Where You Should Add Wallpaper In Your Kitchen To Pop It

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The kitchen is the place in the house where we prepare that delicious meal for family and friends. How about investing in a beautiful decoration for your kitchen?

A frequent question in the minds of many people who love decoration is: can you put wallpaper in the kitchen? And the answer is yes because nowadays, the market already offers kitchen wallpaper models that are specific to be used in that environment, as they are made of moisture-resistant materials and are often washable or washable kitchen wallpaper models. That allows you to properly clean the environment without damaging the wallpaper.

Where should you be using wallpaper in your kitchen?

Transform your kitchen into an even more beautiful and welcoming space by investing in wallpaper that will bring this environment to life!

One of the most effective kitchen wallpaper spots is in the upper cabinets that use light colors, such as light pink wallpaper. In other words, the space above the headrest of the chair. In addition to homes with high ceilings, this option is also a good choice for kitchens with only tiled backsplashes on the back.

How to choose kitchen wallpaper

There are no great mysteries to choosing wallpaper for the kitchen, but it is necessary to pay attention to some points we will discuss below.

Type of material

As we mentioned earlier, the first thing you need to look at when buying kitchen wallpaper is the type of material it is made of, as it needs to be more resistant than traditional models. Therefore, invest in wallpaper models for washable kitchens for greater practicality in your daily life.

Types of walls

It is essential to remember that kitchen wallpaper is only applicable on smooth walls, so pay attention to the type of wall covering your home has. If you have tiles or even tiles, investing in a different kind of wall covering is better. Coating or removing all the current layers and leaving the wall prepared to receive the wallpaper for the kitchen properly.

But for an even more personalized decoration of your kitchen, it is interesting to use two different types of coatings in the room; that is, choose a smooth wall to apply the wallpaper and thus combine it with another layer that you already have in the room, such as tiles, for example.


An important tip for those who want to use wallpaper for the kitchen is to always pay attention to the colors used in the decoration of the environment and the pattern of the wallpaper. The most exciting thing for small kitchens is to use black peel-and-stick wallpaper as these are light colors that will guarantee visual amplitude to the space.

What is the best wallpaper for the kitchen?

Renovating your kitchen decor is always a good idea, but do you know the best kitchen wallpaper? You have several options, including tiles, inserts, floral, stripes, phrases, geometrics, and much more. You can wallpaper your entire kitchen, even the area near the stove. Specifically in this area, there is a concern about the high temperature and even the use of some pots, such as pressure cookers and frying pans. Because for example, they can cause grease to be very present in the area, which can impair the quality of the wallpaper.

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