Ten Suggestions of Kitchen Improvement – Expert’s Opinion

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As we all know, the kitchen is a significant part of a home. Every time you go home after finishing your work, you will have a sense of happiness when seeing your parents are cooking a delicious meal for you in the kitchen. Therefore, we can say the home will lack warmth without the kitchen.

Besides, it’s also of great significance to improve your kitchen. An attractive kitchen will refresh your mind to some extent and make you filled with verve while you are cooking. So, how do you start it? There are ten tips for kitchen improvement.

Ten Suggestions of Kitchen Improvement

-The design of cabinets

Generally, to make full use of the space, cabinets’ design is needed in the kitchen. John Wilson from Sandinrayli (www.sandinrayli.com) says that cabinets are pretty pragmatic, and meanwhile help beautify the environment in the kitchen, making the kitchen look neat and beautiful.

First, traditional wood, aluminum plate, stone, plastic, polyurethane board, and other materials are still the best choice.

Second, the cabinets’ functions should also be taken into consideration, such as washing, cooking, and storing. Most importantly, the design of the cabinet is to make the best use of kitchen space.

For example, the middle of the kitchen is the area for washing and cooking, and the surrounding cabinet is for storage. It is best to wash, prepare, and cook following your operating habits, and this work can be completed in an assembly line way, which can reduce labor intensity.

-The selection of kitchen tiles

The choice of kitchen tiles and wall tiles should take the degree of indoor light exposure into consideration. Spaces that are too bright and too dark need matte and elegant tiles to avoid light pollution and visual fatigue.

The choice of floor tiles should not only consider the color and gloss but also attach importance to the comfort of use. Non-slip tiles should be selected to avoid slipping and falling and thus causing physical injury.

-The selection of range hood

The choice of range hood depends on the rate of the smoke exhaust. Its index value with a national standard is greater than or equal to 7 cubic meters/min, followed by the cage smoke effect.

The deep-type range hood has a smoke collection cavity and a better cage smoke effect; Pressure is also a pivot indicator of the crossbeam range hood’s performance. When the air volume reaches seven cubic meters/min, the wind pressure is greater than or equal to 80Pa.

-The installation of kitchen ceiling

The ceiling of the kitchen must be installed with a waterproof aluminum gusset to prevent it from becoming wet. Try not to have cracks in the kitchen. Connect the wall cabinet directly to it, because it is easy to condense water vapor or oil fume.

When installed, it should not be too high or too low. If too low, it’s easy to get dirty; if too high, it’s difficult to get cleaned.

-The light in the kitchen

The light in the kitchen constitutes two parts, including the whole kitchen, washing, and cooking. Keep in mind that the light in the kitchen should be white, for other colors may have an impact on your judgment.

Also, waterproof lamps like anti-fog lamps are necessities in the kitchen. The joints of the lines should be strictly treated with waterproof, insulating tape to prevent water vapor from entering, avoiding causing short circuits and fires.

-The height of the cooktop

The kitchen cooktop should be designed with various heights according to different working areas. And some cooktops will be better if they are lower. If you like to make the pastry, then it can be reduced the height by 10 cm

However, the height of the cooktop should comply with the whole layout of the kitchen. Sometimes, too many considerations of the height of the cooktop may influence the overall appearance.

-The sink and the cooktop are not on the same operation surface, or their distance is too far

It is best to design the sink with kitchen faucet and the cooktop on the same process line, and the functional area between the two is connected with a straight-through cooktop, which can be used as a workbench.

Hot pots, Saute pan, Cookware, washed vegetables, and freshly cooked noodles must be moved frequently between the sink and the stove, so the water in the pot will drip on the floor between the two.

-The plug in the kitchen

Arrange or reserve a place for various electrical appliances in the kitchen, and arrange power outlets in appropriate locations.

Fire and heat resistance are safety factors when selecting materials for kitchen decoration. The kitchen should use a socket with a switch. Considering that the kitchen has oily smoke and the temperature is generally high, frequent plugging and unplugging will accelerate the aging of the wire.

There is a lot of water and oil in the kitchen. For safety, there is a switch on the kitchen socket so that it is convenient to cut off when cooking.

-The trash in the kitchen

To maintain the aesthetics of the kitchen, many people choose door-mounted trash cans and cooktop trash cans.

The structure causes no air circulation, which is easy to breed bacteria and pollute the environment. Buy a suitable trash can and put a plastic bag on it.

Continue to clean the trash can with diluted white vinegar, avoiding the breeding of bacteria.

-The sink in the kitchen

The sink in the kitchen must be well-installed. Nowadays, double sinks are popular, so why install double sinks? It is naturally convenient and practical. The sink on one side of the double sink is equipped with a drain basket. The fruits and vegetables, tableware, etc. can be temporarily drained and placed after cleaning, which is more convenient.

All in all, kitchen improvement needs efforts and patience. I hope the above tips will be beneficial to you.

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