The 10 Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Reviews

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If you are a homemaker love preparing food for your family, then you know the importance of having a great kitchen faucet.

Unlike the old days where a kitchen faucet was described as a simple pipe that has a tap on end, the latest innovations have made it possible to get something that is more functional. Whether you are looking to remodel your kitchen or replace the old faucets, then selecting the best pull out kitchen faucet is a wise decision.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen faucet, then allow us to show you the best way you can do it. After doing in-depth research, we have come up with tips to assist you in making an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best pullout faucet for your kitchen.

This article will give you all the relevant information about the pull out kitchen faucets enabling you to come up with a sound decision.

Best Overall: WEWE Single Handle High Arc Pull Out Kitchen Faucet (A1001-02-01BN)

"Tulip kitchen faucet design makes your kitchen room simple and fresh, easy to match most sink."

First Runner-up: Arofa A02BY Contemporary Matte Black Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

"Retracting System offers smooth operation, easy movement and secure spray head docking."

Best for Commercial Use: Ufaucet Modern Pull Out Sprayer Faucet (UF-11L-QY-D)

"For easy handling, it allows extra smooth movement in all directions. 20-inch height fits underneath almost any kitchen cabinet."

Best With Magnetic Docking: Delta Faucet Collins Kitchen Sink Faucet (4140-AR-DST)

"To snap your kitchen sprayer into place, its MagnaTite Docking uses a powerful magnet, so it stays docked."

Best in Low Price: Kablle Commercial Pull out Kitchen Sink faucet (KF1705B05)

"3 Way Spray Setting, Stream for Filling Water, Spray for Rinsing, Pause for Avoiding Splashing in Multi-task."

Best in Sleek Design: VCCUCINE Commercial Pull Out Kitchen Faucet (QYT007L)

"Sleek kitchen faucet design makes your kitchen room minimalism and fresh."

Best in Spring Design: GICASA Matte Black Kitchen Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer

"Powerful Pre-Rinse faucet can clean dishes faster while reducing the amount of residual water in and around the sink."

Best in Polished Chrome: Amazon Basics Single-Handle Kitchen Pull Out Sprayer Faucet (AB-KF708-PC)

"A good looking and fairly modern arc design with dual-function pull-down sprayer."

Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucets Comparison & Reviews

We also understand that very few of us to have the luxury of going through multiple faucets available on the market for them to select the model that suits their needs.

For this reason, we have committed our energy and other resources to bring you an all-inclusive guide that enables you to narrow down your choice. Here are our top 10 best pull out kitchen faucets.

Product Name

Best for

Finish Type

Installation Type

Best Overall

Brushed Nickel

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

First Runner-up

Matte Black

1-Hole or 3-Hole with Deck Plate Covering

Best for Commercial Use

Brushed Nickel


Best With Magnetic Docking



Best in Low Price

Brushed Nickel

Single Hole

Best in Sleek Design

Brushed Nickel

Deck Mount

Best in Spring Design

Oil Rubbed Bronze

1 Hole or 3 Holes Deck Mounted

Best in Polished Chrome

Polished Chrome

Single-Hole Deck-Mount

Best Overall: WEWE Single Handle High Arc Pull Out Kitchen Faucet (A1001-02-01BN)

Let's talk about another stunningly beautiful unit. And what's great is that it's not too expensive. Looking at its features, you will be amazed that it's so affordable. Now, what I loved the most about it is the introduction of three modes in its spray head. These are spray, stream, and pause.

Now, what's very impressive is the pause mode. If you dislike wasting water, you will find this feature to be very precious. And when you are washing those pots, you do need the water flow to slow down a bit. Moreover, the model comes with an outstanding water flow volume.

I liked the arc neck of this faucet. At 15.7 inches, it stands tall. Also, it has a 360-degree swiveling capacity. And the measurement of the spout also brings comfort. Now, what's interesting is the incredible length of the sprayer head hose. While some users will find it fascinating, others might not.

You will love how the hose retracts, followed by the pulling back of the sprayer head once you are done with the faucet. Also, the easy maintenance of the unit is appreciable.

Another worth mentioning thing is the water-spot resistant nickel finish of the faucet. And you will also like the brass design of its body. Also, the zinc-alloy handle looks nice.


  • Three spray settings for extra flexibility
  • Very tall arc neck offers room for easy cleaning
  • Amazing retraction of the hose
  • Water-spot resistant nickel finish


  • A bit long sprayer head hose

First Runner-up: Arofa A02BY Contemporary Matte Black Pull Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

This is another lovely looking faucet. It has a simple design. And the water outlet angle in this unit is also spot-on. Moreover, I liked its size. It will fit any sink easily. Now, what about its installation? Well, it's very simple too. You can do it fast with the hoses included in the package.

The faucet offers three modes of spraying. So, if you want to adjust the water pressure yourself, go ahead with it. Also, controlling the water temperature will be a breeze with this unit. I was also pleased with the height of its arc neck. When you have too many dished to clean, the high-arc will come in handy.

Among other features, I want to talk about the retracting system. With this in place, you can move your hands freely within the sink. And when it's time for spray head docking, this feature will come in handy.

Another feature I was impressed with is the single handle. It will make sure that you control the flow volume without any hassle. Also, it controls the water temperature nicely.

What's also great is the black matte finish of the unit. This finish is water-spot resistant. Therefore, the faucet will look awesome for a long time. What's more, they've used the high-quality ceramic valve to prevent any dripping.


  • A weight introduced for its hose
  • The retracting system offers extra room within the sink
  • Integration of a single handle for easy controlling of the flow volume
  • Water outlet angle is spot-on


  • Stays in the spray mode even when turned off

Best for Commercial Use: Ufaucet Modern Pull Out Sprayer Faucet (UF-11L-QY-D)

Here's a faucet with the perfect measurement. Its 17-inch total height and 10-inch spout height are both spot-on. I also liked the 9-inch spout reach. So, this is just the faucet you want on your kitchen sink when you have a lot of dishes to wash.

The temperature control mechanism is also brilliant in this model. And I love the spray as it maintains the water pressure well. What's also lovely is that the hose of the pull-down spray wand is quite long. You will have 20-inch reach with it

Now, the unit is highly resistant to corrosion. I was also impressed with the high-arch spout. It rotates full 360 degrees. Therefore, you can wash a large number of pots at a time on your sink. Also, the brushed nickel looks fantastic on it. And you need to check out the ceramic disc valve too. It's gorgeous.

You will also find the ceramic disc cartridge to be extremely reliable. And when you are planning on frequently using the faucet, you do need it to be such. Moreover, this unit comes with a very simple installation process. There are water hoses along with a compressor connector included in the package.

Now, if there's anything I didn't like much, it's the spray head. You would want it to point down more straight.


  • Incredible water flow and pressure
  • Very reliable ceramic disc cartridge for preventing dripping
  • Impressive high-arch spout
  • The hose of the pull-down spray wand offers 20 inches of reach


  • The spray head isn't vertically downward

Best With Magnetic Docking: Delta Faucet Collins Kitchen Sink Faucet (4140-AR-DST)

If you want to know how a faucet with simple design looks so incredibly beautiful, you got to check out the one we are reviewing. This pull-out unit will blow you away with its precious little features. For instance, the MagnaTite docking feature will make sure that the spray wand is perfectly docked.

Moreover, there won't be any drooping of that wand, thanks to this awesome feature. Then there's this idea of embedding diamonds in the faucet's valve. Guys over there have done a spectacular job with its implementation, tell you that.

There will be minimal leak points in this model. And when it comes to durability, I doubt that any other unit will beat it. Moreover, the product comes with astonishingly easy controlling of the water temperature. And it has a simple on and off mechanism.

What's also worth mentioning is that the handle is amazingly smooth. I guess the embedding of diamond in its ceramic disc has something to do with it. Now, what about the installation of this faucet? Is it complicated? Not at all, it goes with those single-hole sinks as well as the triple-hole ones neatly.

Piping, cable, you name it; they've provided you with everything you need to put this thing together. What's more, it comes with the most perfect water pressure.


  • Superb water pressure at about 2 GPM
  • Compatible with both 3-hole and 1-hole sinks
  • Embedding of diamond leads to the super-smooth operation
  • Integration of magnets prevents drooping


  • Limited swiveling capacity

Best in Low Price: Kablle Commercial Pull out Kitchen Sink faucet (KF1705B05)

Here's a kitchen faucet suitable for a healthy-sized family. It's very sturdily built. They've made it look like a commercial unit. And considering the functionality it offers, they've done a good job. Now, what's brilliant about this unit is that its spout swivels 360 degrees. Crazy, isn't it?

And the pull-down spray head comes with a 10-inch extension. So, you can imagine how fast and easy the cleaning will be with such a model. But, the most attractive of all features is the pause function. Yes, you've heard it right. It stops the water flow very efficiently, and you don't even have to touch the lever.

Also, switching from spray to stream is a breeze with only a button touch. You will find that button behind the spray head. Moreover, the faucet will impress you with a finish that is resistant to corrosion. And controlling the temperature is also fun with the single handle lever.

Even the plastic valve on the spray head will pass the test of time. You won't have to replace it for years. Now, will there be any dripping? Of course, there won't be. Thanks to the ceramic disc reinforcement of the connector parts, you won't have to worry about that even if the temperature is quite high.

However, I wasn't very convinced by the spray mode. It could've been better.


  • Swivels full 360 degrees for washing a large number of dishes
  • 10-inch extension of the pull-down spray head for easy cleaning
  • The pause function prevents wastage of water
  • Switching between modes with a single button touch


  • The spray mode could've been better

Best in Sleek Design: VCCUCINE Commercial Pull Out Kitchen Faucet (QYT007L)

Here's a stunning faucet with a stainless steel body. Its single handle looks fab. You want to have this type of faucet in the sink of your restaurant. The spray head in this unit comes with two different modes. So, you can imagine how versatile it will be.

The modes are: sweep spray and stream. Now, when it comes to the stream mode, you will have more people comfortable with it. For, it's perfect for filling up any container. On the other hand, the sweep spray mode is more suitable for washing the dishes.

Now, I loved the single handle operation very much. For, it allows the user to switch between hot and cold water temperatures swiftly. All you need to do is choose the temperature using the button that the faucet's spray head comes with.

I also appreciated the corrosion-resistant finish of the unit. It makes the faucet pass the test of time. Also, the hose reach is outstanding in this model. And installing it will be a breeze, thanks to the included tool.

You also need to check out the nozzle. If you are worried about building up of hard water, then be so no more with this rubbery component. However, I wish that the sprayer would sit a bit more tightly into its place.


  • Single handle operation for easy temperature control
  • Both the spring and spray modes serving their purposes
  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • The rubbery nozzle prevents hard water build-up


  • Might be a bit small

Best in Spring Design: GICASA Matte Black Kitchen Faucet with Pull Out Sprayer

It's time we talked about a very sturdy unit. You want to buy this faucet for a busy kitchen sink. This 8 pounds weighing model has a brass body. Also, there's a ceramic cartridge in place so that you don't find any leaks or damages. Only the internal components, along with the spray head, are made of plastic.

Now, I loved the coil spring it comes with. It makes the faucet decently high- about 21 inches. So, you want this faucet for a 3-inch thick deck. Another worth mentioning thing is the hose with a gravity ball design. You will find it to be nicely locked into its place. You will find it to be nicely locked into its place.

Moreover, I was very surprised at the cost of this unit. It looked like a costly model, but it's not. If it were any other oil-rubbed bronze faucet, it would cost you much more for sure. Notably, the finish in this faucet looks extremely elegant.

Now, you will need a helping hand in installing the faucet. It should be someone who is well-learned about this. For, installing it isn't that easy. And the instructions aren't of much help either. If you aren't careful during the installation, you might end up having a damaged unit.

But, if you can get past this fact, you are looking at a beautiful kitchen faucet that will serve the purpose for long.


  • Ceramic cartridge for preventing any damage
  • Coil spring gives the faucet a decent height
  • The hose with gravity ball design is neatly locked in place
  • Surprisingly affordable for an oil-rubbed bronze faucet


  • A bit difficult installation

Best in Polished Chrome: Amazon Basics Kitchen Pull Out Sprayer Faucet (AB-KF708-PC)

Last but not least, this one comes with so many great features. And if you are looking for a nicely designed faucet, then you should check it out. It comes with elegant arc design to improve the look of your kitchen sink.

The pull-down sprayer comes with two modes. These are spray and stream. So, you will enjoy flexibility in controlling the water flow volume. Moreover, the faucet comes with an awesome nickel finish. With this in place, you won't have to notice the annoying water spot anymore.

Also, if you are worried about rust and corrosion, you will be pleased to find the finish resistant to these. What's more, the faucet will be very easy to install. You will find all the necessary accessories included with the product. Also, there's an easy to understand manual provided.

The length of the sprayer is also comfortable in this model. It won't get in the way and at the same time, will help in washing the dishes smoothly. You should also be cool with the zinc alloy handle of this faucet. It looks decent.

Now, does the faucet have the fastest water flow? No, it doesn't. And that's something you will have to make peace with. Apart from that, it's a wonderful product at an affordable price.


  • Brilliant arc design makes it beautiful
  • No water spots on the nickel finish
  • Two modes in the pull-down sprayer for flexibility
  • Easy installation with all the accessories included in the package


  • A bit slow water flow

Delle Rosa Elegant Oil Rubbed Bronze Pull Out Pre-rinse Sprayer Kitchen Faucet

"Boy, this black faucet is too cool!"- This was my first expression upon seeing this lovely unit. Yes, they've done a great job with its design. Also, it comes with incredible versatility by being suitable for a lot of applications.

I was pleased with the easy installation of the model. You will find all the essential tools included in the package for the purpose. And unlike many other instructions manual, the one with this faucet is easy to understand.

You also need to check out the beautiful brass body of this unit. And when it comes to controlling the water temperature, the single lever operation is too simple. Moreover, it will be fun switching between the spray and stream modes. The touch control mechanism will make you love using the pull-out sprayer.

What's more, I liked the spout. It's a high arc one and swivels 360 degrees for leaving you plenty of rooms to do the dish cleaning. Also, its pull-out sprayer will clean the sink for you very efficiently.

Now, there's a tiny little thing that is bugging me. I would want the faucet to stay in the mode I chose the last time using the faucet. But, it doesn't stay the way. It somehow goes back to the stream mode every time. I know that it's a minor issue. But, it would've been great if it stayed in that mode.


  • Extremely gorgeous finish
  • Easy installation with the straightforward manual
  • The touch control mechanism offers easy controlling of temperature
  • Great swiveling capacity for fast washing of pans and pots


  • The faucet goes back to the stream mode by default

Buying Guide: Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Finding the best pullout kitchen faucets will depend on the functionality you need and personal preference. However, keeping all things constant, the following tips may assist you in finding a model that fits your needs perfectly.

Functionality and Design

Ensure that you have picked a model that offers you with proper functionality and an impressive design that matches your kitchen.

Number of Holes

If you would want to replace the faucet you are using, you should make sure that you have selected a model that can properly fit into the existing sinkhole. For a multi-hole faucet, it requires more than two holes while a single hole needs one hole for installation.

Hose Length

The best pullout kitchen faucet should have a long hose to give you with the flexibility you need in the kitchen. Selecting a model with a longer hose will also make it easy to use especially if you have double bowl sink.


For you to select the best kitchen faucet, you need to go for a brand that is reputable. Well-recognized brands tend to offer you with a faucet that performs well ad last for long.

Number of Handles

The number of handles should entirely depend on your needs and preferences.

Difference Between Pull Down and Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

Pull out faucet usually, have a spray head that pulls out towards you. Unlike the pull-down faucets, the spray head is usually attached to a longer hose. Another difference between the pull-down and pull out faucets is that they are ideal for small kitchen and allows you to fill pots and vessels on top of a kitchen counter.

Why Should You Buy a Pull Out Kitchen Faucet?

Best Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

The best pullout kitchen faucets are more useful when you want to fill vessels or pots that are kept on the countertops. They are also great to rinse off the counter as they feature a spray want. There are many reasons why you should consider having these faucets.

Hands-free Pot Filling

This is probably the main benefit that you will get from this faucet. Since they feature, a wand that extends it will be easy for you to fill a pot or any other vessel on top of the counter.

Reduced Splashing of Water

Comparing them to pull down faucets, these faucets offer less water splashing. This is very beneficial since it will make cleaning the kitchen easy.

Flexible The Control Features

The best pullout kitchen faucets have better control features including sliders, buttons, and toggle switches that enable you to control water easily.

Low Profile Design

If you have limited space or have a double sink, then this is the best choice. These faucets have a low profile design that occupies a small space.

Better Water Pressure

When compared to pull down faucets, the pull out faucets will offer you with better water pressure making them a perfect choice for rinsing the dishes and filling pots

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard flow rate for kitchen faucets?

The usual rate is 2.2 gallons per minute. But, if it's a bathroom sink, then the faucet will allow water flow at a rate of 1.5 gallons per minute on average.

Will a kitchen faucet last?

Yes, it should be at least 15 years before you have to buy a new unit. But, you need to keep the frequency of use in mind. It will determine durability.

How difficult is it to replace a faucet?

Well, if you have a basin wrench along with some other tools by your side, it shouldn't be difficult at all. It will take only an hour.

What is the relation between water pressure and GPM?

GPM usually depends on water pressure. When the water pressure is 80 psi, then the GPM will be about 2.5. This is the standard we are seeing in faucets these days.

What might be the reason for the slow water flow?

It might be natural. Or there may be a clog in the faucet aerator. So, you need to check the aerator first.

Final Word

The best pullout kitchen faucet will not only give your kitchen an impressive look but will also simplify the tasks involved. We hope that our detailed guide has given you a good starting base that will enable you to pick the most appropriate choice. Go through the tips and products listed, look at their strengths and weaknesses, and pick the model that suits you best.

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