How to Replace Bathtub Drain Stopper – Very Simple Way

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Welcome again to our new guide. Previously we tried to guide you on some replacement processes like shower valve replacement process, a single handle shower faucet replacement, etc.

Here we will talk about the replacement process of drain stopper in your bathtub. In the Lift-and-Turn drain stopper case, we sometimes face problems like we turn the drain stopper, and you know it is supposed to sit up, but it just falls back down. So at first, you have to figure out how to get this apart.

There are different kinds of bathtub drain stoppers in the market. For some of them, the top piece screws off, and there's a screw under the stopper. This type of drain stopper is also known as a Twist-and-Pull stopper. The replacement process of these stoppers is comparatively complicated. So we will guide you on how to replace the Lift-and-Turn bathtub drain stopper.

Well, it's going to be challenging to replace because nothing is catching the drain to allow you to screw either piece off. So you have to find a way to hold it in place while we unscrew it. All right? Okay then, let's see.

Required Tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Pull up the drain stopper until the stopper is in the open position. Then put a plier there so that it can hold the stopper in that position.
  • Try to loosen the top piece by hand. You can lay a rag over it to ensure the finish of the top piece is not damaged. If you find it a little difficult to turn it counterclockwise, then you can use another plier to unscrew that.
  • Once you have it apart, you will see the head screw. You need to remove this, and the whole top piece will come off. So unscrew this screw with the screwdriver. You have it unscrewed all the way. You can remove this piece. Now you see the insides of the drain. This is the thing that causes it to slide up and down.
How to Replace Bathtub Drain Stopper
  • When you look down there in the stopper, you see that now you just have a cross pattern on your drain. There are tools to remove this. But using a pair of pliers, you can twist this to remove it. So place the bottom side of a plier in the grooves of the drain. Make sure that the plier handle is stuck there. Now turn it counterclockwise with another plier to unscrew it.

Installing New Bathtub Drain Stopper

So once the drain is unscrewed, you see it has lots of threads. You may see some residual like plumber's putty in there and down in the drain as well. Clean off half of it just with your finger. You can use the new plumber's putty for your new piece.

But today, most of the new drain comes up with a rubber washer that sits there in place of the plumber's putty. But to prevent leaks around the edges of your new drain, we recommend you to use some putty on the thread.

If your new drain stopper is the same as the old one, then you know by now how to install it. But if it is different, then please read the installation manual. Almost all type of drain installation requires the same tools.

Final Word

You can watch this video to understand better how to replace a bathtub drain stopper. Thanks.

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