5 Unique Ways to Drink Coffee

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Making coffee isn’t the only thing that matters. You can drink coffee in certain ways to better appreciate this beverage and its status in society. Drinking coffee in a different way also makes you stand out from the boring crowd and gives your daily coffee routine a new spin. Who said coffee had to be done in one way?

5 Unique Ways to Drink Coffee

Turkish coffee

The first thing you could try is the so-called Turkish coffee. It’s easy to make, yet just different enough from filter coffee to draw your attention. This type of coffee is made with ground beans which are cooked.

They simmer for a long time, but not to the point of boiling. There will be coffee on the bottom of the cup, so remember not to drink it as it’s very unpleasant and unhealthy.

Cappuccino5 Unique Ways to Drink Coffee Cappuccino

A cappuccino is an already standardized drink in the USA, but people usually drink it as a treat, and you will typically order it after dinner.

If you go abroad, remember that a cappuccino is only to be consumed with breakfast, and order it at that time to avoid looking uncultured. In that spirit, why not try sipping a cappuccino in the morning at home, too?

Viennese Blend

One of the most interesting things you can try to spice up your caffeine intake is the Viennese Blend. It’s served differently depending on where in the world you are, and according to that, you can make your favorite version at home.

It’s named this way because it comes from Austria. It can be served with foamed and steamed milk, whipped cream, or with cream made out of egg whites and sugar. It can even be made over vanilla ice!

American coffee

An Americano sounds like a typical American coffee, right? Wrong! American filer coffees aren’t really that strong, in fact, they’re even weaker than the Americano. And this type of coffee represents an espresso with more added water.

This is a good step out of the comfort zone for the beginning of experimenting with unique coffee styles while still drinking something stylish.

Irish coffee

If you’d like a coffee with an extra kick, you should try Irish coffee. This type of coffee has whiskey added to it. The two completely opposite tastes at first glance- coffee and whiskey- actually complement each other wonderfully. You shouldn’t drink this type of coffee all the time, though, after all, neither do the actual Irish!

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