How to Make Irish Coffee – Mike Cooper’s Guide

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Irish coffee is a fascinating and distinctive beverage that can be crafted in various ways, each with its own charm. However, when it comes to authenticity, nothing beats traditional Irish coffee. In this regard, Mike Cooper’s insightful instructions on creating the perfect traditional Irish coffee are truly remarkable.

Making of Irish Coffee

If you want to make an authentic coffee, you should use a glass with a stem. Before you actually put anything in the glass, make sure to warm it up with some boiled water.

The first ingredient you’re going to need, and the first ingredient you’ll need to put in the glass is brown sugar. This is an important ingredient for any good coffee (especially one including whiskey) because of the depth of flavor it provides.

How to Make Irish Coffee

Next, you’ll need 150 ml of strong coffee. Mike has used cold brew, and that means you should too. Don’t forget to stir thoroughly to dissolve the sugar.

The next item on the list is the star of the show- Irish whiskey. 50 ml of nice Irish whiskey will suffice. Pour it right into the coffee.

Now you’ll need some double cream, lightly whipped. It’s there to give you consistency. The next part may seem tricky, but Mike’s expert hand has simplified it.

You’ll need to pour in the cream, but gradually, which is why you need to use the back of a spoon. Take it slow and let it float on the surface. The more it pours, the more you’ll notice how it maintains structure and intensity.

The cream will settle onto the coffee nicely, and it won’t sink. Mike urges you not to stir! That’s the way the coffee is supposed to be consumed. This is because you’ll get the hot coffee infused with whiskey right through the cold cream, thus creating a wonderful palate.

If this is your first time having such coffee, then lucky you, because you get to experience its nature for the first time!

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