Top 5 Best Kitchen Cabinet – Reviews with Buying Tips

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Are you among those many people who are struggling with limited storage space in their kitchen? You might be having problems with space that is not practical because it is too difficult to be planned to or not enough.

Whether you are redesigning your kitchen, building a new home with a fresh, new kitchen, or simply wanting more storage in your kitchen, new cabinets could be just what you need. Many different kitchen storage alternatives are suitable for kitchens of all sizes.

If you have a small kitchen, you may need a small cabinet that can be removed from the beaten path if you are not using it. Those with extensive kitchens may want to include a huge cabinet for more storage space.

Here we look at some of the best kitchen cabinets and what to look for when out on the market to buy one.

HOMCOM Storage Cabinet Kitchen Pantry

Home Styles 5022-94 Nantucket Kitchen Island

Home Styles 5100-0061 Natural Wood Top Buffet Server

Home Styles 5004-692 Americana Pantry Storage Cabinet

Home Styles 5001-0042-42 Buffet and Hutch


Manufactured Wood, Particle Board Backing, Metal Fixtures


Hardwood solids and engineered woods, sanded finish


Asian hardwood & cottage oak finish


Hardwood solids and engineered wood


Solid wood and veneers including a clear coat finish


30" W x 16" D x 72" H


48" W x 27" D x 36.25" H


41.75" W x 17" D x 36.25" H


30" W x 16" D x 72" H


31.25" W x 15.88" D x 71.5" H

Net Weight

112 lbs

Net Weight

122 lbs

Net Weight

113 lbs

Net Weight

150 lbs

Net Weight

72 lbs











1. HOMCOM Large Free Standing Colonial Wood Storage Cabinet Kitchen Pantry

at number one comes this cabinet from Homcom. You can make Make a useful, rich proclamation in every room, where additional capacity is needed with the High Colonial Cabinet of HomCom.

With a focal cabinet for cutlery, scratching skills, embellishments or cloths, and 4 moveable shelves for plates, bundles, or books, you can store in fashion without noticeable clutter.

This cabinet is made from sturdy MDF with reinforced backboard and divider brackets for more stability and durability. It can Make a practical highlight in every room, including appeal and eccentricity, and of course, including adequate stocking.

The HOMCOM kitchen cabinet should be considered as a kitchen island rather than a permanent cabinet. This cabinet is ideal for small kitchens, as it can serve as a working and storage room.

For those who like to get involved, this product is also perfect. The strong frame takes the office into consideration, and you can use it anywhere in your house or yard. Below are some of its cons and pros.


  • TRADITIONAL COLONIAL AESTHETIC: This exquisite provincial cabinet will become a useful inclusion in any room, including attractiveness and eccentricity, along with sufficient capacity and exhibition space.
  • ADJUSTABLE SHELF: 4 movable shelves accommodate a large number of esteemed items that can be stowed away in the dresser or clear most of the shelves to create a solid showroom.
  • BIG STORAGE DRAWER: An essential focal cupboard is ideal for storing cutlery, trinkets, towels, or other family unit items that need to be accessible while still hidden.
  • DURABLE AND STABLE: Made from sturdy MDF with a reinforced back panel and bulkhead joints for strength, this cabinet can be used as a kitchen storage or toilet storage every day.
  • VERSATILE: This cabinet will fit most style elements and will enhance the look of rooms, toilets, kitchens or hallways while providing a useful alternative to stocking.


  • The major drawback of this cabinet is its magnets that are applied to keep the door shut. They are very weak and do not work well as they require to be screwed from time to time.
  • In addition, the installation for this cabinet is a bit has many sections to be put together, so it will take you time to make it functional.

2. Home Styles 5022-94 Nantucket Kitchen Island, Distressed White Finish

Home Styles 5022-94 is engineered from hardwood solids to create a mature worn look in a polished, detuned white.

Highlights include dark stone 3/4 inch trim, helpful drop sheet that extends depths up to 37 inches, two flexible retirements on each side, stocking cabinet, stocking shelf ’s with moving retirement, and antique brushed nickel equipment.

It extends to 48-inch width by 37-inch and comes with breakfast bar expanded. This cabinet has a beautiful polished and restless white that looks extraordinary in every kitchen. Its shelves can be admirable to hold utensils, kitchen stuff or other little things.

This Home Styles 5022-94 kitchen cabinet has two doors with antique brushed nickel appliances. There is pension inside for the kitchen basics to put aside.

The racks can be balanced as needed. The cabinet has a smooth sliding movement and a lock prevents it from falling out of the unit.


  • STRONG MATERIAL: Made of hardwood and built woods in a polished, bruised white package.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: It includes 3/4 inch trim the best granite, helpful drop shelf and two customizable shelves on each side.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: it comes with a drawer, adjustable shelves are suitable to store different items
  • ENOUGH STORAGE SPACE: Measures 48-inch width by 27-inch depth by 36-1 / 4-inch stature.


  • The included black granite which is very shiny makes it stained easily. Furthermore, the shiny granite requires special cleaning.
  • The interior has a synthetic smell that cannot disappear for about a month after it has been set up. It is probably just the finish and you can just smell it when you open the drawers or doors.

3. Home Styles 5100-0061 Natural Wood Top Buffet Server, Cottage Oak Finish

At number three, we get this huge kitchen cabinet which is crafted from hardwood and woodwork in an oak cabin with a signature wood panel. It features three utility drawers and two wood-framed closet doors with a customizable shelf for plenty of interior capacity.

If necessary, the center wine storage area can be evacuated for open storage. Furthermore, the cabinet is equipped with movable floor levelers. Measuring 41-3 / 4-inch width by 17-inch tall by 36-1 / 4-inch format it is a kitchen cabinet t for those who need to organize their storage space.

It doors opens well and safely, and the drawers can effortlessly enter not in their tracks and slid flawlessly in and out. This is a rich looking, strong piece of real wood furniture with no piece of fiberboard or unstable material.

It can improve the look of your kitchen by a thousand percent. When you think about this thing, let me ask you to give it up and just get ahead and get it below are some of its pros and cons.


  • EXTRA STORAGE AND WORKPLACE: This kitchen cabinet is designed to add extra capacity and workspace to the kitchen and dining areas of the home. Has three drawers and two wooden doorways with a customizable shelf for plenty of indoor capacity.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE: Made of Asian hardwood
  • AWESOME DESIGN: Comes in a cabin oak finish with a characteristic wood panel that makes the design look awesome.
  • LARGE ENOUGH: Overall measures 41-3 / 4-inch width by 17-inch depth by 36-1 / 4-inch height.


  • The main limitation of this kitchen cabinet is its assembling process. Though it comes with a guide, it can look complicated to the non-expert.

4. Home Styles 5004-692 Americana Pantry Storage Cabinet

The Home Styles 5004-692 is made of hardwood and design wood. Accompanies multi-level white packaging. Peaceful contour components that can be seen in the solid lines of the wooden doorways and additionally in the eye-catching base and the best moldings.

It provides plenty of capacity, each with a fixed rack and two customizable racks. Measures 30-inch width by 16-inch depth by 72-inch size.

This kitchen cabinet comes with 2 doors that have smooth handles and itself has a flawless white box. This piece would be perfect for a lone storage room for clearing away extra food or other kitchen basics.

The Home Styles 5004-692 kitchen cabinet is designed to organize various items in the System Build assembly, allowing you to completely change your choice of kitchen supplies.

This Home Styles 5004-692 kitchen cabinet features the brand's ArmourCoat surface, which protects against moisture damage and protects against stains and scratches.


  • STRONG MATERIAL: Made of hardwood and wood.
  • AWESOME DESIGN: The pastoral plan elements are reflected in the solid lines of the wooden doors and in addition to the unmistakable base and the best-molded parts.
  • GOOD FINISH: Comes with multistage white packaging.
  • LARGER ENOUGH: Measures 30-inch width by 16-inch depth through 72-inch stature and comes with six shelves.


  • The only limitation is its color. It's a dirty cream that looks more like a dull beige than white.
  • Also, the chemical used for the finish might not smell good for takes a while to disappear.

5. Home Styles 5001-0042-42 medium cherry Wood Top Buffet and Hutch

Give the kitchen and the areas of the house to be fed additional capacity and working space with This Home Styles 5001-0042-42 kitchen cabinet that combines a medium cherry wood top with a two-door, a customizable frame and two drawers hanging from metal drawer slides.

On the top is a black hutch with a two-door cabinet with a customizable rack. The development consists of strong wood and a facade with a distinctive coat that protects against wear due to typical use. Brushed chrome finish complements the hutch and the cabinet.

The cabinet is equipped with flexible floor levelers. It comes in a black packaging. Below are some of its pros and cons.


  • MULTIPURPOSE: This dresser combines a central cherry wood panel with a two-legged, flexible-frame dresser and two drawers hung on metal cabinet slides.
  • STRONG AND DURABLE MATERIALS: Made of strong wood and a facade that has an appropriate coat to protect against wear.
  • WORK-SPACE AND STORAGE SPACE: Provision of capacity and workspace for the kitchen and preparation areas of the house.
  • LARGE ENOUGH: Measures 31-1 / 4-inch width by 15-7 / 8-inch depth by 71-1 / 2-inch size.


  • The main limitation of this kitchen cabinet is its assembling process. Though it comes with a guide, it can look complicated to the non-expert.

Tips When Choosing Kitchen Cabinet

Best Kitchen Cabinet

Buying the best cabinets for your kitchen can be difficult, as many different alternatives are available. Whether you're doing a complete remodeling of your space or just adding a few cabinets for extra capacity and workspace, it's important to quantify your space with the goal of installing cabinets that fit in your space.

A few cabinets are to be introduced for all time; others have roles with the goal that you can take them where you need them.

Here are some of the aspects you need to think about when buying the best kitchen cabinet.

Think about your spending plan and the available design

There are three different categories of kitchens cabinets; The Semi-Custom, stock, and Custom. Storage cabinets are sometimes concentrated at home, while Amazon and various shops offer forms that require getting together.

Storage cabinets are usually limited in color and style. Semi-custom cabinets offer more style choices and setups that allow for more customization for your kitchen.

Custom Cabinets are the most expensive alternative but can include many of the highlights you have selected and of course your correct specifications.

Choose a style

Which style do you prefer? Enclosed are the housing and the face border, to which the entrances and drawers connect. Frameless cabinets, otherwise called European-style, frame the facial edging, and the entrances and drawers connect specifically to the official box.

The look is more modern and easily available. But the absence of a facial rim can replace the indomitable nature.

Better Producers Reward by Using a Thicker Box If you need a European look but also need a tight office, choose a fully layered input. It covers all or most of the facial outline.

Consider the development

Well-made cabinets have heavy wooden drawers with dovetail joinery instead of stapled particleboard; Full-augmentation cabinet controls unlike a coordinated rail; and entrances with strong wood contours comprising a thick wooden or plywood panel instead of veneered chipboard or a medium thickness fiberboard.

Decor and additional features

Despite the fact that they can increase costs by more than 20 percent, valuable highlights include a retractable garbage bin and work in a charging station.

A lift office with a spring-loaded rack swinging up and down provides easy access to your blender or nutrition processor.

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

when using natural woods, many surfaces are available for kitchen cabinets. The varnish of the cabinet includes coloring, color and glaze options.

In addition, there are my types of distressing techniques that can also be applied to kitchen cabinet surfaces. Some options include rasping, tapping, and chafing.

Kitchen cabinet sizes

Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of standard shapes and sizes. Special sizes can also be easily specified and manufactured - at a price.

Standard kitchen cabinet sizes, known as storage cabinets, are usually much cheaper than custom or semi-custom cabinets and usually have shorter delivery times.

Most manufacturers, unless they are made individually, have universal sizes. So, if you have a kitchen designed in-store or by a designer, it's usually transferable to another cabinet line.

Kitchen cabinet quality

If you plan to live many years in your home, do not save on your kitchen cabinets. They are constantly being used and abused, and only the strongest will pass the test of time.

The best kitchen cabinets use solid frames, doors, and drawers and are fully enclosed (closed backs), with reinforced corners.

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to look for cabinets that have a plywood box compared to particleboard or fiberboard. That is why it's important to look at all available cabinet lines, even cabinets sold online.


It is important to quantify your kitchen before you rely on new kitchen cabinets. You need to make sure that the cabinets you choose fit into the coveted space. You should also know about the cabinet setup strategy.

Some do not require a facility, while others require the help of an expert or, if not otherwise, the knowledge of setting up an office. The above article to give you a starting. Good luck.

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