How to Make Great Coffee with a Moka Pot

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Moka pots are essentially easy devices to use, but they can be tricky if you’ve never used one before. Don’t worry though; there are only a few simple guidelines to follow.

Making Great Coffee with a Moka Pot- Process

You should start by preheating the water in your pot. Make sure to remove the pot from the stove just before the point of boiling. Starting this process with hot water will help reduce the time of the extraction process.

Now that that’s taken care of, it’s time to grind the beans. Make sure the setting is somewhere between what you would use to make an espresso and that which is typical for a French press. You’ll figure out the exact setting in time, as this comes down to experimentation and your taste.

Next, simply pour the water into the bottom pot. Remember to pour to the minimum water requirement valve, in order to ensure the pot works properly. Do this disregarding the number of coffee cups you want to make. You could also pour very little into your cup, just to make it nice and warm.

How to Make Great Coffee with a Moka Pot

Get your mound of coffee, and fill the basket with it. Remove the extra mounds of coffee with your finger, but be careful to leave the basket loosely packed because stamped mounts will make for a bitter brew due to over-extraction.

It’s time to put the basket into the bottom pot. Because you filled the basket with coffee before putting it into the bottom pot, the coffee is much less likely to spill and litter the thread. To screw the top on, use an oven glove or a cloth. You need one of these in order not to get burned because the bottom pot is hot from the water you poured in it.

Now you should place the whole thing on the stove but keep in mind that the top should be open to prevent it from overheating during the process. You’re aiming for a gradual extraction instead of simply boiling the water.

All that’s left to do is wait for the coffee to trickle like a thick, brown syrup. When it does, you’ll know you’ve done a good job. When it because pale, then you should take the pot off the stove.

And voila, enjoy your Moka pot-made coffee!

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