Easy Way to Clean A Meat Grinder- Tips From Expert Shelly Rhoades

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'Meat Grinder' is a popular kitchen appliance which cuts meat into small pieces. It is specifically used for chopping and mixing the meat. It forces the meat through very small holes that are often directly installed in front of the fixed hole plate.

If you own a meat grinder, you perhaps already comprehend its function rather well. However, the main issue that pushes meat grinder owners into disillusionment is 'Cleaning'.

They don't perceive how to clean it well after each use.

You must clean the meat grinder after each use. It is necessary.

Old-School Method

First, let's talk about the old-school method for cleaning meat grinder. Just put a couple slices of stale bread through it. Don't use anything, or bread, which is sticky, as the goal is to remove worst of the meat and grease from the inside. In these circumstances, usually, white bread with its finer texture works better.

Next, disassemble it and put it in hot, soapy water - if it's not an electric model. After cleaning, if its parts have a small size, you can put them in the oven too at the temperature of 150F. This dries them well from inside. Once it's done, assemble it again and put it away.

Advanced Cleaning

In the advanced cleaning session, you also run two to three slices of bread through the grinder to collect the excess meat residue, but it requires thorough cleaning of each part so that the machine can continue to grind well in the long run.

Why do we need separate (advanced) cleaning of each part? In case this question is revolving around your mind, it is because this method keeps the meat safe from contamination. Therefore, you need to remove its screws, blade cover, blade, and plate. Put these pieces in the hot, soapy water and clean them with a mildly abrasive sponge.

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Some people try to clean these parts through the dishwasher, which is a big no-no. This will damage the performance of the grinding blade and in fact cause etch on it too.

There are two more things which you can do to keep your meat grinder in top-notch condition. After cleaning the parts, you can use mineral oil to keep them from rusting. Besides, after applying the oil, put them in a plastic storage bag with a small handful of rice. This extra step will also assist in preventing rust, and absorb the moisture too.

Second, in case you feel the meat grinder blade isn't working well, you can have it professionally sharpened. This practice doesn't let it become dull in the long term.

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Electric Meat Grinder Cleaning

In an electric meat grinder, you also follow the same rules; you just don't submerge motor in the water. The only thing you need to know is electric models require intensive cleaning, as they grind up to 170 pounds of meat in an hour.

For that reason, you can expect too much grease and oil inside them.

Similarly, like traditional meat grinders, get a piece of bread and let it run inside it. If you use your electric grinder a lot, you can run bread inside it multiple times to remove the fat and grease properly.

After that, turn off the machine and let it rest for a few minutes.

Never try to clean it if its motor is still hot. Once the motor cools down, disassemble the parts and clean them with mix warm water and dishwashing soap. You can read instruction manual as well, in order to understand which parts can be removed and washed.

If the parts are covered with too much grease, use a tablespoon of baking soda. It won't just remove the excess oil and grease, but also bring back the shine of it.

Lastly, use a clean towel to dry off the parts before assembling it again.

Concluding Thoughts

There are a few warnings that you should keep in your mind before cleaning a meat grinder.

Don't keep its parts in the water for a long time as it can invite rust. Besides, using extra hot water isn't good either; it can dent their shape and performance.

Apart from this, if the blade becomes dull, change it immediately. Cleaning it with warm water isn't the solution. In most cases, you need to replace it annually.

We appreciate you to see your clean meat grinder in clean kitchen cabinet.

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