cinema? These hygiene products develop so often that they manage to stay in line with bathroom design trends and even generate their own.

You can maintain a healthy lifestyle just by washing your hands, especially if you workout at home or own a garden. Automatic soap dispensers are now impressive looking and have a touch-free performance.

However, how can you choose an automatic soap dispenser, since all of them now provide customers with the essentials they look for. Such products now include everything that we look for in terms of health and focus on improving their design.

Below you can also discover the main trends in bathroom hygiene. We have found a product for each feature.


Soap dispensing is not about dispensing anymore. These products now ensure distinct levels of soap pouring and no extra soap spots on the kitchen.

Technology now ensures a fast and premium process of hand washing. Operating the dispenser involves less movement as possible – touching is out of discussion.

Where to find the best: The Original Hayden Autosoap uses infra-red technology which clears you of any kind of touching. You can select 3 levels of soap quantity and the speed is almost instant. The process involves smart motion which avoids a potential hypersensitivity.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is among designers’ preferences for a reason: it’s also fingerprint-free. Automatic soap dispenser producers now consider all aspects that keep your product clean for longer.

Hence, the stainless steel’s abundance between dispensers. Such products are sleek and water resistant. It’s hard to stain and easy to clean such a dispenser.

Where to find the best: Have you seen the Lovin Product automatic soap dispenser? It’s elegant and fit for all bathroom designs. It can even look impressive in your kitchen or garden bath. Stainless steel ensures that the product doesn’t clog or rust once time passes.


Do you remember those vintage plastic soap dispensers which had a transparent spot for the liquid soap or sanitizer? Transparency is back in trend and it now looks premium and colorful.

Automatic soap dispensers now mix metal and plastic with a transparent touch that makes the product look friendlier and keeps you updated with the amount of liquid soap you have left.

Therefore, it’s both a design and a functionality trend. Such products can even match your touchless kitchen faucet.

Where to find the best: The simplehuman sensor soap pump looks impressive due to its modern yet plain design. Although it’s a bit costlier, the product comes with an eight-ounce soap sample, batteries and a durability promise from the producers.


So many customers now look for environment and child-friendly products. Many choose versatility, as it allows them to find products for both bathroom and kitchen use, and which are child-friendly.

Simple products with visible functions now earn more attention. This is because soap dispensers have crossed the restaurant and hotel boundaries and have entered clients’ homes.

Where to find the best: The Andyer soap dispenser is completely touch-free and 50% more sensitive than other touch sensor products. However, the sensitivity is calculated thanks to the Japanese smart motion infrared sensor.

The waterproof cover helps the automatic soap dispenser keep its performance regardless of who uses it. Children only need to wash their hands according to guidelines.

Robot Design

How about a foaming automatic soap dispenser which looks just like your average kitchen robot? These impressive products have a natural touch due to pearly colors and a rounded design. They are friendly enough to resemble anything but a soap dispenser.

Where to find the best: The Yooap soap dispenser has three volume settings,and it switches modes from an on/off button. The soap tank is large, and batteries control soap volume. It’s a white soap dispenser which looks impressive anywhere you place it. It’s also waterproof and avoids corrosion.

Benefits of an Automatic Soap Dispenser

  • An automated bathroom saves you time. You can now have automatic soap dispensers, faucets, air fresheners and even toilets.
  • You reduce waste thanks to automation. Technology now works even more on avoiding drips and spills and save you cleaning time.
  • If you don’t touch the automatic soap dispenser, you avoid filling it with germs. Soap pumps can gather plenty of germs just because you touch them when you’re dirty.
  • Such products are so developed that they are reliable and, therefore, save you money and time.
  • Everyone can use a soap dispenser as there is no learning process involved. You just place your hands under the dispenser and wait for less than a second.
  • You clean up less if you find a suitable soap dispenser. Many of them are fingerprint-free and can easily be cleaned with a wet towel.
  • The hygiene awareness is now spreading and it’s the right time to integrate more touchless products into your home.

An automatic soap dispenser saves you time, money and germs. Instead, it gives back durability, impressive design and technology-based features. Find the right product for your bathroom and/or kitchen!

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