Seven Suggestions of Living Room Improvement – Expert’s Opinion

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The living room is a living space where family members gather and share the fun. It is also a social place where treats friends and guests. And guests can learn about the host’s taste and temperament from here.

Therefore, the living room plays a vital role in the house, and people should take its improvement seriously. While the living room improvement isn’t an easy thing, so pay attention to the following aspects before you start it.

-Dividing the area

Generally, the living room is divided into three areas, including the meeting area, dining area, and study area. The living room, generally outside, is supposed to be spacious and bright; the dining area with screens or partitions should be close to the kitchen, and it should be in warm colors; the learning area should be set up in a corner near the meeting area, generally with cold colors, which can reduce mental fatigue.

In doing so, it can make furniture in order and make people feel more comfortable. You can shop living room furniture on Sandinrayli.

-Designing the walls in the living room

Wall design usually includes TV, audio, hanging decoration, color coating. Wall decoration should pursue a simple style; the color is in harmony with the theme color of the living room.

You can hang some decorations on the wall, avoiding it becomes monotonous, like a landscape painting, flower and bird painting, etc.

-Designing the floor in the living room

The ground is often the most noticeable part, and its color, texture, and pattern can directly affect the interior appearance. The glazed tiles, stone, solid wood flooring, or other materials are the appropriate choices.

When selecting materials, although texture and color are essential, you must also choose more environmental-friendly materials with low radiation. Consequently, solid wood flooring is a good choice.

-Designing the ceiling in the living room

The top surface is above the person, and its improvement has a decisive effect on the overall space, and the impact on the space is more significant than the ground. The ceiling of the living room is mainly light colors, it will give people a sense of depression if the color is dark.

-Selecting the light in the living room

The bright and comfortable light in the living room helps to create a pleasant atmosphere in the process of getting along well with others and communicating with others. It can also make people have good visual experience and reduce the burden on the eyes, which requires the living room lighting to be able to meet people’s needs in different situations and periods.

The light in the living room should be bright and warm, so yellow light is mainly used in the living room.

There are also many families that use different lamps to match white light and yellow light to make the style of the space more distinctive. Choose different types of lamps according to the various uses of the living room.

-Designing the color in the living room

How to choose the color in the living room? As the main place for people’s daily activities, the color of the living room should be elegant and bright, with a strong overall sense of light tones. There may be some color changes in some parts, which may be dark or light, so that it is easy to produce a comfortable and bright environment, but it must be in line with the ceiling, walls, and floors.

You can also choose two or three similar colors for matching, such as blue, green, or gray, to produce a delicate and quiet effect. Proper color matching can make the room or house appear as one and spacious.

-Indoor greening

Indoor greening can increase the natural atmosphere of the room and is an essential means of interior decoration and beautification.

Utilizing the unique curves, colorful shapes, soft textures, pleasing colors, and vivid shadows of plants in the indoor greening can change people’s impression of the space and produce a soft sentiment, thereby improving the empty and stiff feeling of the large space.

The green plants will also play a significant role in purifying the interior air, rich the rest of the space, increase the artistic effect, and beautify the room. There are some choices for you, like a fortune tree, palm tree, rubber tree, evergreen, and so on.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, people should attach importance to these aspects like style, safety, cost, and other factors in the process of living room improvement. I believe these suggestions may be conducive to you.

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