8 Ways to Create More Space in Your Kitchen

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No matter the size, designing a kitchen requires thinking and planning to fit the demands of each household. So don’t give up if your kitchen is tiny! There are innovative methods to make the most of every inch and use all the available space. In truth, expanding your kitchen space is relatively simple if you’re ready to be a little inventive. To help you out, we compiled a list of ways to create more space in your kitchen. So read the article and find out how your kitchen can become your new favorite place in your home.

Kitchen showcasing ideas on how to create more space in your kitchen

Maximizing Kitchen Space: 8 Strategies

1.   Go vertical

One of the best kitchen storage ideas is using vertical space. You can display plates, bottles, glasses, and spices on floating shelves while still having easy access to them. In addition, for more storage space, add shelves above windows.

At the same time, you may create storage for lids and utensils on your bare backsplash by installing hooks, wire racks, and other organizers. Some people go so far as to hang potholder gloves from them and keep kitchen tools inside them for a nice aesthetic touch. A slim cabinet or freestanding rack might also maximize the available space. As for storing herbs, veggies, fruits, and snacks, you could install a wall of twine baskets. Be inventive, and don’t hesitate to look for some kitchen remodel inspiration on the internet or in dedicated magazines.

2.   Use the magic of magnets

Many space-saving choices include magnetic strips on walls, cabinet sides, and refrigerators. You can attach your blades to a tidy set of magnets rather than a huge knife rack that takes up valuable counter space. That would make for a smart-looking display and make your knives accessible for the family chef.

In addition, by adding magnetic strips to the bottom of plastic containers, you could even make your spice jars or magnetic racks that you could attach to the side of the refrigerator for easy access. Remember that in the kitchen, if something is metal, you can stick it wherever you want.

3.   Transform a closet into a pantry

Consider making a pantry out of a closet if you have one next to your kitchen. You won’t require much space, but it can become very efficient. All you need is an ordinary coat closet that you might not even be using. You can reduce kitchen clutter by adding shelves, bins, and door storage to your closet pantry. Additionally, to make moving items from your pantry to your kitchen a snap, consider using a foldable basket that hangs inside the door.

On the other hand, if you previously filled the closet with items you don’t use regularly, consider moving them to a storage unit in New Jersey. Also, hire local movers to help relocate the items. Remember that when looking for help in NJ, you can find reliable experts in any field. So why not take advantage of their expertise?

4.   Use shallow cabinets

Nowadays, there are several alternatives for cabinet sizes. We are no longer limited to the one colossal type frequently present in households. There are cabinets with as little as a 12-inch depth, ideal for making your kitchen look better and bigger, primarily when used in place of the previous bulky bottom cabinets. It significantly expands the room to add extra floor space. The half-sized solutions are better choices, given how hard it is to access the rear of conventional deep-bottom cabinets.

5.   Install pull-out pantries

Pull-out pantries are one of the most effective but overlooked kitchen storage options. They go beside cabinet ends or between cabinets that may have gaps. Pull-out pantries slide out like a drawer and can match your beautiful cabinets. Use them to store small items like spices and canned products. Or use them to store your vegetables in baskets. It’s your pantry, so you make the rules.

6.   Light your kitchen

Yes! You can use light to create more space in your kitchen. For instance, your kitchen may appear and feel much larger than it is with the help of smartly placed lights and reflecting surfaces. In addition, you can use neutral colors and white for the walls. If you want to add a splash of color, you can install a feature wall and consider using reflecting decor. Put a mirror in the place of a picture, and replace the matte black vase with a glossy silver one. You may artistically design your backsplash with mosaic, mirror, or gleaming tiles.

But whatever you do, allow enough natural light to enter the space. That will give the impression that the kitchen is vast. Moreover, focus on white lighting for your lighting fixtures since it resembles natural light. You can easily illuminate a kitchen with spotlights in every nook, cranny, and underneath cabinets.

7.   Tuck in the seats

In a small kitchen, having a surface that can serve as a dinner table and a prep station is helpful. However, big stools or chairs might take up more room than they’re worth. Therefore, by using backless seats that can completely tuck under the counter or table, you can create more space in your kitchen. That way, they are out of the way when not in use, and you can prevent tripping over their legs.

8.   Install a kitchen island

Contrary to popular belief, a tiny kitchen may be the ideal location for a kitchen island. A kitchen island might be handy because small kitchens might not have much storage space. Besides adding storage, it also allows you to use it as a place to entertain guests or prepare food. A conventional kitchen island is always a hit as the focal point in the middle of your kitchen space. Moreover, a round kitchen island may also serve as a cozy dining table.

Closing Thoughts

Putting these ways to create more space in your kitchen into practice can make your kitchen a place of style and utility. There’s no reason your kitchen can’t be big in aesthetics and practicality with a good plan of action and clever use of your surroundings. And if you ever need help with ideas on renovating your kitchen, don’t hesitate to check the Affordable Kitchen and Baths website. You will find many inspiring articles, advice, and reviews of kitchen and bath items and accessories.

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