The Best Kitchen Faucet Brands: Our Top Recommendations

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A high-quality kitchen faucet is an essential fixture for any kitchen. Fortunately, we are no longer limited to cheaply made faucets constructed from subpar materials that quickly deteriorate. Modern advancements have introduced us to well-crafted kitchen faucets that are specifically designed to enhance our daily routines. However, with the vast array of options available, not all kitchen faucets meet the desired standards.

Selecting the right kitchen faucet requires more than a quick search and choosing the first product that appears. It's important to conduct thorough research and consider reliable brands that have established themselves in the market. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have compiled a guide on the best kitchen faucet brands. By exploring the top reputable brands and learning key details about them, you can confidently choose a reliable faucet that meets your needs.

Here are our choices of kitchen faucet brands-


Delta is a well-known brand. It has been on the market for about a century now. Delta traces its roots back to a Delta Specialty company. It was founded in 1919 in Milwaukee by Herbert Tautz.

Over the time it has been in existence, this company has produced all kinds of power tools ranging from woodworking tools to simple kitchen accessories such as faucets.

The company also manufacturer versatile and functional kitchen faucets as well as other kitchen accessories. This company is among the companies that offer the users with the widest range of faucets. These faucets range from the traditionally styled faucet to modern touchless faucet.

Some of the features that are synonymous with this brand include the Touch2O technology. Diamond valves as well as Magna tite docking system.

Another reason why this is one of the Best kitchen faucet brand is that it offers the clients with after efficient and multi-flow faucet features that the meets various needs of the clients.

Currently, this company is owned by a Taiwan-based Chang Type Industrial Co. Ltd that purchased it from Stanley Black & Decker in 2011.


Moen is a famous brand that manufactures an array of faucets. It also manufactures bathroom as well as kitchen fixtures. This brand was started by Alfred M. Moen and is now part of the Fortune Brands Home & Security company.

Most Moen Kitchen and bathtub faucets come with the single handle design and have consistently used the same essential water controlling cartridge since the 1960s.

This brand brings the balance between functionality and style. These faucets do a great job when it comes to balancing the water pressure while still offering you with a unique yet impressive design.

The faucets are backed by a limited lifetime warranty against all types of defects, leaks as well as drips.

Some of the notable features that make Moen one of the leading brands when it comes to kitchen faucets include spot resistance and Motion Sense technology.

The Motion Sense technology allows the user to turn the water flow on and off instantly by a simple touch.

On the other hand, the Spot resists technology ensures that the faucet will resist all kinds of water and fingerprints. This will improve your hygiene while ensuring that the faucet looks better.


Kohler is another reputable brand that produces quality and affordable products. This company was established in 1873 by Charles Silberzahn and John Michael Kohler.

This is a well-established company the US bases in Kohler, Wisconsin. It is famous for its plumbing products, although it also manufactures furniture, tile, generators, and engines.

This company has consistently produced high-quality kitchen faucets as well as other kitchen accessories.

The faucet from this company is also popular because of their special trademarked features that give them an edge over the competition.

Faucets from this company also have an appealing eye design that adds a modern touch to any kitchen. The company offer faucets that have ergonomic designs that makes them comfortable and easy to use.

Most of the faucets from this brand come with a single lever handle that enables to control the intensity of water flow as well as the temperature using only one hand.

This brand doesn’t compromise on functionality and durability. To ensure that the clients get the best service, this company make use of the latest technology and advanced features to come up with faucets that will exceed your expectation.


Although, Kraus is not a very well-known brand. Kraus is devoted to revolutionizing the home. It offers homeowners attainable and dynamic plumbing centerpieces that bring peace and luxury of European Spas.

It also offers the client faucets that come with a striking appearance. Besides that, the brand uses state-of-the-art machining facilities to bring faucet that provides the customers endless value.

When it comes to functionality these faucets to head-to-head with other popular brands. However, the company manages to keep their price low, making them a great choice for individuals on a budget.

The faucet from this brand comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Therefore, it gives you peace of mind when you know that your product is safeguarded.

The company has a dedicated team of customer service that responds to the client's questions and concerns promptly.

Despite having incorporated the latest technology to their latest faucets, their faucets are still available at budget-friendly prices.

Some of the features that make them stand out include use of the ceramic cartridges and Neoperl aerators.

Besides, all the designs of the Kraus Kitchen faucet are focused to offer you with an impressive residential design with the durability of commercial designs.


The Ruvati brand offers you vast collections of faucets that enable you to meet any need that you may have in your mind.

This is another best kitchen faucet brand, featuring lovely designs and the inclusion of the latest technologies.

It is dedicated to providing you with innovative, classy, and functional faucets. Installing this faucet in your kitchen will exceed your expectation. 

They are a great choice for individuals who are looking for a replacement model.

Besides, the models available in this brand are priced below average; however, the low price doesn’t mean that they will compromise on performance. In fact, these models will offer you with immense practicality, reliability while remaining easy to install.

Replacing the worn out part is never a problem as you can simply contact the customer service who are always ready to help.

Besides, when it comes to installation, you do not need to call an expert. Instead, you can use the detailed and easy instruction and install the faucet yourself. Besides, these are durable faucets designed to offer you with a long lasting service.


GROHE brand popularity has been rising exponentially for the last couple of years. This can be attributed to the durability, impressive design, as well as excellent performance that come with the latest faucets from this manufacturer.

People also love the minimalistic design of these faucets while retaining a perfect finish.

This brings a fantastic blend of a functional and stylish-looking kitchen that will indeed transform the look of your kitchen.

Some of the features that make this kitchen faucet from Grohe to stand out include the Dreamy spray, Grohe whisper as well as the Grohe Economy.

The Dream spray is a patented technology that allows the user to have a refined spray pattern that produces tiny droplets of water.

The company also makes use of high-quality materials that features sound numbing joints, producing a noiseless flow of water.

Besides, you will love the Grohe EcoJoy technology that improves the water efficiency helping you to save the water.

Moreover, the features that improve the convenience of the user, the models are available in attractive designs. This makes them a great choice for all kitchen types.

The company traces its roots in Hemmer, Germany where it was founded in the year 1911 under the name Berkenhoff & Paschedag.

In 1936, the company was taken over by Friedrich Grohe who focused on sanitary faucets only.


Pfister, formerly referred to as Price Pfister until 2010, is a brand that concentrates on manufacturing various lavatory and bathroom faucets, showerheads, and other plumbing fixtures.

This company was founded in 1910 by William Pfister and mil price. Currently, this company is owned by Spectrum Brands Holdings. 

Today this company produces well-designed kitchen faucets. It's faucets have an industrial yet stylish look making it a nice addition to any modern kitchen.

One of the reasons why the brand reputation has risen for the last couple of years is that they offer their products at a lower price than the competition.

These faucets are durable and feature classical finishes making them a great bargain.

Additionally, with more than a hundred years of experience, this company has continued to win the hearts of millions of people with innovative and quality products. Moreover, these faucets are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

American Standard

American standard brand is known for quality and elegantly designed products. This company produces a wide range of products, including cutlery, faucets, as well as other kitchen and bathroom accessories.

With over fifty years of experience, the company is quite popular, especially with the people living in the US.

The products in these brands are designed to offer you a service you can rely on for many years. 

Another great feature about this brand is the quality they offer. Despite the fact it is hard to come across any issue with the brand, when an unexpected occurrence happens due to a manufacturer fault, the company will replace or repair your faucet within a few weeks of returning the product.

Additionally, the spares are readily available and easy to repair by you.

Final Word

There you have it. They are Best kitchen faucet brands that offer you with products that are reliable, easy to use, and durable. Since everybody has their opinion regarding the brands, it is only you who can decide which is the overall best brand.

However, we hope the above guide has given you the insights of the top brand are and the benefits they offer you. Best of luck!

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