What is a Thermostatic Shower Valve and How Does It Work?

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There have been a lot of talks recently about the thermostatic shower valve that is available. However, what exactly is a thermostatic shower valve? How does it work? Would they benefit your family? Are they easy to install? Many questions about the thermostatic flow of force need to be addressed. Right, let us dive into it.

What is Thermostatic Shower Valve?

A thermostatic shower valve gives you more control over the temperature of the water coming out of the shower valve. Of course, the valves that turn on the hot water and cold-water give you control over the water temperature entering your unit, but the thermostatic shower valve gives you more control.

It has a balancing valve, which ensures that the temperature of the shower water is maintained within certain degrees.

This works, for example, to keep the water temperature balanced when someone flushes the toilet or runs hot water in the kitchen.

The temperature is maintained because the valve snaps quickly like a trap door and prevents the temperature from changing because someone uses hot water somewhere in the house.

Many homes come with this valve installed these days. It is standard and many people do not even know the valve is there.

While a trim valve maintains the temperature level based on what the user has turned on the knob, a thermostatic shower valve may allow the user to adjust the temperature to a certain degree with a thermostat. Users can run their shower up to 104 F.

Most of the time, these showers have a scalding protection that requires users to do a certain series of steps to raise the temperature above 100 F. This can be a convenient way to protect children from accidental scalding.

Advantages of Thermostatic Shower Valve

1. Temperature Control

The great advantage of a thermostatic shower valve is that it provides a constant, uniform temperature and compensates for fluctuations in flow and temperature of the cold and hot water supply. Most thermostatic valves have extra protection against scalding and shut off the water flow when the cold water supply fails.

Not only does it keep the temperature within three degrees of what the user has set it for, it allows users to keep the temperature at a certain level throughout their shower.

B. Safety

Thermostatic showers, although not an absolute necessity, are definitely of value. They allow users to create a shower that is the perfect temperature. The anti-scald mechanism is ideal for a family with small children, as it allows parents to protect their children from scalding.

This security feature alone makes it a worthwhile investment for many. Some even consider this a reason why this is required.


Showering with one of these valves is not just a great way to get clean. It can also be a completely relaxing experience. You can even set the shower to always have exactly the temperature you want. In this way, whenever you go into the shower and turn on the button, you automatically get a shower set to your individual temperature setting.

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