What Should You Do When Pressure is Low in Your Water Flosser

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Do you have issues with your water flosser? For those who do not like ordinary string floss, there is an alternative t think about, a water flosser is a soothing choice that cleans your teeth with a rivulet of pressurized water. It helps countless individuals to clean their teeth with no distress of cotton string.

However, like any device, it is also prone to falls, defects, failures, that result in low pressure.

Luckily, most of these problems are easy to solve and can be remedied at home with minimal tools or experience. One of the problems you will get in most times is the low water pressure.

If you are feeling low pressure with your water flosser, you should take this opportunity to improve execution.

There some approaches you can take while trying to troubleshoot the problem of low pressure in you water flosser. You undertake general jet cleaning, change and replace the unit or its batteries. Well below dive into each, approach step by step by step. Right, let us dive into it.

A. cleaning your water flosser jet tip to troubleshoot low pressure.

Using the release knob to pull the Water Flosser tip off the device. Suck the top of a tray of white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide for five to seven minutes. Wash the using with warm water.

Remember that, to the utmost sufficiency, the water Flosser Tips should be changed every three to six months as they may be clogged or may be corroded by the deposit of mineral elements.

  • Cleaning the entire water flosser

Clean your Water Flosser every 1 to 3 months to ensure optimal performance.

1. For countertop models:

you can start by adding two to three tablespoons of vinegar with to warm water of about 6 ounces. run the mixture through the water flosser using a reservoir.

Then place the Water Flosser handle in the sink after putting it off, and step-by-step release the handle. Run the remaining assembly through the appliance, and then rinse with warm water.

2. For cordless models:

Add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to a full store of warm water. Align the handle and tip with the sink.

Turn on the unit and continue running to the point where power is interrupted. Rinse with a full supply of clean warm water.

B. changing or recharging the battery to solve the low pressure

Charge the device or replace the batteries).To replace the batteries in the Cordless Express WF-02 or Cordless Water Flosser: Add batteries if there is a noticeable change in the design.

The type and type of AA battery used affects the design of the item. Use three AA batteries. In the meantime complete all batteries with new batteries of similar type and brand.

To charge the wireless Advanced Water Flosser

Charge the device before first use by connecting the power line to the divider and placing the wireless charger on the front of the device for approximately 4 hours.

The charging pointer on the handle will flash during charging and remain on without interruption when the device is fully charged. A full charge takes about a week.

At the point where there is still about 30% charge remaining, the charge pointer LED flickers eight times quickly after use to demonstrate that you should revive the device. A full revival takes 3-4 hours.

To charge the cordless water Flosser

Make sure the power is in the OFF position while charging. If you use your Water Flosser once a day or less, charge it once a week overnight. If you use it twice a day or more, recharge it more often.

Try not to completely discharge the battery. This can shorten battery life and requires charging the device for 24 hours to get a full charge.

If the Water Flosser is to be removed for a longer period, make sure that it is fully charged before capacity is reached. The device contains a nickel metal hydride battery.


The above-discussed approaches are recommended for those are having the issue of low pressure with their water flosser.

After applying one approach and see that still there is the problem, try another approach until exhaust all of them. At point you ought to have solved the issue. If persist, consider seeking the advice of an expert or buying another one.

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