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Different cultures and countries drink different types of coffee– this is a well-known fact. But the question is, how do we differentiate some of them when they’re so similar? And which is better? Cuban and Vietnamese coffee are both tasty what can we say about each of them? Keep reading!

CUBAN coffee

CUBAN coffee is otherwise known as a Cafecito. In theory, this is just an espresso, but in reality, it’s so much more. This is mostly due to the sweet crema just above the strong espresso. Don’t get crema confused with cream just because they sound similar.

Crema is made from thoroughly beaten sugar and a splash of coffee. And that’s exactly what makes the coffee Cuban- not the beans, but the special foam! The difference between an espresso and Cuban coffee is in the process of brewing. More sugar is added to the Cuban coffee prior to brewing.


VIETNAMESE coffee can be served as both iced and hot coffee. What makes it unique is the way it’s made.

A clear, thick glass is layered with some condensed milk at the bottom, and a filter is placed on the top.

The coffee then drips into the glass. After it’s done dripping, all you have to do is stir and enjoy. If you want to make this coffee at home, you’ll have to get a Vietnamese-style coffee filter.

The taste is peculiar and different from the standard coffees you’re used to, thanks to the aforementioned sweetened condensed milk.

CUBAN Coffee Vs VIETNAMESE Coffee: Which is best

Now that we’ve seen why the coffees are different, we’ll have to ask ourselves which one is better. Well, the thing is, it all depends on your taste and preference. They’re both pretty strong and delicious coffees.

If you like espressos in Italian styles, you’ll like Cuban coffee better because it’s similar to the taste and preparation. And because of the way it’s made, Vietnamese can be considered a bit stronger and more peculiar.

After all, the coffee is filtered directly into the cup. The only way to settle the debate of tastefulness is to try both coffees for yourself and be the judge.

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