Concealed Vs Exposed: Thermostatic Shower Valve – How to Choose?

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Do you need to include a thermostatic valve in your bathroom or kitchen? Do you know some of the available options? If having such contemplation, this article will cover the two available options for your choice.

Thermostatic shower valves are a comfortable choice in every home. They allow you to quickly and easily choose your preferred temperature while taking advantage of a modern and stylish valve that complements your bathroom space.

One of the biggest decisions you must make when choosing thermostatic shower valves is whether you choose to be open or hidden.

Both have a number of benefits and depending on the overall bathroom design, you will be able to choose the one that you feel will enhance the space and provide the stylish finish to complete the perfect bathroom picture.

1. The Advantages

Before making any decisions, it is important that you understand the various options available to you and their benefits. Concealed thermostatic shower valves are installed, all piping and main fittings are hidden in the wall behind the tile of the shower.

With these options, only the plate and buttons or handles are visible in the shower cabinet. These are usually made of chrome, which is stainless and can offer you the elegant design you want to achieve.

i. installation benefits

One of the main advantages of exposed thermostatic shower valves is their ease of installation. They are quick and easy to install for any installer, which can dramatically reduce installation costs, lowering the overall price of your bathroom design while increasing the value of your home.

ii. The design advantages

The advantage of concealed thermostatic shower fittings is that all piping is concealed and the design is visually appealing. These come in a selection of flexible designs to choose from.

You will find one that fits into the rest of your design to enhance your bathroom and create a space you are proud of.

2. Footprint

Some of the things you need to take into consideration when looking at the hidden options is whether you have enough room on your wall to make up your wall, and remember that your contractor will be in case of a leak in the pipes Tapping would have to be on the wall, removing the tiles to reach the leaking pipe.

Exposed thermostatic shower valves indicate all working parts. In most cases, these are now hidden in a nice bar that runs horizontally in the shower. The bar is also available in chrome with highly polished options to create this spectacular visual design.

3. Costs

You will find that the exposed options are cheaper than concealed thermostatic valves. They are clean in design and will not ruin the overall picture of the room.

Of course, if you opt for the ultra-modern design that is minimalist, then exposed is not the right choice. Although they are equipped with an industrial or traditional design, they can really appeal to the bathroom area.

4. Applicability

Exposed thermostatic shower valves are perfect if you have solid walls. For example, hidden options cannot work with brick walls.

In these cases, the exposed designs really shine so you can enjoy the comfort of controlling your temperature while still enjoying a beautiful bathroom design that you can enjoy for years to come.


Remember that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses. Home buyers are looking for the opulent bathroom, which creates an oasis to relax and enjoy.

When it comes to choosing your thermostatic shower heads, consider the overall design, work with what you have, and choose a design that fits into the overall home design and expands your bathroom space.

Hope this article laid a structure from Which you can decide and choose between concealed or exposed thermostatic shower valves.

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