Create a Green Home: Save Water with Daily Household Chores

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Before we proceed, let’s check some facts. A significant amount of water is wasted through actions like overwatering plants, leaving the water running while doing dishes, taking long showers, and doing excessive laundry. Although water is a valuable resource, our daily household activities often lead to its unnecessary abundance.

It’s important to recognize that water is not an unlimited resource, and the availability of clean water is decreasing each year. Therefore, it is crucial to conserve water. By doing so, we not only protect the environment but also save money on our utility bills.

To help you conserve water effectively during your household chores, here are some useful tips to follow.

9 Effective Ways To Save Water with Daily Household Chores

Save Water with Daily Household Chores

Wash in Full Loads

Whether washing the dishes or dirty clothes, run your dishwasher or laundry washer in full loads. If you have energy-star labeled machines for light wash or smaller loads, take advantage of them. 

However, if you have not invested in it yet, it is best to bring your laundry to the nearest laundry shop and wash your dishes without letting the water lazily run. Experts recommend the use of laundry shops to conserve water. EPA concluded that residents with washers and dryers at home do several smaller and less-efficient laundry loads. Laundromats are reliable in water savings because their washers and dryers can wash larger loads. Going to a laundry shop can help you save water and energy while enjoying the laundry service.

Shower with Less Water

Every minute you spend using a power shower or doing luxurious long showers wastes more than 5 gallons of water. You can reduce your water usage by turning off the shower, applying soap and scrubbing, and turning it on to rinse. It is best to switch to a water-efficient showerhead that helps you lather in less water. 

Do not let water consumption run out of control. You can also install water-saving showerheads to help you cut your shower flow. These flow restrictors or showerheads are easy to install. 

Install Composing Toilets or Dual Flush Toilets

If you think it is not serious, the federal regulation states that toilets must not use more than 1.6 gallons per flush. That’s why commercial and residential bathrooms have to replace their old toilet with dual flush toilets. Dual flush toilets help save 70% of water.

Meanwhile, composting toilets are the most effective in cutting water waste. This type of toilet does not use water. However, you should check on the federal regulations whether it is legal to install a composting toilet in your area. 

Turn Off Faucet While Shaving or Brushing Teeth

Turn Off the Faucet While Shaving or Brushing your Teeth

Some of us are used to brushing our teeth or shaving with the faucet running. Brushing teeth or shaving while the faucet is on is wasting clean water. If you keep the faucet on, you have to change your routine. It does help lower not only water bills but also conserves water. 

Schedule Gardening

Honestly, it is not a surprise for homes with lawns and gardens to use a lot of water. 

It is best to schedule gardening at the end of the day or early morning. The water does not quickly evaporate from heat or sunlight. It goes straight to the roots. You can water the plants manually or catch rainwater in watering the plants. It helps you save almost 5,000L of water a year. 

If you use a sprinkler, adjust it to avoid watering unnecessary hard surfaces. Meanwhile, if you are watering your lawn, garden, or indoor plants manually with a hose, install a shut-off valve or sprayer to prevent the water from running constantly.

Moreover, installing a rain barrel helps you save water for your garden or lawn. The barrel collects rainwater and allows you to repurpose it by watering your indoor plants, lawn, or garden.

Install an Efficient Watering System

You can greatly use the rain barrel water catchment system to water shrubs, lawns, and gardens. Install a drip-irrigation system to avoid diminishing plant health. 

Regularly Check Plumbing

Regularly check the faucets and pipes around your house for leaks. A small drip from the faucet can waste gallons of water a day. Determining leaks beforehand does not only help you save water but money as well.

You can check your water meter to determine some hidden water leaks. If you experience a severe increase in your water bill, it is time to call for a plumbing expert. 

Clean the Walkway or Driveway by Sweeping

Some clean their walkway or driveway with power washers or hoses. It is satisfying to watch and blast stains off the walkway. But, instead of using water to clean, sweep your driveway or walkway instead. Use a broom to loosen the dirt and grime and you can power wash the walkway. Once you have loosened the dirt and grime, you can power washer them. You do not have to worry, you decrease the water use and it will save you in the long run.

 Meanwhile, if you are more comfortable using water in cleaning your walkway or driveway, then recycle the water you used when washing your car. Although this method does not help lower your water bill, it helps you conserve water use.

Conserve Water Even When Washing Hands

Conserve Water Even When Washing Hands

You might not be conscious of shutting off the faucet while scrubbing your hands when washing. Next time when you wash your hands, get your hands wet, and turn off the faucet while you lather up with soap. You only have to turn the water back when you are about to rinse. It is important to be cautious at all times to conserve water. 

Be Mindful of Water Usage

Now that you know the impact of water pollution, you should be mindful of your water usage. Limit the use while keeping it optimal. You do not have to luxuriously go into long showers to make yourself clean, right? You can clean yourself with the right amount; the same goes for everything you do that deals with water.

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