5 Effective Ways to Minimize Pipe Repair Cost

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Underground pipe damage and the repairs that need to be done are probably not something you typically plan for. Whether the damage is due to leaking, aging, soil movement, or root intrusion, they all imply the same thing – it’s not cheap! Luckily, plumbing, as it turns out, is a system where you can take some steps to cut down costs on repairs and avoid expensive landscaping jobs usually associated with the repair.

We want you to know what you need to do, so keep reading on to learn the different ways to save on pipe repair.

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Ways that Prove Effective in Minimizing Pipe Repair Cost

5 Proven Ways to Minimize Pipe Repair Cost

1. Change a few of your plumbing habits –

We often become our plumbing’s worst enemy when we don’t pay close attention to how we use them. For example, tossing greasy food scraps or used oil into the kitchen sink. You may not realize it by now, but grease can contribute to a major sewer backup in your home.

Unfortunately, instead of traveling down the sewer, grease will stick to the walls in your pipes, allowing food scraps and other waste to get stuck with it, leading to massive clogs. So the next time you feel like cooking a hearty meal with loads of fats and grease, think about the consequences before you dump grease down the sink.

The same is true with toilet paper and baby wipes. It’s a misconception that what you flush goes away. Some of them get stuck somewhere, leading to blockages. If you throw them down the toilet, they can significantly affect how your drainage system functions in the long run.

Baby wipes take years to degenerate, while toilet paper doesn’t dissolve easily. So when you use them without limitations, the more you’re giving these products an opportunity to make a hole in your wallet. If you only flush what is reasonable or use water instead, you will immensely cut the cost down for blocked drain clearing and other repair costs associated with blockages in the long run!

2. Take preventative measures as necessary –

One of the most effective ways to save money on pipe repairs is to prepare for the worst! That means if there’s anything you can do to prevent a simple plumbing problem from getting worse or never taking place at all, it is to take preventative measures.

For example, before the cold weather sets in, ensure your plumbing can sustain the freezing temperature. When water freezes, the pipe expands, causing it to crack and burst. To avoid this, wrap all exposed pipes in your home with an insulator.

But, if you want your plumbing to stay in the best condition no matter what seasons of the year, you can sign up for regular pipe inspections. Doing so will help your pipes to be clogged and leak-free which will make them last longer.

Put simply, the stress on your plumbing affects its efficiency and eventually shortens its lifespan. When this happens, you will have to pay for the cost of restoring your plumbing. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to take one step ahead of any plumbing issue.

3. Get a professional opinion –

Minor leaks and clogs may be easy to fix, but in some cases, it still makes more sense to get professional help right away. Some problems, like a damaged pipeline located a foot under the soil, may be cheaper to replace than to do pipe relining, which is more suitable for deep pipelines.

However, a damaged pipe located under a concrete slab or a building is best relined. To get a good picture of the problem and know your options, it is best to seek a professional’s recommendation no matter how you think the problem can be easily done.

We’ve been fixing different plumbing problems and specializing in pipe relining services. We know better, and we can offer different options to fix the problem for good. When you hire us, you will not only get the best help you expect but as well as the best options to fix your pipes at the most competitive price, including our pipe relining cost.

4. Find alternatives to invasive pipe replacement –

Pipe replacement is no laughing matter; it’s expensive and can result in irreversible damage to your landscaping, especially in the case of sewer line repiping. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you ask a professional plumber like the Sydney relining solutions experts or any pipe relining company, you will learn that pipe replacement is not always the solution to fixing damages in pipes. If the damages have not reached the point of complete pipe failure, or do not require working around trenches and holes, expect to pay a lot less than complete pipe replacement.

Finding alternatives doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the least option, but what is the most sensible and suitable solution for your pipe problem. In most cases, it also turns out to be the most cost-effective option.

5. Consider camera drain inspection to identify pipe damage –

Another great way to save on pipe repair or not spend a dime at all is to consider regular pipe inspections. You may need to spend for the inspection, but the cost you pay pale in comparison with the cost you’d have to pay when an undetected pipe problem worsens.

The advantage of hiring a plumber on a regular basis for camera drain inspection is that we can detect problems that may lead to costly pipe repairs down the road.

Hidden pipe leaks, tree root penetration, clumps of blockages and gaps in pipes are just some of the problems that we can detect through our high-grade pipe camera. All of these are very hard to spot during a DIY escapade or if you hire a cowboy plumber that doesn’t have the right tools. Unfortunately, hidden leaks can cause the most water damage in homes, while tree root penetration causes the most damage in pipes.

When these problems are not detected or fixed in time, expect that you will have to pay more to repair your plumbing. Even when a problem only requires relining, there’s a great chance the sewer pipe relining cost will increase.


Major plumbing issues can easily break the bank, but they don’t always have to! Instead of hiring a plumber each time a problem crops up, hire a reliable plumber that can provide you with a permanent and accurate fix. Simply because each plumbing problem is unique.

You can’t just randomly pick someone and invite them into your home to fix a problem. There’s no fix that fits for all and only those with trained eyes know the difference and how to fix them correctly. If the problem will turn out to only require patching or relining, we can provide you with a sewer relining cost or pipe relining cost Sydney estimate before we get things underway.

If you’ve reached this page because you want to know the most suitable and cost-effective solution to your plumbing problem, call Revolution Pipe Relining now! We can handle even the most complicated type of repair at the most competitive price.

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