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Whether you are having basic concerns regarding your Teflon or aluminum cookware or just going green, the ceramic cookware may be a viable and effective solution. Here are some of the questions you may be asking yourself about the ceramic cookware.

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Q. Is ceramic cookware brittle?

Answer: Most individuals think that ceramic is only used in pottery. However, today the ceramic products are constructed using kiln fired ceramic making them sturdy and long lasting.

Q. Is the ceramic cookware safe to use?

Answer: Yes, unlike other cookware constructed using aluminum or featuring the non-stick coating, the ceramic cookware is non-toxic and non-reactive. Additionally, they do not emit odor or gasses ensuring that the taste of your food will never be altered.

Q. Can you use the ceramic cookware on convection ovens and stove- top surfaces?

Answer: You can use this cookware on stove-top surface and all ovens including the convection ovens, electric as well as gas stove-tops. You can also use them in microwaves, BBQ grills and have a high resistance to thermal shock making them usable right from your freezer to the stove-top.

Q. Does the ceramic cookware consist of any metals?

Answer: Most of the ceramic cookware is constructed using one hundred percent natural and inorganic metals. Additionally, the kiln fire will remove all the impurities in the ceramic.

Q. How can one take care of the ceramic cookware properly?

Answer: To take care of this cookware is rather simple. Instead of scrubbing the surface, you just need to soak the cookware in hot water for a short time, and all the stuck food materials will come off.

Q. what is the recommended temperature to use this cookware?

Answer: This cookware has the ability to withstand temperatures of up to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. This means it is better than the steel cookware as steel starts to melt at 2200 degrees.

Q. Do all ceramic cookware have to be seasoned?

Answer: Not all ceramic cookware needs to be seasoned. However, if you need to add a unique flavor to your food, you may consider seasoned models.

Q. Which is the safest cookware to use? Is it the ceramic, hard anodized or nonstick and why? Is Teflon without PFOA safe to use?

Answer: Ceramic cookware is durable and very attractive and will suit any modern kitchen. The hard iodized is something that is very durable and resistant to scratches. Nonstick is some sort of a coat placed on cookware to make them non-sticky. Ensure the coat if free from Teflon and PFOA as they leak to the food while cooking and are harmful to the body.

Q. Is ceramic cookware dishwasher safe?

Answer: Yes, most ceramic cookware is dishwasher safe as they are resistant to scratches.

Q. Do I need to worry about lead in ceramic cookware?

Answer: Yes. Some low quality ceramic cookware may contain traces of leads, which are harmful to your health. Ensure you go for lead-free ceramic cookware.

Q. Is ceramic cookware expensive?

Answer: Not necessarily, it is still possible to find good quality ceramic cookware at an affordable cost.

Q. Who can use ceramic cookware?

Answer: Anyone can use the ceramic cookware including homemakers and chefs alike.

Q. Can the non-stick ceramic coatings be used on cast iron grill and still be effective and durable at high temperatures?

Answer: Yes, the ceramic coating is resistant to high temperature and does well when used as coat on iron and reactive metals such as aluminum.

Q. what kind of glue and method do I need to fix my ceramic pot?

Answer: The best glue to use is waterproof. You can use any waterproof glue to do the repairs.

Q. Does someone know about ceramic titanium coated cookware as an alternative to Teflon?

Answer: “I have no answer concerning the ceramic titanium coatings, but I do have experience with Scan pan.

I bought them for both here in MI and for FL. This year I got rid of it all, which was really hard to do as it is expensive, but I really could not stand cooking with it any longer as everything stuck to it. When I went back to the store, where I bought it, they told me that they don’t carry it anymore because of all the problems they had with it. I have been under the assumption that you do not use lots of butter and oil in a nonstick pan, but I sure had to with all their fry pans.

I have been picking up one at a time a cookware called BERNDES, which I love.

Carole F– Source- Yahoo Answer

Q. What is the best cookware to use on ceramic cooktops?

Answer: “I assume you mean the smooth, glass electric ones. The salesman told me to use stainless steel or aluminum, and that cast iron wouldn’t work well. I never listen to instructions!! I’ve been using cast iron almost exclusively for 4 years and it works fine. I say – use the cookware that you like best!

Ernie A- Source Yahoo Answer

Q. What type of cookware is best to use on a ceramic glass cooktop?

Answer: “Smooth, rounded bottom pots and pans. They shouldn’t scratch the surface. Don’t get a knife to the surface for hard to clean places. Place a warm, soapy, wet washcloth over the hard to clean areas. You could probably use an SOS pad, also. Keep it clean and it will last.

Lily- Source- Yahoo Anwer

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