Best Modern Cabinet Design for Kitchen – Interior Improvement Ideas

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Do you feel the need to remodel your kitchen, starting with its cabinets? The look of your kitchen cabinets is one of the defining features of the kitchen itself. Adapting today's modern designs is certainly the way to go with regards to this matter.

The modern kitchen cabinets are highlighted by their functionality within the seamless design. Sleek lines and free of clutter, current cabinets for the kitchen changed the traditional look for a better trade. Brick and wood have been replaced by stainless steel, which you can find in most homes nowadays because of its ability to enhance a kitchen's aesthetics. They make your cooking space look fresh and neat than it ever did.

That in itself makes modern cabinet designs the obvious choice for your kitchen. Whatever look you want to achieve, you can with the modern style of kitchen cabinetry. Here are the best ones that you may want to consider.

Pseudo Built-in

With modern kitchen cabinet designs, you won't need to tear down stuff to achieve your preferred look. If you want built-in cabinets for your kitchen but don't want to go through the hassle of installing them, why not fake it?

You can have this with glossy wood pseudo-built-in cabinets. They look clean and gorgeous and matches well with a real built-in appliance. It also dramatically complements a kitchen island because of the spatial advantage it gives. It can make a small kitchen look spacious, which is perfect for doing multiple tasks. With the island as your centerpiece and serving space, the whole thing just works brilliantly.

Mal Corboy's Backlit Cabinets

Mal Corboy is an internationally renowned cabinet maker from New Zealand. He's famous for using innovative lighting techniques and integrating them into his work. No two kitchens that he's worked on ever looked the same, and he prides himself on it.

Since his projects are made uniquely from one another, you can consider his designs as works of art. His trademark highlights the entire kitchen using lights placed at the back of the cabinets, illuminating them. The lighting defines everything perfectly, including the cabinet hardware. Based on some of his previous works, this idea suits glossy design excellently, as it makes the sleekness stand out.

Oversized ultra-urban

UltraHD Tall Storage Cabinet

Hodedah Long Standing Kitchen Cabinet

If you wish to have some appliances hidden and other essential kitchen stuff, you can go big. Oversized kitchen cabinets in an ultra-urban setting give you an array of storage options. It's also easy to switch things up because of the numerous combinations you can go for.

Aside from the large cabinets that can fit appliances, there are hooks and crannies surrounding them. By simply changing where is hanged where and rearranging items on shelves, your kitchen looks different already. If you prefer changing things up from time to time, then this idea is for you.

Unique but optimized for organization

You can have cabinets and drawers in your kitchen that opens up and down instead of the typical side to side, but always remember that function is the priority. A glass cabinet that opens up with storage space is a way to display trinkets and cooking utensils like ceramic cookware, saute pan etc while also enhancing your kitchen's appearance. With that, you don't have to compromise looks over functionality or vice versa.

Color blocking

The trend of mixing and matching colors in kitchen cabinets is here, and you can consider doing it if you're up to the task. It can be a daunting task to pull color blocking off in terms of colors, but you can always start small. Should you choose to go all in, you can use lively colors on your cabinets like green and orange and have them showcased by a black background.

Colored cubby lines

Minimalist cabinet fronts with lines on the cubby holes will definitely look great in your kitchen. Look for colors that will match your cabinets beautifully. Together with built-in appliances, your colored cubby lines will bring out the look that you are aiming for.

You can match simple white cabinets with lime green or sky blue. The best colors highlight the sleekness of the style and give character to the cabinets.

Updated old-style

Who says you have to overhaul your kitchen cabinets completely? Oh yes, you don't need to do that when you can always update your old kitchen cabinets by incorporating modern touches to them.

You can start by changing the hardware of wooden cabinets into sleek handles. You can also change up the colors by painting the inside of the cabinets with your chosen color.

Contrast with blue

If you want a contrast of colors in your kitchen, then go for the color blue. Blue provides a great contrast with white. For an astonishing effect, alternate both colors in the entire kitchen space.

It's even a better pairing if your walls are painted white and your cabinets are bold. Bold in blue cabinets plus alternating with white in the entire space on a white wall? That's a fantastic contrast.

Bold yellow

Yellow isn't really that common when it comes to households because it's a bold color. It's rare to think of instances where it looks pleasing in a room, but it can happen with modern kitchen cabinets. Yellow as the primary color of your kitchen is possible with them.

Yellow modern kitchen cabinets fit well on minimal floor space. This ensures that the area won't be lost in itself because of how vivid yellow is. The best match for yellow is clean lines with neutral colors, which will tame its vibrancy.

Shiny retro red

Modern Cabinet Design for Kitchen

If you feel like you want a throwback style in your kitchen, then paint the town red. Bright red gives a retro feel to any home.

With modern kitchen cabinets, you can make do with red on chrome and balance it by limiting other colors to a minimum, such as black and white.

Final words

Different colors, different arrangements, and different aesthetics, these are the things that modern cabinet designs for your kitchen can do. It provides you with better space for cooking and preparing food every time you step into the kitchen.

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