Amazing Little Giant Velocity Multi-Use Ladder: Best Ladder You Can Buy

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A ladder is an essential equipment that every home need. From DIY home improvement projects to major constructional work, a homeowner cannot do without a sturdy, reliable ladder.

The home improvement market is full of various ladders that help you achieve specific project requirements, but rare do you find a ladder that is versatile enough to fulfill all present and future home needs. The Little Giant Velocity ladder is an incredible multipurpose ladder with patent design, stability, and variability to service in all home projects.

The Little Giant Velocity ladder came to us at the perfect time. We had been on a hunt to find a sturdy ladder that could be used for both our indoor and outdoor home needs. This Velocity ladder is fast to set up and has great stability. It can be configured into 5 different positions: A-Frame, Staircase, 90º, Extension, and Scaffolding.

Amazing features of Little Giant Velocity Multi-Use Ladder

A little heavier but strong

When we got the ladder, it was surprisingly a little heavier than we expected. However, this in no way made the usage of this ladder difficult. The ladder features glided wheels attached at the bottom that made it very easy to maneuver around the house and outdoors. One of the great perks of this ladder is how easily you can switch from one configuration of the ladder to the next with adjusting the rock and hinge locks located on the sides of the ladder.

Easy installation

This ladder came to great use during a few of our recent home projects. We had recently bought some window blinds that we needed to install on our 8-feet custom windows. This ladder in A-Frame position provided absolute stability and ease when working on the blind installation.

It was great to concentrate on getting the blinds fixtured and not worry if someone was going to fall off. We also had two people on this single Velocity ladder with no issues in the ladder losing ground, proving the Little Giant’s claim of being able to support up to 300lbs.

During our blind installation, the 90º mode was excellent to switch to. With just the rotation of the rock and hinge locks, this mode allowed us to get close to the wall of the window ceiling and screw on the necessities for the blinds.

Versatile mode

In both of the next two projects, the extension mode of the ladder came to excellent use. Our first outdoor project was to trim our palm trees. We had the ladder extended out against the palm tree, and the sturdiness it proved while climbing up the ladder stairs, was excellent. There was no shakiness. There was no imbalance. Climbing up the top of a palm tree has never been easier. It was incredibly satisfying to trim the leaves and not worry about anyone’s safety.

We finally decided to use the ladder to check out the condition of our roof. This project, again, with the Little Giant velocity ladder was made easy and swift. The ladder locks in securely and does not budge at all while you are at work. It was easy to grab this ladder and open it up, and quickly check out the roof repair and then put it all back together in a sturdy safe lock.

The build of the Little Giant is what sets it apart from all other ladders. The air-craft- grade aluminum construction makes it 20% lighter than its competitors. It comes with tip and glide wheels that make for easy transportation.

The ladder has wide-structured legs and double pin hinges that provide ultimate stability and safety at all times. The velocity ladder comes in four models: 13, 17, 22, and 26. Its also available on the Little Giant Ladder website and comes with a full lifetime warranty.

Final feedback

Our experience with the Little Giant Velocity ladder has been nothing, but positive. It has proved to be an excellent home improvement tool in our home with its versatile modes and undeniable stability.

It has performed great inside the home to complete mundane tasks such as cleaning out the home ceiling fans and mounting window blinds. Equally, it continued to be easy to use when working outdoors to check the roof and trimming the palm trees.

All in one, anyone who uses the velocity ladder will agree that it is unlike other ladders when it comes to fast set up and safety. This ladder is an excellent purchase for any homeowner that needs to get the outdoor and indoor work done quick. It is a timeless tool that will serve you and your home for many years to come.

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