Creamy coffee or Black coffee – Which is healthier for you

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This is one of those arguments that has been going on for ages. Both of these types of coffees are wonderful, but different people like different things. Which one you should drink depends on your taste, but on your mood, too. Let’s see what exactly these coffees are about.

Black coffee

Creamy coffee or Black coffeeFor those not very fond of black coffee because of its more bitter taste, creamy coffee is a great choice.

We usually associate coffee with something that needs to be rather bitter and yucky, because that’s the only way it has certain effects on us. That’s far from the truth, though. Suppose you’re studying for an important exam, and you need some coffee to wake up.

You can either choose black coffee because you think it will jolt you awake quicker, or you can choose the thick and creamy coffee which will glide down your throat effortlessly. The black coffee might even end up distracting you because of its taste, but then again, if it’s too creamy, the creamy one will too.

Creamy coffee

Creamy coffee or Black coffeeCreamy coffee takes a longer time to prepare, but will, in turn, be more rewarding to drink thanks to the rich taste. Black coffee is suitable for those who like the pure and bitter taste of coffee without any milk or cream added.

The health benefits of this type of coffee are well known and evident, too. It’s rich in antioxidants and low in fat and calories. That’s why people can drink it daily with little to no consequences.

On the other hand, creamy offers the same effects but with a lot more calories involved. This is because you need milk high in fat in order to obtain rich texture of the cream.

To avoid all the fat, you could try frothing the milk instead. In turn, you won’t have to get used to the taste as it’s very pleasant to drink.

Creamy coffee or Black coffee

It all comes down to which you prefer in your perfect cup of coffee- just the effects, or the taste, too?

This is why nobody but you can answer the question of which is better of the two. Why do we even have to choose one or the other? Sometimes you’re in a mood for a strong coffee with no-nonsense, and sometimes you’d rather have something soft and pleasant. Both are more than okay.

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