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If you grind meat on a regular basis, you perhaps comprehend the importance of a meat grinder. It is an ideal choice for the meat lovers. From safety to better flavor, it has many advantages that make it the best option for grinding meat.

The real question is, how to clean and care for it.

Since, if you are going to grind meat on a regular basis, you must care for it too if you want it to work smoothly. It requires extreme cleaning on a constant basis in order to prevent any possible damage.

Here is a basic guide on how to care a meat grinder.

We know, most people disassemble it and toss all parts in the dish-washing machine to clean them. It is, of course, a quick and easy way, but if you want thorough cleaning and if you want to extend the life of your meat grinder, you have to do a tad more.

Step #1 - Clean and Wash the Parts

Almost all meat grinders consist of the same basic parts - pusher, screw, hopper, blade, plate, cover, and chalkboard font.

Unplug the machine, and start disassembling it. Remember each step well so that you can assemble it again with efficacy... Wash each part thoroughly with the soapy, hot water.

Make sure all the oily meat remnants are removed.

If you have the brush, it can make the entire process easier; it can clean all the inner parts too, like a feeding tube, with great care.

You can also use the sponge with the solution to remove the leftover pieces. It facilitates in removing the bacteria efficiently.

In an electric meat grinder, you follow the same steps; just avoid soaking its motor in water. You can clean its motor surface with a dry brush.

Step #2 - Storing the Grinder Parts

This step is as important as the cleaning step.

You can't just leave the parts after washing them. You need to dry them well and apply a slight oil layer before storing them.

Meat grinder lubricating oil can be bought from any local tool store. It prevents the machine and its parts from corrosion and rust.

After applying the oil layer, wrap all the parts in the plastic bag or sheet and put them in the rice bag as it can absorb the moisture and protect them from high humidity level.

You can also store the parts in the freezer to prevent rust and keep bacteria at bay. However, if you are planning to do that, avoid the oil spraying/coating.

Step #3 - Take Care of The Blade

Keeping the blade in the top-notch condition is imperative. It rubs against the grinding plate; therefore, it can become dull in the long term.

So, don't hesitate to sharpen the blade. If it is your first time, you can get the help of someone who is really capable of doing this job effectively.

Some tool stores offer this service too; they sharpen blades of meat grinders professionally.

Bear in mind, you need to deal with the blades with utmost care, as if you are a beginner, its sharp edges can hurt you.

Sharpening blades on a constant basis also enhance the performance level of your grinder.

Concluding Thoughts

These are a few steps you need to follow to care a meat grinder.

Regular cleaning, proper storage, and maintenance are essential. It won't just extend its life, but also provide fresh, clean meat all the time.

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